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Distance And Darkness

by Burns Out Bright

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under blue skies we live unaware. of greater things that lie above. and every night we engage. systems that make us sleep away. our only chance to see a universe displayed for us. we only look above when we hear of a day no planes would fly. and i still try to find a way. that i can hope to stay. and all this has a subtle feel of something that doesn't need to be here. among these stars all we are. simple things breathing in oxygen. and inching towards the day we die. they say all innocence is lost the day you know you die. under blue skies. in distance and darkness. i still hope to find. something that i can't seem to define. in all this empty sky. night falls. and we all realize the sky's not so empty after all
in perfect stillness. and quiet night. i look out west and just see sky. and all my life. i‘ve been praying for better days. no longer young. this song's been sung. too many times before. and it's too late. to go back and change my ways. i'll sing this song. a song of praise. of days gone by and better days. as i grow older. i try to seize the day. but i just seize up. you break down my desire. and all my life i've tried so hard. to make amends. mend my ways. you make me content with discontent. you let me know that i am not alone. and i can always rest my head on your shoulders. i close my eyes and breathe you in. and just tonight i want to die. because all my life i've been praying for better days. i need to know if i add up. if i am what i'd always hoped. i feel so small as i get older. and if we take our proudest moments. and stand them up against the rest of all our days. would we be satisfied. and could we say. i am so much more. than the sum of all my parts
well i'm counting down the days. until you say that we can talk again. and then try to reason. please don't hang up now. i just need a moment. i've cried my last i swear. so please hear me out. i just can't wait for tomorrow. to feel alright about myself. i always wait for tomorrow. tomorrow is my whole life. if i can make it through the next five minutes. i might be alright tonight. it's not alright. never again will i be content. it's not alright. it's a conflict between my head. my heart. my hands. sinking never felt so right to me before. because i know you would push me down. please just tell me. maybe we can work this out. because i can't take this anymore. you say it's alright. it's not alright. it's not alright
i want to let you in. i want to want your skin. i've seen in you. something i can steal. i was on my way to something new. just like you before. all this changed. began to feel the same. it's expected that you lie. despite your empty eyes. and on and on it goes to show. you always know you're right. you're scared somethings changed. i fear it's all the same. i need in you. something new to feel. i was on my way to something new. with all the hurt in mind. i've seen in you. what i've left behind. it's expected that you lie. despite your empty eyes. and on and on it goes. to show you always know you're right. i've said it all a million times. i'm leaving. i'm leaving. i seem to always change my mind. i'm screaming, i'm screaming
Twenty-Two 03:58
twenty-two times around the sun i've been. and i linger. around the moon. twenty four hours. and i'll be right back. where i started. and there's nothing else. the forget-me-nots you leave behind. are killing me. i promise not to stay here. i promise that i'll try. although i always seem to miss. the target is in my sights
Prodigal 02:34
flashing lights in my eyes. reds and blues. set the mood. as i rise you just lie. snow turns to red. you just lie. i smell blood. you just lie. my friend. goodbye. and i try to look away. felt wrong not to stay. curse this day. and i tell you get up. get up from your circle snow bound grave. all drenched in red. tears of joy because i'm alive. sleepless nights because you just lie. my friend. goodbye. we build this. we watch it die. there comes a time to say goodbye


This South Carolina four-piece give us reason to believe in the good ship post-hardcore once again with Distance And Darkness...an EP that exudes passion, fervor, inspiration and contemplation. Fueled by intense emotion and unwilling to merely skim the surface, Burns Out Bright heads straight for the substance with a heated volley of bludgeoning riffs, lyrical angst and infectious melody that immediately draws you in. Each of these six songs stand up to the time-tested genre giants in ways only dreamed of by young idealists such as these. And in the flesh, they repeatedly toggle magnetic attractions in those lost moments of emotional channeling with a live show of an unprecedented, intense, adrenaline-charged nature. Debut EPs aren't supposed to sound this good, so realize you've stumbled upon something quite rare. Recorded by Steve Slavich (Stretch Arm Strong, Danielle Howle, Queers, Ali With An I). Listen loudly... (DER-433)

"Burns Out Bright's songwriting skills and technical prowess on Distance And Darkness put them one step ahead of their peers." - Alternative Press

"Displaying Burns Out Bright's maturity and studio savvy, Distance And Darkness is a solid six-song cycle about friendship, love and coming of age. No mistaking, Burns Out Bright practice modern rock's use of dynamism, songs careening from beefy guitar chords to graceful arpeggios, bashing drums that stop and start on a dime, earnest vocals that project from a whisper to a scream. Yet the energy level is so high, and the production is so clean and full that Burns Out Bright's sincerity is hard to resist." - Amplifier

"Distance And Darkness offers a new twist on an old sound. Burns Out Bright take the best of the Juliana Theory, Saves The Day and Armor For Sleep and adds their own melodic, delicate but tough indie rock twist. The vocals have the same Southern tweak as Jimmy Eat World, and great sounding guitars swirl around sung / screamed vocals in catchy numbers like Watership Down. Burns Out Bright present a promising effort with Distance And Darkness." - Exclaim

"Burns Out Bright believes in the power of a sucker-punk melody, and Distance And Darkness is filled with the requisite youthful yearning and megaton choruses. But rather than piss and moan about the girl who got away, tracks like Watership Down and Crowded Streets, Empty Skies are powered by a potent mix of effervescence and vitriol. Maybe an early '90s revival could be upon us sooner than we ever thought." - Rockpile

"South Carolina's Burns Out Bright has lots of power mixed with melody and catchy hooks. Emo playa-hatahs will probably dismiss them, but the mid-'90s feel to this record harkens back to a day when emo meant "emotional hardcore," not saccharine bullshit." - Punk Planet



released February 24, 2004


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