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Guilt Beats Hate

by Benton Falls

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i'm crying for help i'm calling all cars you're recalling all scars i'm diving for truth i'm in over my head but you're lying prescribe me something to get me through this is this coincidence - i've lost my innocence oh, is this over will this ever end my friends have turn and run i'm back in your office on your couch again where my problems once begun oh, is this over will this ever end one last time what's so wrong what's so bad about feeling down, right now maybe you're right i can't say i'm fine now, lay down tell me everything, tell me why i feel bad housecalls are never free
we've waged this war since birth to cover up this earth with houses and roads now everything must grow expansion is our goal (extinction is our goal) now bolt these houses down plant these children in the ground now drive to work with blinders on where everyone has got two jobs and four kids and three cars and one boat everyone's chasing the same fucking thing raise your head and brace yourself (raise your head you're someone else) now cry yourself to sleep upon your king size bed, with silk sheets credit buys you everything except love, except life, except this everyone's chasing the same fucking thing
try as you will you can't escape your past given everything you ever wanted i never will understand your life well not this time have you ever had to fight for anything mother pays your rent and daddy bought your car with the money that they've spent it sure did get you far what's your life when everything is so fake what's your life you're an expert on everything you're so fake everything is just a game
cover yourself with everything you can just to walk outside buried inside, an artificial tan with everything to hide positive this can't be right well january's cold and february's colder but i can't stand to hold her anymore and now that i am older i wish that i had told her cut yourself free please abandon me before things get really bad don't blame yourself for my curiosity i swear it's not your fault a trial and error tragedy with these bitter tears i swear they're filled with salt positive this can't be right
it's come to this i swear this time my heart won't miss i've clinched these fists for far too long a broken house with gates made from broken promises but nobody's home so here i sit it's the light that wakes me but the time that breaks me down like water drops, why won't this stop dripping on my halo these angel wings of mine they haven't seen the light in weeks let alone fly it's the light that wakes me but the time that breaks me down like water drops, why won't this stop it's got me down and who's gonna save me from falling to the ground you might as well finish me grab with both hands and rip out these wings now watch me fall
this guilt hangs around your neck like portraits on walls but i swear i can't recall the last time i saw you smile it's been a while run away, cause this makes no sense with hollow hands kissed by hollow lips run away, cause you've seen him cry you've cut apart his heart with your knife hollow, hollow, hollow, just like you're pretty, pretty, now breath now i've said too much again with hollow lips touching hollow hands over time this will end oh, is this wrong we knew this all along sometimes my life has got me down but guilt beats hate and you turn it all around sometimes my life has got me down but guilt beats hate, now you've won
michael, is this where you run is it my fault am i the reason you're gone expect one thing from you, and you fail time flies, when you're having fun but my clock stopped when my hand dropped from yours and you were gone expect one thing from you, the time you stole
i'm scratching my eyes out trying to find you it's tearing my heart apart just waiting here i'm passing your house by with no answer it's tearing me limb from limb to not have you here but i can still smell you on my pillow case but just in case you have forgot, well i have not you thought you made an impact but i'm packed and gone you'll wait until i'm gone you'll follow him around the world passing you passing me pass on well pass me by and one time, i'll find the time to define this warm-up
cover it up don't say a word to anyone surprise surprise you've been handed more lies the press but i confess i've covered my eyes the same as you your eyes your eyes they've been fooled by the television so tell me whose fault when planes fall when trains derail when hospitals call it's out of our hands tell me who in the hell will account for this
Broken Frame 02:19


This Santa Rosa-based threesome doesn't sacrifice volume for intimacy, creating a hailstorm of songs on Guilt Beats Hate that are as brutal as they are tender. Intelligent, electrifying and addictive, Benton Falls fuse together disparate genres to compose songs with lush, luminous segments that shatter unpredictably with bursts of aggression and intensity. They alter tempo with impeccable precision and startling tightness (their most identifiable aesthetic), teetering dynamically between introspection and rage. Richardson's glistening voice, impassioned screams, penetrating lyrics and sharp guitars combined with deftly deployed drum sounds and thunderous bass lines result in masterful narratives about frustration, struggle, uncertainty and inevitability. Guilt Beats Hate is a breath of fresh air and dazzling display of maturity that will be appreciated by both hardcore and post-punk fans for many years to come. (DER-422)

"Nothing could prepare me for Benton Falls' latest, Guilt Beats Hate. From the very first track, this album is intense and explosive, yet every song reaches out like a gentle, reassuring pat on the shoulder. It has everything; crushing guitars that leap into wild variations and then dive into soft plucking, vicious screams and an intensity that dares not let up. Every track is like a dark car ride; no one knows where they're going except the driver. Guitars and drums beat incessantly, building up to the point of no return and then cascading down with a burst and blast of energy. Benton Falls stands apart from their contemporaries by their sheer willingness to make music that sounds at once caring and hopeless. We live in an era of ambivalence, wanting to change our ways without altering our standard of living. Benton Falls reflect these thoughts with style and grace." - Pirate Nun

"Benton Falls have found their sound, and it's all so right as I listen to Guilt Beat Hate for the umpteenth time today. Their sound has been refined, improved and given a lot of more oomph. Benton Falls takes the blueprint of impassioned indie-rock and adds thick, loud riffs, pounding drums, tempo changes and screaming / soaring vocals to quite an inspirational effect. Within 30 seconds I just know I'm going to love it. It's a fine testament to Benton Falls that the quality on Guilt Beats Hate is high from start to finish, and yet there is still space for stand out songs and moments. This album will appeal to everyone with Deep Elm records in their collection, but this will also appeal to people everywhere who aren't familiar, proving quality music prevails in the end over preconceived ideas, which has to be a good thing." - Collective

"It's the subtleties on Guilt Beats Hate that set Benton Falls apart from the rank amateurs and derivative hacks. Racing, punk-informed passages distinguish them from traditional slash 'n' crash post-hardcore bands while the guitar riffs during the verses are quite creative, escalating the tension of the rhythm section. The screaming never becomes a trite way of making a chorus more emotional, but instead sounds like a natural eruption, akin to Jeremy Enigk's more angsty moments on Sunny Day Real Estate's Diary. Guilt Beats Hate is one of those albums that breeds a special attachment. Benton Falls knows the dynamic of a powerful song, and their heartstring plucking heroics lend meaning to the oft-maligned emo tag." - Splendid



released April 13, 2003


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