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Emo Is Awesome / Emo Is Evil 2

by Deep Elm Records (Various)

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well i'm counting down the days until you say that we can talk again, and then try to reason. please don't hang up now, i just need a moment. i've cried my last i swear, so please hear me out. i just can't wait for tomorrow, to feel alright about myself. i always wait for tomorrow, tomorrow is my whole life. if i can make it through the next five minutes, i might be alright tonight. it's not alright. never again will i be content. it's not alright. it's a conflict between my head, my heart, my hands. sinking never felt so right to me before, because i know you would push me down. please just tell me maybe we can work this out because i can't take this anymore. you say it's alright, it's not alright. it's not alright
seeing things from another's point of view. hearing things from a whole new you. try to understand where it all began. your roots, beliefs, goals and demands. what if all those words you said were true? words don't lie. what if i played victim? victim just like you. while i can't say that i fully comprehend. i can say that we'll miss you, friend. don't say that we let you down. i hope we'll still see you around
i went to the doctor to get my new prescription. all he had to offer were these words on my condition. easy come easy go was his message and the worst one he could send me. all i know is i'm gone and i guess i better keep on pretending. side step my rep is a mutation. undo the regrets of a useless limitation. three birds over head tell me everything is just fine. three threes on the radio clock say i'm on time. i live endlessly it seems and all i want is you. i went to the corner so i could feel my intuition. ignore the warnings so i could feed my new suspicion. and i'm losing steam
not so long ago. i passed out. couldn't move and i hit the floor. i'm badly broken. i know that you will turn your back on me. and then again. i do the same thing over and over again. then it gets to me. i've been through this too many times. you give me heart attacks. you know you give me ten times back. you give me heart attacks. you're stabbing knives in my back. i am braindead. it's because you shot me in the head. and it won't take long. before i break down and then collapse
as the light fades down. the picture fades away. cut and paste a story here. our roles are undefined. and if tonight we fall so hard. when all this time we failed. our efforts are in vain. we came so far look at us now. patience now the story's almost told. we'll make up lost time create a new. and in the end you'll see. what you've done to me. now smile as the curtain falls. that's my final plea
i thought this walk might sober me. but i only got lost in dreaming. i held hope high. down to copper and stars. it only stirs thoughts of days. i'm sure i'll never see. so sing to me. to pull through. that we'll build to push on. sing you won't leave. until you feel summer on my face. sing, i'll sway
cover yourself with everything you can just to walk outside buried inside, an artificial tan with everything to hide positive this can't be right well january's cold and february's colder but i can't stand to hold her anymore and now that i am older i wish that i had told her cut yourself free please abandon me before things get really bad don't blame yourself for my curiosity i swear it's not your fault a trial and error tragedy with these bitter tears i swear they're filled with salt positive this can't be right
i told you of a halfway house where we could meet to work things out. i slept there on the floor for weeks. you stayed between your comfortable sheets. i sold you on an idea. we'll speak in code as not to be heard. you looked me in the eyes and said i know the truth but still see the end. i smile down and laugh as you hit the ground. halfway down. you always take the long way down. break it up, you're always on the outs. never finding out
you asked could i be honest with you. i'm keeping my distance from you. you're not yourself. i starve to death with connections i've made. your hands appear to be broke. you are uninvited. you have your reasons i have mine. just let it go. you're not yourself. leave me alone. sleep is going to kill me. something's trying to kill me slowly
the greatest visions. from all your catalogues. on token pictures. and blurry photographs. no ark to save those who didn't last. under water in your science labs. on top of the world. you're on top of the world. so now just train my eyes. and name our wars. the safe addiction. and plastic autocrats. arms been saved. for the bitter ends. you know we're waiting. for your skies to land. on top of the world. you're on top of the world. now they're by your side. now we're on your side
i sketched dots while viewing a transatlantic leave the ocean. i sketched dots and glued pieces together as i imagined them. little daily victories that don't need to be told. interrupt photos with eyes that drift to sea. a camera obscure. a decision made home. friday sets a previous encounter. in the snow i ask questions. lines draw figures of paper. i believe they are real. actions within old telephones. coins that drop way too fast. blindfold the leaves so they drop on my chest now it's time. a million sparks set the timing for flights that departure now
fall down. marigold. fall sounds of rain. why can't i go. those days when spokes wound baseball cards tear hear them roar. and faster still those boards which let fly souls. honeysuckle walk right afternoon time dies. wish for sometime soon. i'll work it out. my way. so many faces. so lost. why can't i go back when this mess was not made. forever turns out just the same as two months. that rages on then after
bathed warm in sepia tone. filtered through time, still not half grown. framed memories of summertime. endless and safe, still skin and bone. years before the nest was flown. airbrushed, sublime, truth still unknown. before the first curve was thrown. it calls you to come back home. sentiment now long since gone. life in its prime eats up its own. what once was a stepping-stone enthralls you. you can't go home. come back home. you can't go home
if there is nothing to fear then fear itself would you yield? they were not supposed to be here. i still love laying in fields and staring up to get real. it makes the world just seem so clear. and all the words that they say, don't let 'em turn you to clay. yeah i know it's not fair. i'm waking up to the sound of new york coming down. i never knew we could be so scared. did the timing seem like lightning? i'm afraid it did. she's got new shoes, he wears an old hat. what's it matter? what's it matter?!? when i get the feelin' back in my hands. i promise i'll build some bridges across this land. when i get the feelin' back in my hands. i'll pick apart these walls. brick by brick, stone and sand. and as night falls we will stand tall. proud but not sure why. this is not a dream. this is not a game. i heard someone say america the beautiful. blame the catholics. blame the christians. blame the muslims. blame the jews. blame your mother. blame your father. but blame never got anyone anywhere
you got a perfect life. you got a perfect wife. you got it all made up. cause you got this perfect plan. how does it feel to be perfect in everything you do?


"Fifteen songs from the rising stars of the melodic hardcore underground, the best are represented on Emo Is Awesome / Emo Is Evil 2. Intelligent, poetic noise that comes from the anger and energy of punk rock. You feel the drums and banshee guitars kicking out in adrenalin overdrive. Deep Elm has reason to be proud of its commitment to this genre because the strain they offer is a purer, more virulent, more dangerous strain than any of the other slow clowns being labeled emo." - Culture Bunker (DER-404)


released November 4, 2004


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Deep Elm Records

With nearly 280 releases in its catalog, fiercely independent Deep Elm Records continues to build a better label - one that operates for glory, not gold. Deep Elm is about bands and fans coming together as one and experiencing music's awesome ability to inspire, comfort and console. We're not just making music together, we're making history. Dream / Create / Record / Release - Now for 27 Years. ... more

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