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Low Level Owl, Vol. 1

by The Appleseed Cast

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he steps away from his car with a song. he was wrong. he should have known all along. with wary eyes and uncertain grin. fall out. i saved your voice. trouble. that outstretched hand you had to shake. you sell out. you could have had your choice. but broke away the turnstile. fall out. your friends are toys. in time. that outstretched hands you had to shake. will sell you out. and leave your wreck
in this lifetime. you can mix knives and paper doves. on the roof top if it craves it's hollowed out. i fell down this daylight. blind man's arrow buried in my loves heart. tape was wound. life ties back drop figures and puppets in scissor hands. on the outside all of these words are falling down. porcelain light a moonless night. in closing. always closing. fortunate day. simple to say. in closing. always closing. the curtain is drawn. the lights go on. in closing. always closing
Messenger 00:46
are you wishing on a star. did you know your dreams are sold. to people who dream only of gold. they'll find a way to pull stars down. stand there. dance with a memory. the caption reads it's all over now. do you feel alone in the secret. are you standing there just weeping. do you feel the light is gone. is it hard to remain strong. in the face of all you know. in a world that's brought you low
Sentence 02:57
the words i wrote down. just seem empty there. but found the page
Mile Marker 04:02
slow down a lighted road. a broken sign states the mile. a broken code. a simple rhyme. a smile. a fallen line. a simple song set the time. an empty stage. a view beyond the skyline. all comes falling down. on the floor the heart. the tangled weed. the open door. the sign. an open life is an onion skin. in time the never scene in party blue. i'm dying. these are the colors and shades of a heart that is broken
Convict 06:02
jacob stands on snakes. and finds his life in shame. they will make their plea. trust in the disease. one last drop of pain. the fighting's all in vain. one last antidote. forgotten ties on severed ropes. hanging them from poles. someone saw the light. and brought his bow string tight. and aimed it at the heart. of my beloved
this life goes lullaby out of here. smile shows filtered sounds of fear. back into it goes through the trial you can't hear
Signal 03:11
someday the sun will fall down. and the waters will rise. and the walls will fall down. the hands that built them will at the cost of making love. we shine the times and hide the trough. we'll find a way to make it run. we'll light a flame that says we are. everyone you want doesn't want you back. at the cost of making love. we shine the times and hide the trough. we'll find a way to make it run. we'll light a flame that says we are


Massive in approach and epic in scope, Low Level Owl is a vast soundscape that lives and breathes on its own. Nearly two hours in total length, twenty-six beautifully orchestrated songs appear on two separate volumes of lush melody, expertly paced dynamics and blossoming atmospherics. The Appleseed Cast gives way to a more courageous exploration of sound and texture on Low Level Owl, experimenting with loops, echoes, instrumentation, inverting tape and changing speeds. They discover the sonic possibilities...the masterpiece in every measure. Each song nearly explodes at the seams, overflowing with symphonics, crescendos, swells of feedback and electronics. Listen to slowly building waves of guitars and drums that ultimately crest, bursting into the shimmering tears of honest men. Music like this is neither calculated nor deliberate. It just happens. It just exists. This is the music to dream to. Volume 2 is available separately.

"An experiment that could only result from following one's heart, Low Level Owl: Volume 1 from The Appleseed Cast is a beautiful quilt of varied musical textures. Carefully layering simple, clean riffs over delayed single notes to create multiple harmonies melded with thunderous beats and nearly hypnotic loops, this recording gives sound and space dimension seldom stumbled upon within the recording studio. Intricately decorated with sparse arrangements of guitar and piano, this record is based on the fact that the vibe comes first and foremost and that every instrument is just that...an instrument, a tool to establish a greater whole. This record stands on its own." - Punk Planet

"Low Level Owl is a supernova and a full redefinition of The Appleseed Cast...a sprawling two-disc monster that redirects their ambition from the emotional release of their earlier albums into the meticulous conceptions crafted through endless hours of studio time. Overhauling their sound and incorporating a wide melange of styles, the technical execution throughout the album is flawless. Just the arrangement of the music alone shows the amount of thought that goes into an album of this size. There are hints of Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine and Built to Spill - all embedded a lush wave of production reminiscent of the Flaming Lips, Spiritualized or Mogwai. With Low Level Owl, they establish their own unique vision for the future of rock, offering hope and brighter possibilities for the genre...or rather, creating their own. It's time to herald The Appleseed Cast for what they are now, and what they're about to become: ground breaking." - Pitchfork



released October 23, 2001


all rights reserved



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