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by Lily And The Pearl

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Elephant 04:13
lay your head down next to mine. put your hand inside my hand. we'll be alright. there is nothing left for us to say. we're too weak to fight. there's a shadow creeping in blocking out all the light. there's an elephant. we're so used to him. we're storing books on his back. we don't notice how fast. he's filling up our whole house. we don't talk we don't even shout anymore. if we stay real still we'll be okay. let the dust settle around our bodies. as we decay. there is nothing left for us to throw. resentments gone away. we are waiting for some sort of truth that neither of us will say
I Fold 04:19
what do you take me for some lonely company? was i really that desperate or was i just too blind to see. but somehow i've found myself on my hands and knees. looking up at this great escape like it's gonna save me. what do you think i'm some stupid little kid? if i were do you really think i'd put myself out there like i did. been crawling around for a while never seen you on your knees. so i'm taking the bigger step and sneaking out quietly. what do i want what do i want what do i want. what do you want what do you want what do you want. is it someone to trust someone to love someone to hold? oh it's not gonna be me cause baby i fold. what do you take me for some recycled pet? treats might not work but you haven't even tried them yet. do you expect me to crawl back in your arms? it's a long shot babe but this is far from done
i might discover i have some heart hidden. behind the other heart i have reserved for you. it's out of practice. can't recognize words make it weak. it has a need for something more. i can't be sure of. this feeling in my chest. seems there's no cure for this thing that makes me a mess. walking like a chicken. a chicken with no head. i'm useless feel like a fool for you. i'm leaving. got to see what my hearts made of. because i believe there's something out there that's more like love. you can come back. when you've got me on your mind. i need something more. something more this time. what did you do with me? my head asked my heart. oh i was through you see. you were thinking too hard. let go your reason. let go your doubt. make room. don't you lose out. i feel so useless. i feel like a fool for you
Tom Said 05:22
moved to a town full of cowboys. moved to a town where the sun always sets. a different place with just one highway. a different place that i will never forget. left my friends for the mountains. left my family way back home. i gave them promises that i would return. and i told them stories of how i had to grow. and i know you can't always be happy. tom said even cowgirls get the blues. but if you keep running faster, maybe they won't catch up to you. lived in a motel by the river. and i spent my days skipping stones. and i left my footprints where no one had been. and i made that cowboy town my home. so i realized who i had left behind. oh i thought about what i had done. so i packed my car up as full as it could be. and i drove away from that setting sun
Rapunzel 04:30
i'm sorry. i keep building these walls. on top of walls. that i knocked down. when i needed to crawl. back into your arms. oh they carried me through. all of my wars. i prepared to lose. they tell me. that i am so wrong. they give me. hammers and stone. and a blueprint. so i can rebuild. this tower. i crumbled for you. do you want me to let down my hair? you can use it in place of the stairs. if you make it up here. just be careful with me. if you scale my walls. if you scale my walls. i'll be free
do you think i'd lead you down that road? you're the only one i've ever told. all the things i feel so insecure about. do you really think i'd lead you on? reel you in then tell you to get gone. you're the only one i want to keep around for now. forgive me if i pushed you away. can't seem to find the words i want to say. can't seem to do the things to make you stay. i'm kind of new at this is that okay. will you love me anyway? anyway. can i miss you when you are not here? is that something you're prepared to hear? is that sort of thing allowed in this silly game? i try to follow all these crazy rules. been floating around like some funny fool. in love. whenever i hear your name


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released January 1, 1950


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