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Mare Vitalis

by The Appleseed Cast

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Ben Birkinbine
Ben Birkinbine thumbnail
Ben Birkinbine My only regret is that I was once "that guy" at a live show, who kept yelling for "Fishing in the Sky." One of the truly embarrassing and shameful moments of seeing a live show. Yes, too many drinks were involved. Favorite track: Fishing The Sky.
leaaves thumbnail
leaaves certainly the pinnacle of the 2000s Favorite track: And Nothing Less.
Schwaberries thumbnail
Schwaberries Fell in love with this record Years ago. Beautiful and haunting. A classic. Favorite track: Fishing The Sky.
Boyd Harrod
Boyd Harrod thumbnail
Boyd Harrod This album is perfect. Favorite track: Fishing The Sky.
thehomienicked thumbnail
thehomienicked I was working on a film a few years ago and had my phone set to play "Fishing The Sky" as my alarm to wake up each morning. I heard it everything in the morning first thing and never got sick of it even though I'd heard it hundreds of times over the years before that. That says something about the song. The rest of the record is pretty damn incredible too. Favorite track: Fishing The Sky.
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the moon is swaying. to and fro. and. the moon is smiling. on us below
the reaching ocean. walked for days. the reaching ocean. you are mine. the falling skyline. is washing away. the empty notion. you are mine. fishing the sky
this county road. i've fallen away. this country road. to a place unknown. i traveled away. i fall into nothing. the sea side road. has fallen away. i have to go. my place is sold. i've fallen away. i fall into nothing. the sky has turned again. you can't fight. and you won't die. memory. it's tearing you apart. you won't run. and you can't die. memory. the sunset gold. i've fallen away. traded away. a sea side day. i've fallen away. i fall into nothing. i promise you with warm salt air. hallowed breezes through your hair. days on end and days long gone. the beach and the fires and the nights are gone. flow. tide. ebb. road. night. sky. sand. home. the fair in the park. by the sea in my heart. is never gone
Mare Mortis 03:28
Santa Maria 03:35
so far the way it's gone. i can't run it. so far the time is mine. i don't use it. you are my life. so far the day is gone. i don't want it. so far my life is wrong. i can't use it. it's just this way now. it's just this way
Secret 04:34
if you walk outside. you will find. the star won't shine tonight. the secret. if you walk the park. you will find. no one knows tonight. the secret. on this way home you go. i walked alone the other day. heading home and finding roads to take. in secret. i found my way home. but couldn't find the one who's note was left. in secret. you walk this wire
you were better than. a fallen star. these late nights. and nothing more. and nothing less. nothing less. one day. you'll see the show. with fancy cars. and expensive clothes. and one day. you'll be in the crowd. watching all the lost and found
Poseidon 04:09
i always know where i am. by the way the road looks. the sea brings me back to you
take these words. and write them down. you won't listen. wait all your life. for a sign
Storms 07:36
best guess is that we don't make it to two thousand. that a solar event takes us by surprise in ninety-nine. that's what our best guess is. analytically. that we're not gonna...that the Y2K problem is gonna be overcome by other events. well, they don't call you doctor doom for nothing...


Ominous, powerful and magnetizing like the sea, Mare Vitalis is unlike anything you've heard - so original yet unmistakably The Appleseed Cast. Dreamy and charming, this "album that wrote itself" flows from a tide of moody energy with guitars that sweep around complex, precision rhythms. A masterpiece of timeless inspiration, this record is absolutely stunning. If you've been waiting all your life for a sign, this is it. Post-hardcore perfection.

"Mare Vitalis is the music that pushes the blood through the veins. The vocals surround my heart, and the drums teach my pulse the meaning of rhythm. This is effortless melodic rock, or perhaps it's post hardcore. It is emotional, filled with layers and levels that twist around each other and the listener. It's soaring or drowning, depending on how you feel when you listen to it. I'm caught in the tones that twitch from throat scratching growl to starlight clean. There's a steady beat that carries through the album, even when the beat slips into off-kilter crystals of energy, or when the harmonies sail. It all fits together, and I can't listen to this album without feeling the beauty of longing. It hurts in such a good way, pulling at the right parts, and pushing you forwards into life." - Big Takeover

"The Appleseed Cast's first album, The End Of The Ring Wars, was a modern epic of post-hardcore, emo rock, off-kilter and dark, sometimes obtuse but always perfect. The band's new album, Mare Vitalis, shows a maturity and cohesion of styles. The Appleseed Cast put storytelling first, conveying what is more poetry than emotion. And the vocals are just grating enough to provide the element of sincerity and feeling to the words being sung. The music is often changing: slow to fast, loud to soft, with no holds barred on the guitars. All in all, they're unique, and that's enough to make them good. But the songs themselves on this album are so damn good, that makes them even better. The Appleseed Cast have mastered the art of melodic post-hardcore story-telling, with passionate vocals and serious moods. While The End Of The Ring Wars was edgy and powerful, this album is more powerful in a sad and desperate sort of way. The band has clearly learned a lot, stepping up the production and vastly improving the guitar work in each song, making this album nearly perfect. It's that amazing of a record." - Delusions of Adequacy



released February 8, 2000


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