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Funeral Car

by Desert City Soundtrack

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My Hell 02:24
these two loveless arms sit so simple when you stayed over. one night some pillow lines stretched across morning light? sleeping on bedroom walls. you said "i remember why i loved you." i once lied too. pull the covers over us, let's forget who we've been with for only one night. it's only you and me, we could've been the cancer we despise (no atmosphere). knowing we will die on our own
i stood in the doorway staring blindly. i knew you were going to be the death of me. there's no medicine that could cure me right now. i don't want you to see me this way. air is growing colder. days are getting heavier. minutes turn to hours. hours turn to days. days turn to years. how much time do i really have? do i really care to know? what if i could have changed? would things be different? no matter what you got you want it. i was thrown was i deserve. we were lonesome - time spent well
you asked could i be honest with you. i'm keeping my distance from you. you're not yourself. i starve to death with connections i've made. your hands appear to be broke. you are uninvited. you have your reasons i have mine. just let it go. you're not yourself. leave me alone. sleep is going to kill me. something's trying to kill me slowly
Dying Dawn 04:45
i knew one day you'd be the end of us would catch up. tear into these hands the hands that kept me safe. no one escapes this life alive. let alone keep us in a lie. there's a change in seasons from dusk till dawn - overwhelmed. feeling of loss has paced its part. i was forced to breathe the same air this can't be kept silent. this can't be kept silent. so withdrawn, scared of dying, so scared? knowing i'm one day closer. hope you can hear me and my dying voice. screaming out "it's not me i'm not the one." leave me out of it
this breaking up is casting a storm between you and i. swells cover over us. don't let it take you under. trust is nothing i have and what we have is nothing i trust. nothing and nobody should ever trust. what's given to them. trust
pull myself and the curtains off of the sheets. last night steps desperate conversations. i knew when i lost it. i lost you. its been years is this my way of saying. sorry i pushed you too far? i need to lose this edge and clear my head. this is intense i need to clear my fucking head. our secrets kept behind closed doors, now revealed. how many secrets have you shared with everyone? don't throw me against the wall you hold my throat. so i can't breathe so i won't breathe. how could i have been so close? those eyes weren't yours. why won't i let you pull the stitches from my wrists, like i've let you do so many times before? i've only got one week to live
let's pick up where you left me. said i promise, don't hold that against me. if you do, let me go. somewhat protected. i knew i was wrong and self - injected. caught up in my painful lies. could you pull me out of this mess? after all this life is a complete mess. borrow a slow moving conversation. carry it into another room. no it's yours, no it's mine. lets carry it on. could we carry our own lives on?
say what you want to say. i heard the explosions in the sky. its only going to be a matter of time. if your eyes could kill i'd be the first to know. so long, farewell and goodbye. afterall these winters aren't so cold. if my eyes could kill you'd be the first to know. can't really sleep though i can't say i really tried. i wake up with blood on my hands. why is your voice still haunting me? can't even try to explain why. we are better off alone, together and alone
Casket 04:40
a time of grief is a time of remembrance. suffer from the loss of a loved one. final rest, a place deepened now in sorrow. a decade of rosary may now be cited. how could this dead soul trace its past? and uncover up the casket? face his own casket. i have no idea what you're thinking. wonder if you care. unbearable mornings, unveiled by the dawn's early light. this is the unforgiving hour. that claims my life
please stop screaming. i heard you sing something about a ghost. when i return to solitude addressing the apologies. these hands tied by a jacket produced by my own fears (you'll never know what its like). it's going to be okay, alright. how could you excuse the abuse? it's okay, it's alright. you've learned to live and then let it forget. it's alright, it's okay. his parents found him dead in a parking lot. you'd hit when you knew. my dad wasn't coming home. how could you excuse the abuse?
Westpoint 05:56
you kept me from shaking last night. wipe the cold sweat from these hands. sorry i lost sight of what i was sent to do. couldn't escape no matter how many times i've tried to do in the past. your arms, your eyes. they are like the tides we know. pull me in and push the moments aside. you don't make much sense. you're too tired of trying. i don't need you or this. it's so complicated. doesn't make much sense. to carry this out. could you forgive the way i left you? you said "i'm getting used to it, by now your apologies don't mean shit". whisper. screaming


One of the more unorthodox - and most appealing - characteristics on Funeral Car, the first full-length from Portland's Desert City Soundtrack, is the prominence of piano and drums...the dark, rich chords bursting and fading against cymbal washes that slowly dissipate, swaying from one speaker to the next. But these heady, winding arrangements don't take the easy way out. The band patiently weaves through dips and turns, all the while maintaining an unexpected smoothness. This more restrained approach to complex song structure belies the maturity of a band willing to underscore drama with subtlety, achieving a pressurizing level of gravity without, for the most part, ever breaking out of mid-tempo gear. The production value strike a deft balance between intimacy and polish, technicality and intuition. The album is replete with mourning and ideas of death in many forms, not the least of which is the irreparable decomposition of romance and the all-encompassing woe that ensues. Juxtaposed with lush, atmospheric, ear pleasing music, the somber overtone and heavy lyrical content become not only graceful, but illuminating. Funeral Car is an awe-inspiring, dark collection of post-hardcore brilliance. (DER-431)

"Easily the most engaging band to come trawling out of the Deep Elm stable since The Appleseed Cast, Desert City Soundtrack are a refreshing antidote to the throngs of scruffy, guitar-toting lads who currently encompass the emo nation. Funeral Car, the quartet's first full-length offering, tempers the band's murky angst with waves of minor-key piano flourishes that frame their woe in a cascade of beautifully harsh negativity. As they stammer and scream, you get the sensation that Desert City Soundtrack's despondency runs deep." - Rockpile

"You want touching, melodic piano and heart-breaking vocal harmonies? Funeral Car from Desert City Soundtrack hits me like a more punk rock Black Heart Procession. It's moody and moving and dynamic and heart wrenching, and sometimes the drums just kick your ass. It's amazing, these beats against the piano and against the bass underneath the guitar and the vocals, just standing there at the gates of your soul and raging like a cliff side against an ocean. The mellower movements are sometimes replaced by pure angry, driving stop-start rhythms and screams, and still, in it's own way, Funeral Car remains beautiful." - Big Takeover

"Desert City Soundtrack's turbulent beauty on Funeral Car is best absorbed in fits and solitary confinement. Their tapestry of meta-diametrical emotion can be cold piano figures from Cory Gray one moment, and the next blustering chops and anger over the way things are. Drummer Caitlin Love, all the while, keeps the proceedings in perspective, never letting the ride get too somber or violent. Songs like Drowning Horses strike a balance between stark piano and plaintive guitar before quickly transforming into white noise machination. Gracefully crafted and illuminating, Desert City Soundtrack is a band with a weighty sound and message. You'll remember Funeral Car long after it ends." - Journal Review



released November 10, 2003


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