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Fallen Star Collection

by Brandtson

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As You Wish 04:52
in a box under my bed i've kept them safe from all the world and every one wished upon in some way but that never works out burning bright then burning out disappear and then fall down are they special or just broken dying or moving on am i always wrong did you see it there's another one right there and it's falling 'cause it's finished being a star can you feel it does it mean as much to you honestly am i that wrong is it me every time show me how to take this as you go on and on
forfeit the game or play to win i made my bed and now i'm sleeping in woke up late to find you gone hope i wasn't wrong i think you caught me thinking out loud would i be crazy if i burnt my own house down then i could rebuild to my liking close cover before striking breaking ground for the new me breaking down every time i think about it breaking ground for the new me getting up from these past catastrophes i'm always using words like maybe and someday maybe someday i'll learn that tomorrow's always a day away i always knew it would feel like this but i can't say i was ready for it out of state out of mind at least i can pretend i'm fine could this cup of coffee really keep me company for another winter alone i'm always using words like maybe and someday and sorry i'm sorry i couldn't say you remind me of everything i ever wanted to be maybe we were meant to be
hasn't it been an interesting year sitting here i watch the walls watch back and i can't seem to let this one go cause you know it was going to be mine to shine i'm right back where i started again and i'm wondering how i got to where i've been but full circle never felt so good and i knew it would because i've been lied to all this time and hasn't it been a difficult year i'm still sitting here and that's a lot to say the least it's so good to know you still care it's so good to know your there it's times like this when everything goes black and white that there's so much more that i want to say but i can't and you know that's all right
brave hearted girl goes out to take on the world but comes home crying every time she doesn't sleep at night she's afraid to close her eyes i see her walking in the street sometimes she knows about suffering and all about sorrow she's starving for the beautiful things that people seem to believe in she doesn't want to be dead in the water yet she swims out to sea how long waited way too long don't let them fool you brave hearted girl goes out to take on the world but comes home crying every time we're walking in the rain she turns to me to say i hope tomorrow doesn't feel this way she's heard about happiness she's heard about jesus she's starving for the beautiful things that people seem to believe in
i've been waiting here for you for so long and it's been several weeks since i last saw you there if you had only come around again then i might have said to you what i've been thinking of she's more than beautiful at night when all of her stars are out and still sometimes when it's warm and quiet i'll get thinking about summer in st. claire these days are getting shorter as october falls and with it come the coldest memories i own and like the leaves that fall from trees my dreams come slow as if to say to me that i should let it go she's more than beautiful at night when all of her stars are out and still sometimes i wonder why she was crying her eyes out i guess i'll never know lying in bed wishing i was someone else instead i've got to figure this one out just between you and me and god everybody needs some time to heal everybody needs like everybody bleeds can't we sit and talk about all that we've loved and lost and what it's cost and i'll put on a show for you pretending not to hurt like nothings ever wrong and you'll see right through me and i'll be here for you and you'll be there for me and i'll feign strong and you'll see right through me
Shannon Said 04:59
something to bloom but not my eyes i'm waiting for you alone in my room except for the flies looking for light my hands held with dark why is it so hard for me i hold back my heart and it all falls apart again two seconds from the end why am i the same it makes no sense when you keep promising change why is it so hard for me it's not right this time i'm way left of right i guess i just should have known it's always like this it hasn't always been i never saw the change but i need one again something so true and still so full of lies i'm high on your smile coming down on your words i guess i just should have known
i talk to you all the time the world thinks i'm crazy as crazy is and i don't feel much different fluorescent lights hum their incessant anthem everything i believe and everything that holds me together at the seams seems so far away from here and we're all wandering where're we going and i wish my colors weren't so faded i wish i didn't feel so cold everyone's so slow and jaded falling asleep to this midwestern drone i think about running everyday away from this life i've made built to last a little too long feeling trapped under my own weight too heavy now to stand let alone fly and i'm always watching the sky with jealous eyes wish i'd finally fall apart do something desperate to change things changed my mind again just when i was getting brave somewhere over this city high above the red brick chimneys i know we can escape this it feels like fighting gravity
haven't had the bottom fall in such a long time staring out this window the outside looks a little grayer than it has been haven't had the curtain fall in such a long time all this time here waiting tomorrow's another day of coming up short again your most beautiful disguise so clever i should try it sometime underneath your tired eyes the tears you brought all dry i wish if only for a while you could see things through my eyes this seems like a distant success i would fight for the chance but i've seen them kill for less than all this my arms are tired of throwing my hands this place empty giving up on me giving up to you
i want to walk in your rain just damp at first wet spots on my shirt soak it all in soaked to my skin clothes heavy with water downpour how'd i get so far away from where you are and never noticed 'til now if i thought that you'd hear me if i thought that i could speak this is what i'd ask for a downpour i want to know your name i want to hold your hands and soak it all in i want to feel the rain on my face again and soak it all in i want you to come be me share my eyes and splash with me and the puddles won't matter at all downpour it doesn't matter where you're at now you can always come home
i've got to learn i've got to run there's too much fresh water in your ocean it makes me nervous a red cross on my chest and i'm donating a lot of blood lately and you're an actress i'm learning my lesson again i guess it's my turn to walk away and my mind has it's own library of doubt jealousy comes breathing i'm learning my lesson again
twenty-four more to go and it will be tomorrow one more day older one more day closer to some sort of end ten am and i'm already ready to say let's call it a day get me out of this bed and tell me what you meant when you said everything will be ok the parking lot sea and me wait patiently to hear the still small voice beneath the noise the traffic and sirens say run away but the trains say stay we've been around and it's all the same only the names change just hold my head and tell me what you meant when you said take heart child be still and quiet know your burdens are mine and dry your eyes there's so much more to all of this than you can see so close your eyes tonight and trust in me hold my head and tell me what you meant when you said trust in me


