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How We Survived

by Lily And The Pearl

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i have an idea. you follow my lead. and i'll take you home now. back home to me. you can take your own advice. don't stop to think twice. and wonder how you got there. or how you arrived. don't wonder how you got there. or how you survived. now you've gone. you've gone and gotten happy. i think that's great. you say it's my turn to go and get happy. before it's too late. before it's too late. i have an idea. gonna leave this all behind. go find some new place. a place where i can hide. go find some new place. and start some new life
This Lake 04:49
let's take a trip to the lake. we will wait till the coast is clear. and we'll let go our fear. we can take out our brains. our remains. from the ways that we tried to be. the very best you and me. you give me yours. you hold mine. you can wash all the lies. all the crying. all the dying. that we held. and when are through. you keep me and i'll have you. and we'll wait. we will wait until we leave this lake. let's go swimming one last time. we can leave all this behind. we can love each other in rewind. the wrinkles on our skin. will stretch to smooth again. we'll start from the end. and start where we began. the wrong time. let's build a boat. we will float slowly. out of sight. we'll fade into the night. and farther we'll go. we will hope. to fall onto land. we'll see the place where we can. be free
why don't you leave the heavy suitcase on the porch? if you bring it what are we going to use it for? i've got my own baggage, why would i want yours. i want to return it to its sender. so i can leave this heart unattended. if i come out alone don't you be offended. come on come on put your running shoes on. we've got to make it make it leave it where it belongs . if we can't take it take it best that we move on. you're gonna like what you become. why don't you take that heavy load off your back? if you keep it you're gonna have a heart attack. got rid of mine a long long time ago. put mine high on a shelf and now i'm a better. version of myself. and when i want a reminder i know just where to go. i saw you on the side of the road in a pile of truth. and you looked so blue all covered in past like you always do. and i took your hand said let go of your past, but you just looked so sad. oh it's time to run. put your running shoes on
Dust And Ash 04:36
it's a funny smell this burning. i can't wait to watch it all go down. i've spent two years learning. how. to stay on the ground. with my fingers shaking. i decided to light the match. our history in the making. you laugh. because we couldn't last. and i wonder. what the firemen find. two lovers. their bodies entwined. charred remains. from a life that was mine. under dust and ash there's us. under dust and ash there's us. the flames grew higher as the wind came. suddenly i prayed for a storm. but instead i watched it melt away. like love when it is ignored
Slow Me Down 04:00
i don't scare so easily. i don't scare so easily. i've got armor drawn on me. i've got weights inside my feet. i've got ten miles now on you. i've got ten miles now on you. i think i've told you what to do. begged for just one follow through. slow me down. slow me down. slow me down again. slow me down. slow me down. i'm running circles in my head. i don't learn so easily. i don't learn so easily. i have stains all over me. i have tears all down my cheeks
pour me your sweet silhouette. i can still taste it. you felt like nothing before. left your shoes by the door. we laid down on the floor. and all the city air came in. dancing shadows on the wall when. we made love until the night came again. that was then. that was then. i traced the line around your head. i put you to bed. you laid my head on your chest. heartbeats put me to rest. and my body confessed. pour me your sweet silhouette. i can still taste it. you felt like nothing before. left your shoes by the door. we laid down on the floor
i picture a corner random and blindly. my turning to see you walking right towards me. my belly will be full with a kind of love you couldn't give. you pull out your wallet show me the life you chose to live. we'll make plans for coffee for a time that won't exist. and with those plans we'll have a talk that goes something like this. i hope you're happy. this is not how we're supposed to be. meeting like strangers. in a crowded dirty city. but honey i think next time. you should stay on your side of the street. because that is where you chose to be. so let it be. i picture a corner heavy and wet. with tears from our past and times we couldn't forget. i couldn't sacrifice the things i wanted. and you were scared to abandon the life i never met
