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by Brandtson

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Round 13 03:55
i don't feel like being home. you can talk to the machine. i need a minute or two to be alone. so leave your message at the beep. i don't want your cold line. i don't need your passed over vice. i don't want your meantime two cents advice. cross me off your things to do. i don't want to hear from you. don't get my hopes up with your promises. all this is nothing new. just didn't expect for you to be the one holding the knife. i don't want anything to do with you or your policies. i don't want anything to do with your way of things. i don't feel right. i feel wronged. this isn't how it was supposed to be. i think i'll write it all into a song. put it all behind me. cut my losses and move on. i don't want anything to do with your company
Blindspot 04:27
it's hard to see the sun sometimes through these eyes. it's hard to see the truth sometimes looking through these eyes. but yet i try. windowsill world of mine. maybe sometime i'll get up and go outside. leap of faith. i could close my eyes and jump. the hope of someday is safer and it doesn't hurt as much. i stand at the edge of the world and i cry. the rain beating down on my face as i try to swallow my fear of failing again. and wait for the clouds to break for the sun. do you remember the time when you said you could see the worry in my eyes. you don't know how hard i've tried to let it go. let it all subside. things seem so different when i look into your eyes. it all seems so simple when i look in from the outside. everything seems fine. you know me better than i know myself. and i trust you more than i trust anyone else. but promises broken are promises made. at least from what i've seen it all fades away
everything about you is a picture worth a thousand words. try as i may i try in vain. there's more to you than i could ever hope to explain. i don't think you know. i'll never be the same again. purity stood in front of me and said "i'm clumsy and my back hurts" and i thought "you're about as beautiful as God's creation gets" and i've seen oceans and sunsets that took away my breath. and you remind me of everything that's precious in His sight and i don't think you'll ever realize just how much you've touched my life. everything i thought i knew redefined in the light of you. though the white it burns my eyes. all my shadows fall behind me. i don't think you know why i'll never be the same. try as i may i try in vain. there's more to you than i could ever explain. i can't find the words for you
Still Life 06:11
woke up slow this morning to quiet walls and a sunlight flood. this place it seems so empty and everything except for this wait has left me. try not to dwell on this time. how long can it last? hold your breath and close your eyes. the pain will pass. try to rise above the distance of all that you want and soon you'll know the why. why and for what. for the sake of a love like no other. for something we've never known. for the hope of another chance at happiness. we forsake. i've watched the colors fade where windows cast their shape. the same way i have changed in the light of these dark days. i believe in happiness and in love that never fails but the longer i wait here the more they just seem like a fairy tale. i need you to save me. you seem beyond a stones throw. helpless hands tied. i try but this garden's overgrown on the inside. try to rise above the distance of all that i want and remember the why. why and for what
Days End 06:40
do you care. do you try. do you live. do you want to die. hold on brother of mine. try to see yourself from the inside. hold on brother of mine. i can see the want in your eyes. you said you wanted everything and more than i ever had. you stood beside yourself and said that you would never be satisfied. whatever happened to the reasons why we turned our lives around. are you pretending it was all for nothing and all just wasted time. doesn't that make you a liar. do you remember when we said that we would never be torn away. why can't you understand that what you've done doesn't have to be who you are. i know you're broken by the way you look at life with empty eyes. and now you're telling me that everything is fine
Nineveh 05:47
it's so hard for me to tell you how i feel. and i can never say exactly what i mean. you are my nineveh and i've been jonah from the start. and i can't let you make the same mistakes i've made. if for a moment i could overcome my fear i wouldn't have to hide behind this fiction wall. sometimes i wonder how i call myself your friend. a failure to myself. a failure to him. what if i told you. would you reach for him after all. would you fall down to your knees. would you walk away from it all. would you fall down at his feet. and i watch you live in months between the sun. i can't help but feel that i wanted more than this. and still i smile inside and know it's not the end. because the light of hope is brighter than this wall of silence
Strand 04:16
with less than confidence i continue on. feeling the thickening of falling short. bleeding but breathing still i stand. you may be king of the mountain but i think hitting the ground made me stronger. see my pain across your face cheshire smile stretches ear to ear. burn my body in effigy. do what you will do what you want. just finish quick and move on. drift away to your lullaby to wake up on your bed of nails. color of colder days still dyes my mind in shades of rain. is there no love? see me down. join the crowd. laugh out loud. i've heard it all before. i want to let my insides spill. lay it all open for you. but i'm afraid i'll be left here to clean up the mess all by myself again. don't go
Cloudless 02:57
January 04:17
i can't feel my fingers as i hold on for my life. quiet as this blanket hurts to breathe hurts to try. i have defined january. the end of another new beginning draws me out to white. the cold of what i came for chokes the shine. i have defined january in my life. i think they call this winter. dead like everything. harsh as it's silence and the pain that it brings. i can survive january in my life
hopes rise. desire. build something out of nothing. happiness in the distance. built this for you. only good intentions. feeling this in the distance. hours in the sun with sand stuck on my skin. and when i'm finally done the waves come crashing in. i don't mind the waiting though the days are like the sand. bottle caps and broken glass cut my feet again. watch it all fall down. rebuild from what's left. it's not what i want. it's what i get. what i expect. yet there's nothing left
Untitled 03:41


Dark, melodic and hauntingly beautiful, Brandtson explodes with shredding intensity on Letterbox. And they proudly wear their post-hardcore and dare we say pop influences like a badge of honor. Thick, driving, emotional guitars that are sometimes pretty, sometimes surging, sometimes chaotic. Somber yet spirited with introspective lyrics, Brandtson is thoughtful, inspirational and mature beyond their years. Unreleased song "Holly Park" on Emo Diaries 2. (DER-366)

"Letterbox features all the hallmarks of the emo sound: the approach is moody, the dynamics extreme, and the lyrics painfully honest. Song titles like 'Nineveh' and 'Glutton For Tragedy' show that the band also possesses a poetic sensibility. The album's first track 'Round 13' commands the listener's attention with an attack slightly reminiscent of early Social Distortion. "Blindspot" continues the favorable impression with a six-eight groove seemingly borrowed from Weezer's depressed twin brother. This is a great album..." - Pitchfork

"Damn near untouchable rock and roll blasted out from battered amps. Mighty and infectious..the business." - Kerrang

"Angry, melodic and powerful although they occasionally do let up. Brandtson are gonna be THE biggest..." - Fracture

"A maelstrom of dense, tight emo with fire and real darkness. Brandtson can bash out a righteous wall of noise." - Magnet

"Slow, deliberate and darkly passionate..." - Punk Planet

"There are some bands that play with your heart and soul like if you're a toy doll that can't offer resistance to anything. To me Brandtson is such a band and just grabs you emotionally without any problems. You can try to resist, but it's a fact that you will succumb under the emotional pressure of the hypnotizing emo-pop-rock tunes and the magnificent harmonious interaction of the voices of Jared Jolley (drums, vocals) and Myk Porter (guitar, vocals). Their voices are dragging you along to dreamy dimensions of sadness and joy. It's amazing how a band can make you absorb in their passionate and varying post-hardcore music. I would consider Brandtson a band that you don't listen to, you experience it. Don't offer resistance, try to figure this music out and enjoy the emotional flow." - Nightwork



released March 31, 1998


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