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Fading Out

by Everything In Waves

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Nature Park 03:12
you told me to get out. just before your parents house. took my belongings from your car. and walked down to the nature park. put on a song that was about. the good life falling out. you know when a song hits you hard. cause it’s exactly where you are. i thought i wanted all of you. i thought that i could see it through. it was just excuse after excuse. i had to pack it up and make due. i’m so disappointed in you. is what you said to me. this couldn’t be anymore skewed. i had to pack it up and leave. just before your parents house. i shut your door and shut you out
Sidestreet 02:59
no need to get back. no need to worry. just gotta make it home by 7:30. under the streetlights. a little flurry. step to the side to let the cars pass by. huddle back up for another try. now you’re left in the dust of a different time. so loud, these memories that are far behind you now. now you’ve gotta get up. you’ve gotta hurry. should’ve been on your way by 6:30. under the sunrise. crawling at 30. pull to the side to let the panic pass by. turn the wheel over just in time. a steady mess of distress and fluorescent light. slow down, your innocence is far behind you now. try not to let it bring you down. like I let it bring me down
burning up the backbone. another weekend hollowed. need to get back home. before i let it show. all this will end. before i see it coming. and i feel the same every time. disassociation. an on and off again. misrepresentation. that i can’t seem to drown out. you’re burning up my back bone. another holiday hollowed. you decide to stay inside. and lose your fucking mind. (on and off and on you go on, on and off and on). all this will end. before you see it coming. this isn’t any way to live life. there, you go, again and again and again and again and then, you go, again. disassociation. an on and off again. misinterpretation. it’s on and off again
So Far Away 02:48
i thought that it was fine. to open back up. but really, i’m still shut. i felt the brights turn back to blue. yeah, it is me not you. i can’t believe what i do. no, it’s not fair to you. that i’m so far away. i’m so far away. i know i owe you so much more. but it’s all i’ve got. and it’s all for naught. you’ll forget all about me. just like a bad dream. just shut the latchkey. i’m sorry. it’s not your fault she always screamed. i’m sorry. for all the baggage that i bring. i’m sorry. it’s not your fault she always screamed. i’m sorry. so sorry
Fading Out 04:35
i’m not looking for revenge. i’m not looking for a reason. i just know this is the end. i just know, i’m so low. you won’t ever change a thing. and i’m sick of all your screaming. those thoughtless things you said to me. apologies without a meaning. i’m not looking for revenge. i’m not looking for a reason. i just know this is the end. i just know, there’s no hope. i had to pack it up and leave. i won’t miss these memories. it’s not too late you said to me, “please come home.” no, i don’t think so. i’m not looking for revenge (falling out, falling out). i’m not looking for a reason (falling out, falling out). i just know this is the end (falling out, falling out). i just know, i’m not home (falling out, falling out). (you were looking for a way out anyway) i’m not looking for revenge. (telling me that it’s over every other day) i’m not looking for a reason. (you were looking for a way out anyway) i just know this is the end i just know, i just know. fading, fading out. fading, fading out. you’re finally fading, fading out. fading, fading out


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On the new extended player Fading Out, New York-based Everything In Waves delivers a poetic union of emo, indie and electronic elements that come together effortlessly to create an outstanding mini-album that is poignant yet consoling. Lush layers, memorable hooks and smart lyrics crafted with a deeply rooted and deceptively simple organic feel, you'll be hard-pressed to choose a favorite as each song connects and resonates throughout your entire being.

"Fading Out is the most personal music I have ever written. It helped me cope with the demise of an emotionally abusive relationship by giving me a therapeutic outlet into which I could express all of my troubled thoughts and feelings. The words and music of this album completely encapsulate a very tumultuous time in my life. On my debut Echoes, I took a more symbolic approach to songwriting and wrote non-biographical lyrics. But Fading Out is the exact opposite. Everything that I sing about on this album actually happened to me. It's all genuine and real. It was a difficult yet refreshing challenge to put myself out there completely raw and exposed, so I hope you can feel the sincerity and vulnerability in these songs," says frontman Anthony DelPlato.

Anthony continues, "Disassociation is probably the track that hits me the hardest as it describes the severe anxiety I endured as a result of this toxic partnership. I was completely losing touch with reality. I'd often have someone screaming in my face, yet nothing around me felt real anymore. This song's lyrics explain exactly how I felt in that moment and how I dealt with it. The title track Fading Out closes the loosely chronological sequence and narrates the end of this disastrous connection. The suffering, the pain, the misery, it all finally started to fade away. This is not a happy album, but one that I think we can all associate with. It gives us some reassurance that we are never really alone when we experience sadness, heartbreak and loss...knowing that eventually, it will be nothing but just a memory."

Fading Out was produced, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Anthony DelPlato at Low Oak Studios in Upstate New York. Album artwork by Nick Sessanna. Video for Fading Out by John Szuch. Photo by Anthony DelPlato. EIW's discography includes the debut full-length Echoes and single Colors Return on Deep Elm Records. The band resides in Buffalo, New York. (DER-615)

Recommended For Fans of: Bon Iver, Death Cab For Cutie, Radical Face, Postal Service, Minus The Bear, Matt Pond PA

Genre: Emo / Electronic / Indie Pop / Emotronic


released August 18, 2021


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