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Dial In Sounds

by Brandtson

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stay between the lines. balance on the wire. things i've heard or even said before. and still i turn. another try. making resolutions always with intentions for the best. am i that blind. you say that it's black and white. but i question it every time. i'm holding back. and it's easy to follow the world on the outside. i'm starting to wonder why. an answer that i don't like. i'm holding on. and it's tearing me into a thousand pieces. starting at the end. cross the finish line. right where i began. and start all over once again. it's not that i thought that i could do this on my own. knowing all too well. that i would make more sense of things when i am falling down. it won't be long. i promise that i'll never forget you. i won't leave you here all alone. and when you're wrong and you keep falling down. i'll be waiting for you. you can count on me
pass or fail. crash and burn. another painful lesson learned. so take it from me. you can't win this way. i'm thinking of how i can fill this hole in my chest. you know the one gasping and sucking dust. and i wonder how i'll feel. and i wonder where i'll go from here. i'm finding hope. i'm writing my anthem to this sixty cycle hum. you know the one. i'm moving forward. something you said. and your words hit just right. i'm moving forward. and you and i both know that this is not the easiest thing. meek and mild mannered me. throwing dishes in the sink. breaking bottles over heads of friends. or so to speak. it's the beginning of the end. i'm moving forward. something you said. and your words hit just right. i'm moving forward. i'm seeing things for once in a whole new light. i'm proving you right. and pulling teeth was never this much fun. i'm finding hope. i'm writing my anthem to this sixty cycle hum. you know the one
sometimes i wake up with a smile. it's been forever since i have had a turn. it's always you or someone else. and i won't fake it anymore. i'll spend the next three hours driving in my car. to think of ways to say i'm happy when you're gone. to say i'm better off alone. on the drive back home. i listened to you talk. but didn't care. i knew exactly what you'd say before you said a thing. the time we spend together always ends up the same way. and if this is how i feel then i'll just say it like i mean. i'm sorry that i came. it's over today. and nothing that you say now will make this worth saving. how long did you think i'd stay. it hurts me to see you this way. i'm sorry. i came here to tell you it's over. always trying to wage a war. don't you smile anymore. talking ourselves dizzy gets us nowhere. we'll see how we feel later on and come back with our armor on. and see if saying nothing gets us somewhere. and when it's all over and done. i'll blame you. every time i wonder why. i'll blame you. now that it's all said and it's done. i blame you. i don't know just what it is. i fell asleep and woke up with the peace of mind to tell you that it's over
sleepy eyed and bed headed. nine a.m. traffic jam and i'm late for work again. there are planes overhead and people going places. and i'm dreaming i'm on my way with them. i just want to be driving through. i got my sunglasses and the radio on. i'm feeling good. just like i could roll up my sleeves and take on the world. but if this city had its way. it would swallow me whole. i won't let it swallow me. i just want to be driving through the night to be with you. or maybe on my way to new york. or toward the western sky. i don't really care. i'd just drive
Cherokee Red 04:43
in a pile of trash on the corner of first and park. almost as tall as the street light. we pulled over. two kids on a black and white dyno. my mom and dad bought for my birthday. just last week. we're finding our fortune here. once upon a time. brothers by a pocket knife. you traded me your secrets. i traded you all of mine. sometimes when i'm looking back now. i wish i could say i'm sorry. i'm thinking of me and you. back when things felt right. this morning we met at the playground. we sat on the side of the tractor tire. and talked of our plans for the next five days. over some cherokee red. sometime back in late november. we checked out the ice together. the rope tied around my waist. you'd pull me back if i would fall. late night. sending signals through the open blinds with flashlights. the neighbors dog would bark till early morning sunrise. some roman candles and a book of matches that night. explaining burn marks in our clothes at dinner. headlights that ran across the bedroom wall. we thought that it might be a ufo from outer space. and sometimes we crawled out on the roof. and tuned the radio into the auto-rama drive in movie show
the plastic on the windows change the atmosphere. i hear you coming up the stairs. parking meter violation flags are showing. the optimistic side of me called off again. hello. i've been self destructing again. i'm off the track. my compliments to the way you fit in. it's so unfair. i'm waiting for this to finally come undone. i'm waiting for this to suddenly fall down. command is q. i've tried a hundred times. impossible win. i'm waiting. still waiting for this to fall down and take over. all over. it can't be this easy. i'm fighting and waiting. it's not what i wanted. won't always be waiting
Guest List 03:25
you've got a lot of nerve to come here. you've got a lot of nerve to break my heart this way. they had nerve to let you in here. you've got nerve to make me watch you watch us play. who's working the door. i thought i told you. oh yeah. i only wanted to. well stay if you have to. but stand toward the back. cause you don't want to see me when i'm mad. you don't want to be around when it all goes bad. i'll call you on the phone. and probably hang up before you say hello. goodbye. i won't speak to you for days. unless you pretend that it's all okay. don't talk to me that way. unless you think your mind might change
i can tell by the sound of your voice. that you probably slept in your clothes again. and haven't left the house all day. you're writing in your diary about how things just never seem to work out. and this time came closer than ever before. to you falling on your sword. but tomorrow is another day. chin up kid. never say die. and don't let them see you cry. slow down. stop your hurrying and sing with me. calm down. stop your worrying and sing with me. and finally it comes to pass. like water in a broken glass. you cut yourself to save the spill. ignore the pain and drink your fill. don't leave tonight without saying goodbye. we'll be home soon. i'll be thinking of you all the time. and if you miss me close your eyes and sing with me. we can be anything we want together. everything we ever wanted for each other. because it's us against the world
i understand you need your time. to ask for answers. well i need mine to look for reasons to cross the country. and as for answers i'm coming up empty. i'm leaving this all behind me. another bridge burning. just like last time. re-entered the atmosphere with you. we're burning up and smoking. we'll crash into the sea and wait to be saved. and watch the moon till daybreak. try. try little rounder. fly high. i took my eyes from yours. now i'm sinking toward the ocean floor. the wake of other wayward sons are crashing over broken shoulders. every time i close my eyes i'm drowning. screaming blue green dream. i'm spinning again. i'll start at the end. over and over til i just cave in. try. try little rounder. fly high. why. why little rounder. die. die little rounder
a penny on the railroad tracks. still waiting for the westbound four fifteen. no name motel and cement smoke stacks. same old same this time. this time i'm looking back. do you have the time to listen to the story of my life. can you set aside a year so i can tell you why. the coffee's cold and the station is quiet. such a lonely wait. the snow falls carelessly. i have heard this message in my head before. the four fifteen to goshen. now boarding call. i'll take this on my own again. i'm not afraid to be on my own again. i'm not sure exactly why or where i'm going. i'll just start again. i know it doesn't make much sense to go. and nothing ever translates through the telephone. i just called to say i'm not sure when i'll be home. i've got to start all over. and i'll take this time. take a chance on everything i own. and i'll make it this time. somewhere. sometime. if you can see me there falling down on my face again. you can leave me there and let me try


