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Dimes & Discourses

by The Sky Life

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The Sky Life 01:42
I'm going to run. Then I'm going to jump, lifting off from all of this and most of you. My feet will never touch the ground another time. You will probably never see me like this again. I've taken to the sky and decided I like it here. A place where nothing is fake and freedom is real. So until you choose to join me here, I'll be above all of that and above you. I feel my body vibrate with the ground. I stumble forward to a hug goodbye. I turn my head towards the sky and I say goodbye.
Time Alone 04:07
God I'm sorry, but this is something that I couldn't plan. I need some time to myself right now. I won't lose my mind I'm focused for the first time in months, past years they lap right over me in big waves of disaster. And memories hit like big balls of cold snow into the great blue ocean becoming a part of me unable then to comprehend the space that they take up in me, or if they'll ever leave again. You know the feeling right? When expectations of others suffocates your view of who you think you really are and I'm holding onto nothing like a tree without a base root I'm reaching our for something and finding I get nothing. We all feel like this and we need to be alone, unbury ourselves from the opinions of others.
Creator 04:11
Will people love you for who you are? We'll lift her wings and let her come home again soon. Color my face whatever shade you want. Do you understand contrast? Cause I don't want any of that here. Do you get a feeling for the face you want? I want you to decide entirely don't even look at me. Long blond hair you could lose yourself in, big blue eyes that give the sea a run for its money. Angel; just come home soon if only to visit, to a place where you'll always belong with people who love you for who you are. Wind lift her wings but let her come home again soon. Draw out my legs. Make them strong and fast. Cause my heart to beat a' thousand times a second but stop when you sit and look at me. Shape my body just like you want it to be. These are the things that I do to make sure that you love me.
Take a second to think about what you wanna say don't just spit it out in anger or whatever it is your feeling today. Maybe take a few hours there's nothing wrong with time and with time I'm sure your feel this is ok. We're treading the streets of our childhood day to day, unfortunately we cant more forward at this pass yes there's no rush but I want to grow I'd like to do it with you but I don't have to. No I don't have to. I'll miss you, but I won't come home. What you don't realize is tomorrow brings another day and all the best secrets are held in the sun rise. And what you don't realize is how your actions affect me, and what you gotta do please is just sit back, sit back and relax. And of course I'm scared of what's going to be and your confused at what has gotten into me. You say we're drifting apart with each and every day or is it that you're standing still while I slowly move away.
Reflections 04:55
Chasing skylines, searching for a better place to view her face. He finds it hard to embrace that he's still here and has to wait. As I have come to realize you life is out of my hands. You know I still reach for the railing as control of my emotion is failing. I remember all things dear like blue eyes lighting dark skies like that time we stayed up all night waiting for a glimpse of the sunrise. Chasing skylines, searching for a better place to view her face. He finds it hard to embrace that he's still here and has to wait. But I gotta snap back to today. You wouldn't want me to lose myself in yesterdays even if they are ours. But hold on, I can't forget these have been the moment that make me me. Defining what I am inside and I still see you in that sunrise.
Tilt my head to my chest and slowly slide to the floor. I look up and notice lines I've never seen before and ask myself. Is this my day for change? I know I've said that so many times before...but I say aloud. Who the hell are you? What'd you think you'd do? Then I wonder, is there more because I feel it in myself right now. I let you down, but worst of all, I let myself down.
We are the ones who get lost in our own heads and find our way back a different man, throwing away the small for something so much larger. For these few hours I'm with you. The world jumps and breathes dances like I do I'm chasing the sun over horizons running as fast as I know how to. We are so close as tight knit best friends shaking it off without complaining, wind hits my face reminds me of something much larger. Step off the road into the fresh air. Hand in hand we launch into the sky. Sydney Boston Edmonton we pass by on our way home.
Our Worlds 02:40
Your world is a world away from me I know, in your world my time ain't worth a thing I know, you've got people to see and places to go, your world is a world away from me I know. My world is the world that sites next to the sun, I'm warm hardly need the help of anyone, comfy in the bright hole that is my own ya my world is a world away from yours I know. My world needs much more then what it has a dream fuelled by love and kept alive, my world could use some warmth once and awhile my world, my world is not so far. I've just realized I won't wake up without; I won't wake up without you.
Will You Be 04:02
They say you should walk alone in the dark and I'd say the world gets pretty dim. And certainly you wouldn't mind if I took your hand, cause I need it as much as you need mine. You say how unsafe shortcuts are and I'd agree so dear lets walk the long way, we'll tread the path that love has tread since the beginning. Will you be the light that saves my life and will you be the sound in my ear that guides me home. Will you be the touch that warms my soul, will, will you be? What things of great worth are free, definitely not you or I nor anyone. And I guess what I'm saying is this, would you walk with me through this dark. I've just realized, I won't wake up without, I've just realized.
Oh I needed you then, oh just like I needed you know. If you were still here you'd be proud. I got outta bed before the clock struck twelve. I'm out and about in the car with an old friend. With not much to say we just sit and ride. We pass by the school where we had our first kiss. The well lit field were I first took your hand. And led you to the centre where we started to dance. These romantic memories (and I will not let go of you) have become such a part of me (as long as you promise one thing) I can't believe you're gone (that everyday you'll think of me) and sing this song. I kneel down facing the place where you lay and say aloud I should have cherished you more. In death I've realized your worth. I hope you'll take me again when I've left this earth.
Ignite Me 03:38
I've travelled the open seas just to try and figure it out. The magic of where the ocean meets the land. My eyes are hanging with the sun and the people they get up one by one. I decide that I want to stay but I back up till I can hardly hear anyway. So I leave them to themselves, so they leave me to myself. So I leave her to herself and she leaves me to myself. I remember purple shades in the sky the beat of the drum and all passers by and I got to thinking to myself if these people are happy on the inside, the kind that radiates from within igniting all the passers by.
Dive 03:34
This night spent under candle light, it's the type of thing I find I don't forget. Your lips they fall onto mine as I hope to God that this moment lasts. I know I know it's never easy, but you know you know. Your youthful looks and love will never last and ain't it good to know you fully understand the past ya I know you'll see the brighter side. Ill paint you a picture here that, I hope you'll never forget. A young woman with dark brown eyes, wide eyed as she stares at the world, which almost seems to smile back. She thinks this is my world now and anything is possible.
In five minutes it took to walk home, I walked ten thousand miles in the mind of another. He pondered about god and his guest for religion, he spoke of his daughter and the distance between them, he spoke of his wife who has always been there. I heard you can ask god for inspiration in finding a meaning in all life's events. And I'm offering opinions, so far from real answers. Looks at me in the eye and says son, there is only one. In explaining his answer, says it's just too hard to tell, the answers what you want it to be. It could be different between you and me. His eyes looked so empty but his heart so full.


The Sky Life's debut release Dimes & Discourses (2008) has been re-released worldwide on Deep Elm. Their latest album is titled "Roots And Wings."

"Could this album be one that I can load on to my iPod and reflect while feeling the cold waves swallow my feet as I am lying on the beach in Tahiti or maybe use it as a great musical backdrop for a dinner party? Both. Either way, this album creates a great escape for us when we need to run from the world mentally. The Sky Life has written music that opens the soul so it can be refreshed and rejuvenated. From the pulsating melody of Something Larger to the love-themed Romantic Memories, Dimes and Discourses is an album every soul desires." - Rock And Review


released October 17, 2008


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