Brandtson has upped the ante on Fallen Star Collection...and in no small way. Their style of darkly passionate, emotive rock is delivered with a new fire and chemistry. Surging with vocal harmonies that weave around aggressive guitar tracks, you'll hear outright pop songs to powerful new ballads with diary-honest, often spiritual lyrics as the rule. From the initial riff of "As You Wish" you'll be hanging on for every note. And you thought "Letterbox" was incredible? (DER-380)

"One of the many jewels in the Deep Elm crown are back with a brand new long player that is a lot more 'precise' than their classic Letterbox. What I mean by that is that Brandtson have adopted a much more specific sound that has so obviously occurred in a very natural and mature way. Fallen Star Collection is a little less 'big rock' and a little more poppy, that's for sure, but all the while still grasping for those ever elusive elements of pure 'emo'. What all that leads to is track after track of vast talent that are simply catchy as hell. One of my favorite Deep Elm bands." - Fracture

"Lyrics are usually more important to everyone but me. Strangled guitar and vocal melodies and percussive bass and kick antics are what I listen for upon hearing a new band. Strangely, I broke from my lyrical aversion as Brandtson's 'Breaking Ground' came to an end. Only after this, the second track on Fallen Star Collection, did I pull apart the booklet and follow along with he quartet's two vocalist. Certainly more than the emotive delivery of the passage caught my attention. Memories of every lost-love and missed opportunity came to the surface as Brandtson's eleven song album lit up the living room. Wonderfully illuminated, edgy pop songs. One more jewel in Deep Elm's crown." - Heckler

"On its sophomore album, Fallen Star Collection, Cleveland's Brandtson goes beyond the tried-and-true emo formula, offering edgy, hook-laden indie rock that is passionate and hopeful. 'As You Wish' starts the album off in a slow and brooding manner. 'Things Look Brighter' and 'Shannon Said' are by far the record's most poppy tracks, their simple but infectious riffs pushed along by a solid rhythm section. Bassist John Sayre stands out, especially on the droning, tense 'Fighting Gravity,' while the interweaving vocals of guitarist Myk Porter and drummer Jared Jolley send positive vibrations with lyrics that are thoughtful and personal." - CMJ



released August 17, 1999


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