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It's All A Blur

by Fire Divine

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there's a time and a place for. wishes to come true. so i'm standing here as you disappear. and i know why. bus stop snap-shot a postcard. it's on my mind. show me what to think. show me how to feel. do i say why? it's a statement to the end. impossible to swallow. hard another moment to define. so i watch the clock run down. and i'm counting every second. i find it hard to sleep at night. when all i want to do is hold you underneath the moon. and every time i re-enact the moment fades. and all that i recall. is all i have to live for. climb high but just to fall. tonight will end it all
as the light fades down. the picture fades away. cut and paste a story here. our roles are undefined. and if tonight we fall so hard. when all this time we failed. our efforts are in vain. we came so far look at us now. patience now the story's almost told. we'll make up lost time create a new. and in the end you'll see. what you've done to me. now smile as the curtain falls. that's my final plea. and if tonight we fall. so hard. we all fall
you know you gotta take what you can get. before it's too late. and you know you gotta live for now. live for now. throw time away. and who am i to disagree. so i'll take my time. and never let myself get caught up with anyone. and if it came down to me. i would be ready for. whatever's thrown my way. i don't mind. i would do anything for my life before the fall. but in this moment i am so high. show me all your lies my dear. it's our little secret. then i'll disappear with nothing left to mention. who am i to disagree. and i'll take my time. i'll never let myself get caught up in anyone. out of sight. mind. we are all just players in this game. light the fire and set aflame
let the wheels spin out it's all a blur. releasing ever every sense that keeps me alert. and if i fall asleep while driving and spin out. let it go. leave it all behind and die. until it grabs hold again and falls apart. realized that there's no point left in trying. my happy ending disappeared. it always ends the same. this is not a warning and it's not a call to arms. a chance to look inside myself. i meant to do no harm. and if the sky crashed down on you and i. i stop and try to find a reason why


Fire Divine (featuring members of The June Spirit and A Life Once Lost) has achieved the rare feat of bringing that blustery, guttural sound normally confined to smoky bars and dank clubs to compact disc, sans sheen. It's All A Blur features roaring guitars teeming with an array of songful textures and drums with hammer, stomp and bite to spare. There's something to be said for a vocalist like Ian Musgrove, a singer who can instill incalculable passion into a song with absolutely no pretense. Opener 'Clark And Rightwood' leaves no questions unanswered with its guitar revs straight out of Hell's Angels and Ian Musgrove's visceral, emotional vocals. 'Reputation Outlives Application' could rightly be described as melodic mayhem, amalgamating bullet-train rhythms, low-key strumming and mid-tempo fireworks. Fire Divine embodies the spirit and intensity that made rock and roll the vast cultural movement it was at its outset. Sure, it's easy enough to hear the music. But how often do you actually feel it like this? (DER-434)

"It's All A Blur from Fire Divine is another winner on Deep Elm Records. With their debut, the band has nailed the art of recording a sound that is raw yet tight. Listening to the CD with your eyes closed almost makes it seem as if you're standing in a packed venue seeing them live. Their sound is composed of grinding guitar riffs, quick and sharp drumming, passionately raw vocals and harmonious peaks and dips in melody. It's All A Blur will surely win many fans. I know I've been won over." - Skratch

"Fire Divine creates a melodic yet edgy brand of thoroughly emotional music. The hooks on It's All A Blur are abundant and the melodies are infectious, but there are occasional bits of screaming and aggression that give the songs an edge most bands are lacking. For a debut, these songs are raw and intense in all the right ways, offering just the right amounts of both something old and something new." - Amplifier

"Catchy yet intricate, poppy yet powerful, Fire Divine gives us anthems on It's All A Blur for getting through the day. If the opening to the song Smoke And Mirrors doesn't get your fist in the air, time to check your pulse. This EP from Fire Divine is definitely worth a peek." - Flex Your Head

"Fire Divine pump out some bloody intense and powerful yet very harmonious and melodic rock on It's All A Blur. Ripping their debut open with the awesome Clark And Rightwood and Reputation Outlives Application, I had these guys pegged as an intense rock outfit with well placed vocals and screams. But the next two songs roll along in a mid tempo, harmonious rock way, which shows me the range Fire Divine are capable of on this debut." - Pee



released April 6, 2004


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