by Clair De Lune

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in the time we're given. our dumb century. we're more transparent. we're more diseased. we live and die by time. organized, civilized. the horse that won't be led. we overlooked this engine. we'll run the motors til the sun stops rising. this train won't derail. this house on a hill. a dead metaphor. it feels meaningless. this train won't be wrecked. this house is deteriorating but it won't fall down. because down inside it's waiting for. man overboard. see if i float. a look inside the cellar door. man overboard. see if i float. a distant sea. another shore. man overboard. see if i float. the best will castaway. the best will drink and drown. cradle what you can't control. would pain control. the things you hold so close. would pain control what you believe in. we'll run the motors til the sun stops rising. pave the fields until we mirror the moon. blown the way you feed. sailor beware the north star is lying. this lighthouse will not remember. the sea won't forgive until you've capsized
seasons show it was absent till now. a castle was built once. the grass wouldn't accept him at all. the hill that she sat on. gave in as she carried the weight. please respond. the ghosts of the hill have said. they'll tell this story if she fails. it's easy to push away what we've become and destroy things we can't control. to burn away memories of better days. and destroy things we can't control. so the castle dug his roots in. his shadow grew taller. and night after night his words made the hill feel so small. the trees that gave her comfort were waylaid and scattered. the hill was paved and there she lay. a parking lot field. please respond. the fate of the thieves of the dead locked in graveyards. burns like the bridge that we crossed. now lay stranded. dead as the moon. as a sign. as a warning. fear broken down as a story we know. rain
can I see you when i'm bored tonight. live life by remote control. decay. misinformation. and re-write this situation. we're pacified from our youth. to sit down. shut up. turn it on. your life is all you loose. when they re-write the proof to compromise the truth of falsified conclusions. population control. a convenient independent thought remover. can I see you when i'm bored tonight. live life by remote control. decay. misinformation. get ready tune in and burn your eyes tonight. fade out and suffocate. would you do nothing anyway. sorry
withdrawal the chemist. sounds like you are all alone. your body won't carry the shadow anymore. a ghost among the shadows. mirrors don't know you. death forgot you this year. it may start to work itself out. concrete below. iron overhead. steel coffins wait in lines. passengers wait. watch hate and fear flow from the mouths of all the walking dead. this weight pulling your faith backwards. fall apart. tired limbs worn heart. follow their shadows into fear. disappear among the fire. you would too be torn inside if all the nights you wait to sleep but you wither while you lie awake. from the street where we lie. passenger view. this we will pay for now. watch you sleep walk broken down. this hell is helpless over. you should have known. this hell is helpless over love
get your guns. wait for me. do we know who we're going after. scared of taking the first blow. a call for war. against their sons and families. we wouldn't want to stop the problem. murders good for national progress. this blood will stain our hands for centuries. the cheshire cat won't tell. will you be waiting here when this is over? this is the call to arms against irrational attack. they stole our comfort so we'll teach them all to stand in line. so get your sons and follow fear like we've done for generations. we come like saints with better bribes. hero. looked at another way. they tore our ego's down. press had a field day. race war in your hometown. of all the plots that failed to burn the web we wove. this scare will bar the things we thought we were fighting for. i am not going to sport the kings and crowns. build the walls that keep the lines bleeding on the inside. like the trials we never ironed. until our judgments push us all away
Blue Ribbon 03:11
stop this pattern. pushing boulders. grasp this something. reading covers. save me from me. one step. two more. yielding afterthoughts. we're all searching. one step. two more. i'll be closer. maneuver through the bodies. i'll meet you there. found you. let's be unlike others. needless. careful. careless. to what acceptance is. detach the lifeline. outsiders are inside. you'll never be safe here. separate your separations. move backwards. searching for the battered engine lines. try to find your outlet. searching for the patterns that you left behind. recoil. one step. two more. this way we know we'll be right
Relapse 04:53
this is not a fairytale. this is a song with reason about the old. the centuries. before we had it all. of bleeding men envisioning a life they could believe in. and still prone to ball and chain, with minds unbound by law. i said have we really found it all. please don't stop the rain. this is now a fairytale. the hero has come and gone. we suffocated our sensory. born delusional. obedient to convenience. it helps to lose the cause. that's why we prove to carry on. never realizing we have been starting over going nowhere. at the same time we think we're moving on. are we damned to suffer. in time we'll accept our atrophy. begin to start to relapse. in time we'll forget your accomplishments. its too soon for you to stop living
watch them gather. polish their wallets. they're barely glancing to the floor where we lie. this time it's silenced waiting to be excused. she points her finger. far away they fall down. creating machines built to overflow. reflecting promises. they don't know anymore. these are the things that will never be set right. setting in old. setting in full shimmering. born into class to work. buy. consume. die. setting in old. setting in full shimmering. i'm drowning. these men know their time's coming. setting in old. setting in full shimmering. more to lead me out of their way. i'm tired of falling away this time i'll push and they'll stay. crossing yellow lines. concepts are rolling. should i have walked a step before they all fall. this amber light that's shining. they all fall
Varicose 02:20
you better lock those doors down. you better pretend you're asleep. you better hope they won't hear. you better pretend you're asleep. no one here will rescue you. you won't make it out of here alive. waltz. sway. brain to fist communicate. lights out. pray till you fall asleep. how do you sleep now. brain to fist communicate. lights out. pray till you fall asleep. when you're shivering. fear. you better just stay down boy. you better pretend you're asleep. waltz. sway. veins begin to rust of age. you let it slip this time boy. you better pretend you're asleep. would you say these broken arms would swing and sway to keep the time. better hope they won't kill you. lights out. hang you. in your years will you use the fears and find the words to say to poisoned wishing wells. better hope they won't kill you. lights out. hang you. making excuses. sitting home useless. choose a violence and we'll be on our way. lights out


