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I Found Myself Asleep

by She Bears

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i speed my steps, and walk myself home. to rest my aging bones. because i feel older than i did last year. but i guess i should shoulder some of the blame. maybe i am just a family man in waiting. but if my options run dry, where will i turn? i feel older than i ever have. but i should just shoulder most of the blame. i am older than i've ever been. so i should get sober, at least for the day
well, i long to feel the light. so i write it down and i just get by. for all my wrongs, i am now set. to make them right. for all i've longed for, i just want someone right beside my side. well, i found myself asleep. and deep in to my dreams. while i was sharing familiar sheets. with someone that i love. when beams of splintered light. came pushing through the blinds. to warm my body up and bring me down. and if i knew, well many others. they could not make me move. for all i've learned, well all i know is nothing ever works out
Planes 03:34
well, i like watching the planes go down. and i spend my days in bed. and my nights awake at home. i just have all these nightmares. well, during the week i move around like crazy. and i'm starting to think that maybe out there. there's someone better suited for this than me. but i don't know why i get so worried. i have no god to fear i have no guilt to feel. i just want to shake it. but everyone moves in such familiar ways. some of them are smoking, some of them are talking. some of them pray for your last days. but all there looks, they seem to say the same thing. they've given up. well, five days a week i go to work then come home and sleep. and i think it's starting to wear on me, because maybe three nights a week i get so fucked i can't think. i start to remember everything. and if someone asks me what if i die. i always tell them the same thing. i will walk calmly into the light. i will walk calmly into the light
what was that screaming in the night? what was that screaming in the night? well, your fingers bleed. and it's no surprise. that you don't seem to think. that you can get this write. begging for something to change. but you just can't make those nightmares go away. but if you just believe. i would be happy to say. and when you figure out. how to shed your doubt. and finally swallow your pride. but where was the hope. you so desperately need. struggling to be free. so you can finally breathe. when the weight of the world gets you down. you can seek comfort in the sound. of the roster crow. of the morning light. may it expose. what darkness hides. wake up my eyes. i want to see. the beauty of the sunrise. make me forget about the past. make me not dread the trials that the future brings. because i want to know. how far can you go. without basic human needs
saint jude, what should we do. you're withered and wrought. from the things we do to you. do you answer our prayers. or do they fall on deaf ears. because you've been dead for years. how put upon. this youngest child. and only son. who sat down to calm himself. so he closed his eyes. to block the light. that floods his mind. and without a fight. he carved. so they gathered around. this broken man. and called his name. but all he said was. prepare yourself. for the great maneuver and sway. prepare every last one. for the great maneuver and sway. so let's burn that effigy. because soon you'll be twenty-three. and i couldn't stand to see you die. oh, don't ask me why. but those words never came out right. though i could always write them down just fine. and you spoke to me without relief. you said if these ghosts hang around. for much longer, you'd be forced to complete. those awful deeds. now the sounds spins around. up in to the rafters. and comes crashing down. at our feet
Winter 03:28
i'm reaching out my hands. to guide myself and follow my friends. the night wind blows around. blowing all the trash in this town. we get long nights, dim lights. and all we want is out. but we'll give in to spring. and nights spent drinking. on familiar steps. spent on cigarettes. and back to sharing beds once again. i make my body move. and split the airwaves in two. i guess we still have something to prove. but we'll give in to spring. and time spent wishing for. when winter speeds our steps. we'll move close like shared cigarettes. but all things find their end. and that's it
i'm not sure when it all first happened. these sensitive ones. who came to wish me the best. well i guess that it's right. but i still can't get it. and we'll dress black mannequins. for all these fake women to mimic. and they'll trade sensible wear. for something that shows more skin. and smoke thin cigarettes. and with each wheezing drag. or each shallow breathe. become a little bit less of a catch. did you ever think we'd live to regret. all of this. did you ever think that we'd be the kind. to keep dozens of mirrors. just so we'd have something to. project our vanity upon
Signals 04:06
i talk at all my friends. i've called them in the night. and i know i am just on and off. i touch you with my hands. and send the signals through my spine. for my brain to read. and remind me to breathe. do you feel me on your skin. and send the signals through your spine. for your brain to read. and tell you how to breathe. well, slow and steady breathes. we'll collapse and fall asleep. slow and steady breathes. we'll collapse and fall asleep
well, all along the wall. there are people talking like they know. and you blow your smoke into the air. let it go let it get away. but you seem so calm and collected. while you burn behind your cigarette. and watch those drunken sillohuettes. walk up and down the street. there's a clap of thunder from just behind. that line of trees that hide the hills so well. well oh god, i swear this must be hell. intoxication, these passer bys never stop to help me out. i just stumble home after the bars have closed. and that's just it, i always sleep alone. maybe could i get someone else this time? because this is my. fair and false decline. because this is my. fair and false decline. resignation, these passer bys never stop to help me out. with all these open letters to god. but no one seems to answer them at all. well, i open my tired eyes. and my worried mouth to site. all the knowledge i have in side. well by and by, i sit down to write. for one last time. just two more lines. well, surely this time. we've lost our minds. well, surely this time. we will die


