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New Tales

by Papermoons

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Live Right 03:17
I just wanna know if my life is a joke, cause I breath right, do I live right? Flash back, two thousand five, with our heads in the clouds a one track mind. We made our own bed to lay in. Were we ok then? Are we ok now? We share a drink on the porch, at six a.m We made our own bed to lay in. Were we ok then? Are we ok now? I just wanna know if my life is a joke, cause I breath right, do I live right?
Are you exactly where you wanna be? All encouraged by authority to be the one you never thought you would become. Just fall in line with society, all wrapped up, no sense of self identity. Now you're the person that you thought you would become. In the big scheme of things is it worth the constant headache. Just find me a place to call home. Find me an island to point this ship to shore. You can be what you wanna be, and you can see what you wanna see. Just believe in yourself and not the situation and just follow your soul. Find me an island to point this ship to shore.
Bad Notes 03:14
Bad notes, bad notes, I hope to play the right tune soon. I'm one note away from a good song. Red rose, red rose, all your petals float away. But one thorn remains in my finger. I can hear a melody, can you hear the harmony? Let's just sing it real slow. My heart beats the rhythm, the rhythm to this tune.
I forgot how quiet it gets when the room starts to spin and my mind begins racing. I'm minutes away from your place, and my hands wont stop sticking to the wheel. I ride my bike; yea I chose this life, a life with no money at all. You get what you put in, if you do what you love and give in to love. You get what you put in, if you follow the sun and give in, just give in to love. It hurts to feel so alone in this place, but it'll pay off if I keep my mind on you. Just give in, just give in to love. You get what you put in if you follow the sun. And give in, just give in to love.
Holy Cow 03:55
Holy cow, watch your mouth. The words you spit out are all washed down. But I won't forget what you said. Your words felt like knives. All we are now are acquaintances. All we are now is past tense, but I thought we were friends. The words that she said when she pushed me a way. "I get crazy, I get lazy" the words that she said. All we are now are acquaintances. All we are now is past tense.
Honesty 03:52
Your hair is dirty but your mind is clean. Your lips are chapped but your words don't seem so mean. It's easy to say what you mean, when you don't mean what you say. So tell me what to say, what you want to hear. Or we could lie and crack another beer. There's something to say for honesty. There's something to say for lying through teeth. This time won't you say just what you mean. We're all the same, but I must confess that I don't know your name. And I don't owe anything to anyone anymore. There's something to say for honesty. There's something to say for lying through teeth. This time won't you say just what you mean. Boney knees and fucked up teeth are all you see in me.
Front Porch 04:01
I got a feeling that I'm over thinking this. Too many questions in a long long list. So let's sit down and write 'em all out. Lets sit down and write em all. But the number one thing I regret is the fact that you're leaning on him and I'm leaning on her. I'm sick and tired of intimidation, cause I've been living with it for so long now. I'm here now. I'm prepared for humiliation, and I am ready for it cause I'm here now and you're here now. We're standing on your front porch.
Lazy Bones 03:46
Lazy bones, pick up your telephone and call me back. I'm on the outside of fate, where I can seem to get it all straight. So I kill time, I kill time. I'm a little red in the face. Your placing my hand your face and I swear that with one tear, one tear, I'll run away. So I kill time, I kill time. Lazy bones, just pick up your telephone Lazy bones, please come home. It's harder to love someone if you don't love yourself as much.
Hey are you taking off? I'm getting sick of all your shit and all your friends. They make me sick and I don't care what they think. Your always right, and you always wear your hair tied to tight, I think I just might. I don't want to leave and walk home alone again. I got your picture on the wall behind the frame, it's the game that we play. I don't know why, we just get by.
Car Lights 03:49
I'm on the edge, I'm the edge of something big. I hold on to you, I hold on to you. The motorbikes, the cars and the lights, they all shine on our faces in this place. In time you'll see, in time you'll see what you mean...
I'm sad for you your body's too small for your hair do. I'm sad for you, you let it get to your head when you left my bed. Your hands were glue, sticking to you we fell deep into this mess. And your lips went blue, under the water right where I ended you. Is this how it ends, four years ago we were best friends. Is this how it ends, four years ago we were just kids. Say it again, we were just kids. Is this how it ends, four years ago we were just kids