the lawn was scattered with our bedroom. the kitchen table's in the driveway. books are hanging from the mailbox. stuffed with birthday cards that you made. the mattress was the first of us to go. to a couple from way outside of town. they paid with pennies and strong accents. we spent most nights on that thing laughing out loud. the second handshake belonged to a man. who needed our help filling out his rented room. we gave him a deal on the table we used to play scrabble. on the couch we used to write songs barefoot and out of tune. and we stay until the furniture's gone. we will wait till the clothes are all bought. i will say all the things that i thought went wrong. and the cars they will pile up fast. and the neighbors will point as they pass us. they'll ask how much it costs for our love. and we'll tell them it's too much for them all. we'll warn them the damage of falling. we'll hold on naked and scared. prepared to let go. let go. let go . and the books and the cards they were mistaken. for bills and letters, the mailman he drove away. and all of our memories were taken. we watched as one by one nothing remained of you and i. i don't want to let go. i don't want to let go
it seems like the sky is falling. this clear night. when we are driving home. butterflies. fill up our insides. while we try to think of. what we already know. your face looks different in this light. i love you differently tonight. it seems like we're starting over. this clear night. when we are driving home. i realize you're the perfect one for me. underneath. the biggest meteor i've seen
My Only 03:59
i could have drawn you a map from the start. then maybe you'd have found a faster way to my heart. and i left you clues. little breadcrumbs on the ground. i dipped my feet in red. left footprints inside your head. how many times. do i have remind you. how many ways. do i have to say. you're my only. i painted you a portrait of my love. a shade of pink. i put it on your ceiling. so when you'd wake up. you'd see me. i flew a plane. wrote you messages in the sky. i carved out your name. in the sidewalk next to mine
Raincoat 02:31
i'll be your raincoat. when the skies call for rain. cover you with all my. shiny plastic terrain. when they say it's gonna rain. and you can't go out to play. i will come take you away. you don't have to listen to them today. today. today. i'll be your rain boots. when the puddles are too deep. keep your head above them. and i'll protect your feet
i'm scared to look at you. scared of what i'll see. a version of the truth. a dusty reflection of me. don't you want to get out of here? the fastest way we can. a taxi or a train. don't use my name. don't hold my hand. i'm scared to look at you. scared of what you'll say. repetition of the past. that made me feel this way. i want to get out of here. the fastest way i can. grab a tail of a moving plane. don't scream my name. don't grab my hand. don't scream my name. don't grab my hand. i'm scared to look at you. scared of what you'll see. the stabbing painful truth. the one who changed was me. don't you want to get out of here? the only way you can. grab a plane a fly away. forget my name. let go my hand. forget my hand. let go my hand
last night i had a beautiful dream about you. you were sailing beside me. you said you were planting a flower pot of secrets. that were pink and blue and green. i don't need many more things than that. because i am happy. i am happy i am happy i am happy. as long as my eyes are dreaming and you next to me. i walk beside you barefoot. i walk beside your head. and i am quietly sleeping. you said you dreamt of me. and i said i had a dream that was just like that. that's all that i need that's all that i need that's all that i need. you dreaming right beside me. you were following me. you were singing to me and i was dancing for you. i was wearing that dress you were wearing those sock. those socks that are tall. that's all that i need. last night i dreamt that you had a beautiful dream all about me. you said you were growing secrets on the roof and the moon. made us free. we could walk on water you were walking on wires and i was standing below you. just in case you fell and. we were jumping on trampolines you were you and i was me and. we were as happy as happy as we could be
Bird Fly 05:17
i hopped on an open road. no signs to point me wrong. i stayed between the lines they drew. i watched those southern birds. as they flew home. i grew so jealous on my feet. they knew the sky so well. i wished that they would lend me wings. that they would teach me things. about leaving. all the roads that i know. begin where they end. my feet feel heavy. and i'm ready to fly again. i keep wanting what i leave. i'm gonna watch you real close. my little bird. i'll study your flight. and when the air it turns real warm. i'll pin my wings on. and i'll take to the sky


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released January 1, 1950


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