Drive Til Morning

by Drive Til Morning

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drifting in the ocean. far, far from home. frames in slow motion. never alone. as far as the eye can see. a staggering blue. swaying like palm trees. just me and you
will you lie here on the beat-up couch? orange and tweed with guts hanging out. will you stay here? we can daydream in the middle of the night. got just enough change for the rest of my life. if you hang on. got a partial view of the empire state. it's a little bit tight, but it keeps out the rain. will you stay here? we can sleep in or stare at the stars. where hobos hold bottles close to their hearts. will you hang on? will you lie here on the beat-up couch? orange and tweed with the guts hanging out. will you stay here? we can lie here and stare at the stars. i could lie here for the rest of my life. if you hang on
we are bound for wyoming, july '91. by way of the mountains, open road and the sun. i'll crash while you drive to the next state line. we can make silverton before morning time. a crush on a girl back home in houston. i'll write her postcards and fall asleep to her face. under stars and ashes of a campfire light. if she breaks my heart, lord it won't be tonight. day six and clouds follow the car. like we're fugitives on the run. but i'll chase the aspens into sky. rain or shine, the highway's still mine
bissonnet in the dead of summer. dreary and bleak. hotter than hell. a photobooth snapshot fading. there ain't too much left. just enough to forget. remember pipe bombs bursting in air. that mailbox is going down. exploring buildings abandoned for years. and ghost stories...all night long. man, that street goes on for ages. block after block, an asphalt eyesore. but we both knew nothing better back then. a half-tank of gas and a couple of good friends. a photobooth snapshot fading away
you're at the center of my world. at the center of the universe, heading towards infinity. you're at the center of my world. at center of the universe, will you stand there with me?
you tore the hands off the clock. i threw away my watch. watched the minutes turn to miles. watched the streetlights glare. flicker and fade. through the cracks in the blinds. spread your wings and fly. i'll be there when the plane gets in. and if it's late again, i'll leave the porchlight on for you. 'cus this can't be hell. when it's cold and it's freezing outside. let the storm brew strong tonight. and bring you home before twilight. i could almost hear paint peeling off of the walls. and leaves colliding with lawns. wide awake at dawn. was a hell of a way to usher in the new year
Stompers 04:24
will you make my bed? tell me it's ok. 'cus i'm starting to lose faith. can you give me a ride? guess i could walk, but i know you've been this way before. and it's just not enough. escaping for the moment when i'm only to return. there's nothing more this place can offer me. let's get away and start brand new. head above water. i feel six feet under. and the clock won't heal. but there's mileage on this rocketship. forget the turbulence. i'm slighty wiser than i was before. another broken car part. another day that i'm feeling congested. one more bill, a dollar short. another friend who's proved to be a flake. i guess it's what i have to do. in a way, i guess it's subterfuge. i won't start wondering. i'll just start doing. in a way, i guess it's subterfuge
when the christmas lights go down. buildings bundle up before the snow. underground forging uptown. blustery, bleeding and broke. when the cats can't sleep, neither can we. will you stay under the sheets? if i swear it won't always be like this. fifty degrees 'til october trees. eighty 'til ocean beach. so i'll save my strength for after the cold and set sail with you. bring the single digits on. inches away and insurmountable. the glory of of the grind is gone. but i've got punches left to pull. when the cats can't sleep, neither can we. will you stay under the sheets? if i swear it won't always be like this. when the christmas lights go down. buildings bundle up before the snow. bring the single digits on. for tonight we're reaching record lows


Drive Til Morning (ex-Pop Unknown) revels in the storytelling and backporch intimacy of Americana, awash with layered acoustics, electronica, wistful strings and beautiful melodies that balance on the edge of something irresistibly pop. Francis Garcia's hushed and intimate tenor conveys a stark simplicity and earnestness that reveals itself through each passing entry in this debut journal of songs. The arrangements - an often drumless blend of acoustic guitar, pedal steel and passionate vocals - remain effortlessly memorable. There's a nostalgic sadness about Drive Til Morning that is tempered by the warm comfort of songs that, ultimately, are ones of love and transcendence. Unreleased song "Engine Roars Me To Sleep" on Emo Diaries 7. (DER-413)

"I always have a soft spot for simple folk rock like this, but I was thoroughly impressed by Drive Til Morning and how much instrumentation is involved to make it far more complex than it lets on. Frontman Francis Garcia has very country-ish tinge to his vocals, and naturally the guitar complements his voice with a lot of acoustic twang. The real beauty of this record is the other dimensions added to the songs by the use of violins, viola, electronics and a touch of banjo. The first track, Palmtrees Sway, sounds like Yellowcard playing breathtakingly eloquent indie pop, if only Yellowcard had the much deeper and richer vocal talent of Garcia. Other songs like At the Center Of The Universe are something like the New Amsterdams with a touch of the Faint. So many dynamics seem to be taking place on this record, but the album itself is so simple to listen to. I loved it the first time I heard it. Drive Til Morning is perhaps the most intricate folk album ever created." - Punk International

"Drive Til Morning is an utterly wonderful record full of 4 AM songs; something you'd listen to while driving down a dark and lonely interstate or after getting home from a night of drinking. It's warm, intimate and touching. I like the fact that he's also included a few instrumental passages, because it's quite apparent that he's pretty good at not only writing good songs, but also writing great music. Indeed, if any writer is poised to out Rhett Miller this year, it's Francis Garcia. With Drive Til Morning, he has proven himself capable of writing really good, affecting songs. If this debut is any indication of things to come, then Garcia is a force that's only going to get better and better." - Mundane Sounds

"Drive Til Morning is hard to describe. It's very mellow but with a definite funky edge, with rad synthesizers and whatnot. The intriguing lyrics seem like little poems or journal entries. It's like he is thinking out loud, which is a really cool approach. Drive Til Morning is the most original record I have heard in months. Highly recommend, it's like a road trip captured in music." - Soundcheck

"Drive Til Morning is a personal, rootsy album that Francis Garcia has written and crafted that is unlike anything he has ever done before. If you want personal music then listen to this. Drive Til Morning's debut album starts out with Palmtrees Sway, which sounds like an orchestral piece with complex arrangements. The next track Orange And Tweed, the highlight of the album, is quite experimental with its computer generated sounds mixed with Garcia's pleasant voice. Drive Til Morning has managed quite an impressive debut album." - Music Emissions


released June 23, 2003


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