Less is more. It's a philosophy that Matt Clark and Daniel Hawkins of Papermoons understand quite well. The idea that you can say a whole lot more without screaming or shouting is evidenced by the brilliantly constructed songs on their debut New Tales. They use subtle transitions, gorgeous Simon & Garfunkel-esque harmonies, intricate performances and attention to every minute detail to create a unique mid-tempo mix of indie rock and alt-country that is truly captivating. Lyrics such as "I just wanna know / if my life is a joke / cause I breathe right / do I live right?" will capture your attention, your mind and perhaps even your soul. "There isn't a lyrical theme to the record, but more of an array of experiences. What we hope is that the listener can find comfort in our songs no matter their mood. We strive to make music that can both cheer someone up and also console. We've both been involved with playing music for many years now and what has been continually inspiring to us is the way in which music connects people" says Matt Clark. It's impossible to pick a favorite from this impressive collection of songs...because the reality is every single track on New Tales is a winner. Beautifully melodic, innocent songs with undercurrents of sadness and hope, New Tales is an album with no equal. (DER-487)

"The whole experience of the record is heartbreakingly beautiful. Papermoons carry forth the effect of this type of storytelling rather than the format. Theirs' are a fuzzy and indirect outline of the catharsis of pop emotion rather than the crisp rawness of a direct image where often far too little is left to the listener's imagination. Their songcraft and performance is the blocking of light to create a form rather than a dull mirror's reflection of what the artist wants you to see. And because of it, their troubadour compositions, in which the emoticon's parenthesis is almost universally open, come off as genuine, honest and at times utterly heartbreaking. New Tales combines simple (though not simplistic) instrumentation, melodic arrangements and un-ironic observations of the comings and goings of life and love from a universal parapet. There is a worn, almost surrendering authenticity to it, like dirty blond hair on a hot day pony-tailed with a ratty old elastic, cooling the neck at the risk of sunburn. Though the layering of their instruments has an integrated, study feel, even the strongest element, if removed from the hermetic seal of the quiet production and mastering, would seem as fragile as the thinnest piece of model aircraft landing gear. Their skill in communicating rests so strongly in the subtlety of it all. How the slightest change in intonation changes the emotional content of the refrain 'all we are is acquaintances/ all we are is past tense' from insecure statement-as-question to resigned truth, for example. Our personal favorite, from the record and the stage, is 'Lazy Bones', a song with a country root and without a pandering spirit. We could do this for every track, but we often get caught up in a pause, lasting only half a shiver, on 'Holy Cow'; when the drums, bass foot pedal, guitar and harmonica all come in at once, you're left utterly shattered. Heartbreaking is a word that we've been using alot with the Papermoons lately. If you buy one record for a long while, make it this one." - The Skyline

"Four out of five stars! A great record...beautifully melodic songs with an undercurrent of sadness." - Alternative Press

"Papermoons are a fine example of how the capacity of sound emitted from two people ­ with the instruments and vocalizations that best fit them ­ will never cease to amaze me. Sacrilegious though it may sound, the indie folk rock duo from Houstin, TX, are as if Ben Gibbard [of The Postal Service] and Matt Thiessen [of Relient K] made a deal with John Lennon in another life on how to give off a sound style that could be taken apart and arranged by ear in about an hour ­ except not really. Unintended tricksters though they are, said style swaggers unassumingly in a sort of musical sprezzatura, if you will. Layered textures and intricate string arrangements run alongside a lyrical voice that is confident in conveying an understood, relatable naivete." - Beatcave



released October 19, 2009


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