Don't be fooled by the warm welcome. She Bears aren't just here to entice you with memorable lyrics and catchy refrains. That's not their aim. Layering their debut I Found Myself Asleep with crushing piano melodies, powerful guitar work, subtle electronica and diary-relatable lyrics, She Bears claim ownership of their own undeniably honest brand of musical mastery. This energetic indie rock six-piece finds themselves immersed in a menagerie of life's ups and downs, lifted hearts and letdowns. Exploring the raw reality of pushing through life without knowing where one's path may lead, She Bears succinctly capture the feeling of young adulthood. Internal dialogue is never expected to be shared or delivered with such emotional connectedness, but these young bears chronicle such personal moods effortlessly. "We leave a lot to the listener to figure out for the sake being as truthful as possible. Life is never given to you in a scheduled format. There is a lot to be learned on an individual level," says vocalist Stephen Pence. "The lyrical theme of the record basically comes down to the idea that when you aren't paying attention to life, whether positive or negative, you may miss valuable lessons...things can get by you." This record not only finds your ears, but also your heart with a powerful dose of what it means to search, feel and pray to come out on the other side of life victorious. (DER-500)

"She Bears claim some well-deserved attention with 'I Found Myself Asleep', a debut album so full of ideas and melodies that other acts might have turned the material into two albums. Not so for this six-some out of Ohio who start off constructing their songs with a solid indie rock foundation and then proceed by adding piano, electronica and a mess of unexpected twists. Or maybe they start out the other way. Not sure. But it doesn¹t really matter. What matters is that the songs on 'I Found Myself Asleep' sound full and elaborate yet are concise and catchy at the same time. Arcade Fire and Of Montreal are acts that come to mind while listening to songs like opener 'Victim Of Circumstance', a song in which you are instantly drawn to the dynamic piano playing of Caitlin McGlade. Another highlight is 'Black Mannequins' which slowly builds up to a maniacal and completely riveting finish. These five guys and one girl are brimming with ideas and enthusiam. On "I Found Myself Asleep" they manage to pour all that into ten songs that carry out energy and fun...two qualities that help make an album great." - Punk Rock Theory

"She Bears finds inspiration in some of the past decade's biggest indie innovations - Arcade Fire, Of Montreal, and Wolf Parade come to mind - and they do this all while balancing instrumental ambition with a gripping catchiness. Needless to say, the band's six members keep themselves very busy. She Bears' boasts a concise but diverse sound, best described as simple mix of piano and electronica accompanied by a full-bodied indie rock vibe. 'Victim of Circumstance' opens the record, instantly introducing listeners to Caitlin McGlade's dynamic piano work and a subtle eletronic backdrop. Furthermore, Stephen Pence's narrow Wolf Parade informed vocals rest at the center of the swirling soundscape, feeling as if they are being urged on by the enthusiasm of his bandmates. It's as if Pence calmly sits at the center of a rhythmically propelled tornado, but only cautiously observes the surrounding excitement...as if he were in a trance, mesmerized by the awe of neighbouring beauty. But I Found Myself Asleep doesn't just hypnotize, it also showcases a band daring to dream big and throw a wrench into the usual indie machine. For example, 'Planes' throws the listener from gentle melody into a barrage of punding keys. Furthermore, 'What Morning Brings' wasting no time introducing a menacing electronic scaling, effectively signaling a lurking urgency. Moments later the soundscape calms, but the threat of return looms overhead. But that's what makes She Bears such a fun listen: they maintain a soothing quality without shying away from excitement. And unlike many of their contemporaries, by the half way mark She Bears still has plenty of offer. For example, tracks like 'Black Mannequins' offer a welcome curve ball quite late in the game. As far as debuts go, I Found Myself Asleep establishes She Bears as an animal to be reckoned with. She Bears never lingers in the little things, but always develops engaging and nuanced material as one and the same. Those tired of indie acts masquerading tedious, soul-less works as profound need look no further." - The Punk Site

"The ever consistent Deep Elm label celebrates it's 150th release milestone - a feat commendable by any label, especially one that has reached this landmark on a completely DIY, independent ideology - with Athens, Ohio's 6 piece stalwarts She Bears. She Bear's unique brand of dynamic indie rock couldn't be anymore fitting for this monumental release. The band's powerful guitar work, introspective wordplay and sincerity really complement what the label has done since its inception and if Deep Elm ever had to succumb to being tagged with a particular sound there is no doubt She Bears would exemplify this perfectly. Usually bands as large as this relegate some members to being, well, less prominent than others. With She Bears every member stands out, with hard hitting piano melodies, layered guitars, crashing percussion and cathartic singing. She Bears should be the next big thing. " - go211



released February 23, 2010


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