The sound is pure Brandtson...loud, tight and melodic. Dial In Sounds pushes the bands' combination of tone, vocal harmony and songwriting to its maximum potential. On this round, you'll hear ten beautifully structured songs teeming with lush, full, hypnotizing sound. The guitars carry Brandtson's signature aggression, blasting forth with a ruthless barrage of distortion. But the real focus here is maturity and introspection rather than angst. Like a front row seat at a broken hearts club meeting, you'll soon be belting out the lyrics and pounding your fists with like company. Impeccably produced and simply tighter than ever, Brandtson has taken another bold step in refining their already near flawless intermingling of hook-laden pop and passionate post-hardcore. Welcome to the big leagues. (DER-408)

"Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Dial In Sounds takes Brandtson's signature vocal harmony to another level and cranks up the intensity with beautiful guitars and a crystal clear mix that lets Jared Jolley's drums hold a perfect rhythm. No one plays with that Midwestern flare, thick sound or beautifully harmonized vocals that Brandtson has mastered. Dial In Sounds should elevate Brandtson to the level where their name appears right between Weezer and Jimmy Eat World." - Message From The Homeland

"Brandtson have returned to conquer the throne they have yet to relinquish with Dial In Sounds. This indie rock band has been killing the underground scene for sometime now and it is time for the rest of you to wake up to their talents. Brandtson are melodic and tight, but they never forget that they are a rock band at heart. They write songs about real life that we can all relate to. Listening to Dial In Sounds is like putting on a warm coat in the winder or swimming in a pool in the summer; it just feels right. Magnificent emotionally charged tunes like With Friends like You and Some Kind of Jet Pilot take you on a ride through their world of solid harmonies and musical craftsmanship. It's indie rock for those that still like to rock. Brandtson is the band you will impress all your friends with the next time they come over." - Heckler

"Over the course of three impressive records and one fantastic EP, Brandtson have transformed themselves from angst ridden post-hardcore shouters into a polished rock outfit. With Dial In Sounds, they show more sheen and control than ever. It's a natural evolution and it absolutely works. There's enough emo to satisfy old fans, plenty of pop moments in pleasantly surprising places, and some searing rock to give the record an edge. Dial In Sounds is an absolute joy to listen to. It won't disappoint old fans and is sure to attract plenty of new ones. Great stuff." - Kerrang

The songs on Dial In Sounds by Brandtson are built upon multiple layers of lush, gorgeous guitar, sturdy pillars of bass and drums and perfectly blended vocal harmonies. The production is perfect, allowing every instrument to display its power, but not so much that it overshadows the others. This makes Brandtson stand out from the crowd as the sense of individuality in a group setting lends complexity to the sound and makes it consistently interesting. When you play as tightly and with as much emotional and musical intensity as Brandtson, you end up creating anthems of indie rock. How can a band so perfectly blend pop and emo with pieces of punk and balls-out rock? Brandtson seems to have figured it out. Well done." - Delusions Of Adequacy



released March 5, 2002


all rights reserved



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