The foundation of the music on Marionettes is an iron-clad dedication to the punk rock ethos, abandoning all pose and pretense. Cutting away the layers of record industry tricks and simply firing from the gut...instinctual and direct. No hand-clapped choruses or metal riffs lifted from the bloated dead body of corporate rock. When the long night of television bands feeding on their own entrails has at last come to a merciful close and the public casts-off childish musical fads, maybe they will be ready for Clair De Lune's unrelenting concoction of intelligence and passion. Singles charts be damned, this post-hardcore music from the heartland is as punishing and unrelenting as it is melodic. From the first blistering track, Sailor Beware, the boundaries of modern hardcore are shattered. On songs like the unforgettable Relapse, a wall of crashing guitars and flailing drums suddenly gives way to elegiac passages of delicate beauty. Where muscle can't prevail, reason and pathos combine to chilling effect, as in Life On Remote. From the self-accusatory Machinegun Lipstick, to the boiling insecurity of Blue Ribbon, Marionettes is like a trip to both the psychiatrist's and electric chair all in one. CDL reveal things that are visible to all, yet are only an abstraction, the reflected image of something more primal, encompassing and eternal. With Clair De Lune anything is possible. Lights out. (DER-438)

"Doing what no one else dares in this post-hardcore haze, Clair De Lune delivers the promises of a great future led by piano melodies and a caustic dual guitar attack. The songs on Marionettes are all wrapped tightly in a passionate display of rock's hardest theories. Sure it's heavy, but the undertones are extremely melodic and there's a certain subtle finesse going on just beyond the horizon. Marionettes may be one of the best releases produced by Deep Elm Records. Perfect." - Smother

"They say not to judge a book by its cover, but the stunning artwork on Marionettes from Clair De Lune is only a sign of what lies inside; one of the most beautiful post-hardcore albums to date. No matter how frantic the wall of sound becomes, the band manages to keep the music absolutely beautiful. The tone is set with the opening track, played with enough energy to power the entire continental U.S. Wave after wave of blistering intensity crashes through and leads you on edge with an atmosphere that is almost symphonic. Each song is an absolute work of art, but together they create a masterpiece. Clair De Lune has raised the bar for hardcore music higher than ever thought possible, and words alone can't do Marionettes justice. It's something you'll have to hear for yourself to understand just how truly amazing it is." - Punkhardcore

"The world's most reputable indie rock label finds its latest treasure with Clair De Lune's amazing debut Marionettes. I can imagine the look on the faces of those over at Deep Elm when a demo from this band landed on their doorstep. Pure exhilaration and joy; that jaw-dropping feeling you just can't control. Clair De Lune is the next great chapter in a label that has brought the world more good indie rock bands than I can count. Folks might group this band with label mates Desert City Soundtrack, if not for their overt use of piano. Upon closer listen, however, this is more a straight rock band, along the lines of Jawbox and Burning Airlines. Marionettes is entrancing stuff, and unlike a lot of albums these days, manages to grab my attention from start to finish." - Chord


released June 22, 2004


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