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Vines 02:55
all the ways. to take your vines. to their wine. and still you're sober. if the clouds. could come and wet your skin. would you still flower. the distance. like empty vessels. on a windowsill. i cannot. keep you in the dirt. if the sky lets down. it's hair in the rain. you will grow. until i am just. a thought vibrating in a stem
Numbers 03:46
the etchings on the bedroom light. the words written on the front door. the gunshots that we heard outside. and all those other things you thought were signs. but we're too insignificant. for those petty things to mean anything. but i guess it doesn't matter now. you moved on and you moved out. oh come on please not again. feels like i'm losing what has not yet been. i knew deep down that this was never right. but i still wanted a little more time. oh i know this is for the best. and so do all my closes friends. in the end they are what matter most. the rest will come and go. the battle that we had to brave. the breakdowns and the strength we gained. well it all fell straight through the floor. i just don't feel it anymore. you told me not to let you go. and then you let me go
Last Summer 03:19
i miss last summer. clothesline pond mirrors. six acres reversed. eyes weak from such an unplugged feeling. how could it be the cure. theories come. hold a lot like slivers. until you finally pull
Open Windows 03:18
i could feel. this intangible thing. leave with the wind. clothesline strings. and every garden. the neighbors had forgotten. my only thought. was to hell with it all. home is just a. chair in your soul. to sit down when there's nowhere else to go. i still miss. those open windows. and wooden floors. that store sounds. from before. before we were born. reflecting in the shine. of murphy's oil. but home was just dead trees and the need. to hide from skies colored limestone green. all of the weeds in that lost yard. keep growing back why don't we. i wish you could have seen everything. return to prairies by january
every room and noon soaked tune. your guitar turning the curtains blue. how many moons do you think we've passed. far below and through. hey sandra. remember oak grove and hues. willows in delaware. would unfurl a loom from you. and other cliches too good. to possibly be true. i'm sorry that greyhound left you where it did. and we can't be the friends that we were as kids. how much do we have to drink to forget this goddamn concrete. maybe we just need delaware and a little coffee. you've got it in your head. like negatives from a dark room. you've lost it in your head. don't worry 'cause we all did too
78 03:02
how many bruises from music does it. take to pull. the plug or try to separate. from a jukebox you got at goodwill. last spring. that only plays 78's. i couldn't tell if it was irony. until you refused. to see a shrink or call aunt jane. i hear things too. not like you do. but i know. what it means to lift windows. and let traffic. signals count down like a. metronome. or heartbreaks that sound like home
Montana Days 03:43
i forgive you for the last two weeks. when you skipped town and lost our laundry. all those bison grazed montana days. better have been worth the alkaline taste. just a coffee cup three quarters full. that's how you know i'm coming home soon. forget the toothaches and the cold. next check we'll be set for april. from a mountain peak you couldn't name. 'cause you can't read maps or resonate. with topography and paths of trains. but understand all in the same way. just a coffee cup three quarters full. muddy grays are the new normal scene. the type that no one wants to paint a thing. but there's this faint gesture. just a coffee cup three quarters
Looper 03:37
it pulls me away. until i'm lost. and then i'm waiting here. waiting for anything. it's here and then it's gone. and now it's like it was never here at all. it keeps on looping around. while i stay still. why can't i turn it off. i know i never will. i guess i'll just forget it for now. until it comes back around
Linear 03:46
oh, here’s to a new day. i’m not talking about the sunrise. i feel something amazing in the air. it’s the sound. maybe i’ll just sit alone. and think for a while. rest a while. i’ll be a while. i’ve got nothing left to lose. everything around me is overwhelming. but i know everything will be okay. i’ll just listen to the sound. this sound will heal my soul


On the full-length debut Echoes, New York-based Everything In Waves delivers an addictive and truly poetic union of emotional and electronic elements we've dubbed 'emotronic'. Luscious layers, memorable hooks and smart lyrics come together effortlessly to craft an album that is truly inspiring. An impressive and unquestionably stellar album with a deeply rooted organic feel, you will find yourself listening straight through the track list over and over again as these songs connect and reverberate in your subconscious. It just never goes stale, which one of the real beauties of this album.

"I started Everything in Waves to create songs that represented a fresh and appealing unification of my indie, emo, folk, and electronic influences. As Echoes took shape, the songs began to reflect where was in my life...stuck in an endless loop, the same old thing day in and day out with no reprieve from the insufferable monotony. It all comes from a place of sincerity as I just do what feels right when I’m creating music. I realized that I was experiencing repetitive patterns while unintentionally and unwillingly creating new ones. Whether I was creating new 'echoes' or just hearing older memories reecho in a different way, writing this album was my way of acknowledging those feelings. With these songs, I was able to say 'I’m still here,' and that despite everything else, my music is the thing that defines me most. It’s a sort of self-medication and I don’t know where I’d be without this kind of emotional outlet," says frontman Anthony DelPlato.

Anthony continues, "Everything in life, no matter if it’s positive or negative, triumphant or tragic, seems to come in waves. Each song is inspired by a wave of events in my life. With the exception of Numbers, Looper and Linear, I worked with Henry Eric Payne to help really bring the songs to life lyrically. He and I are both inspired by themes of nature, growth and wilderness. Western New York is full of rural beauty and that imagery certainly finds its way into the lyrics. It’s a nice contrast to sing about greenery and growth, despite many of these songs being inspired by monotony and stagnation. This album means everything to me. I’m so excited and grateful to share these songs with everyone."

Echoes was produced, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Anthony DelPlato at Low Oak Studios (Del Paxton, Cooler, X-Dog) in Upstate New York. Lyrics by Henry Eric Payne except for Numbers, Looper and Linear. Album artwork by Darius Bashar. Vines (single) artwork by Julien Moreau. Photo by Caleb Ekeroth. The single "Vines" was released on May 1, 2019. The band resides in Rochester, New York. (DER-595)

Recommended For Fans of: Bon Iver, Death Cab For Cutie, Radical Face, Postal Service, Minus The Bear, Matt Pond PA

Genre: Emotronic / Indie Pop / Emo / Electronic


released May 24, 2019


all rights reserved



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