Deep Elm: Too Young To Die

by Deep Elm Records (Various)

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"we used to write letters to each other a lot. and it was intimidating to talk to him sometimes because he just seemed so isolated by himself. she started talking about how she wishes that her life was over and she wishes she was never born. so i knew he had depression but i didn't know it was that far. he said something to me himself. tell somebody, tell an adult, a counselor, parent, whatever. it's a hard situation, casue you do risk making that person very angry and losing their friendship. it would've been horrible for me if she never talked to me again but i'd live with it cause i know she'd be alive. it's definitely worth getting help even if you think you're gonna lose a friendship, because it's better to lose the friendship than the actual friend." Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among teens. For more information, contact the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, 888-333-AFSP or online at
this guilt hangs around your neck. like portraits on walls. but i swear i can't recall. the last time i saw you smile. it's been a while. run away. cause this makes no sense. with hollow hands kissed by hollow lips. run away. cause you've seen him cry. you've cut apart his heart with your knife. hollow hollow hollow. just like you're pretty pretty. now breath. now i've said too much again. with hollow lips touching hollow hands. over time this will end. oh is this wrong. we knew this all along. sometimes my life has got me down. but guilt beats hate. and you turn it all around. sometimes my life has got me down. but guilt beats hate. now you've won
with nicotine nails and coke-red eyes. she said. believe you me. i don't want to die. he softly touched her cheek. girl. it's gonna be alright. and they embraced in the lie. it's a quarter to ten. where could she be? we're all biting our lips cuz we're thinking the same damn thing. then she stumbles into the door. there's vomit on her chest and she's spitting blood all over the floor. you think this dance is over? think again. this is war. these are mines and yes. those are your friends. and your cup it runneth over with love to give. so show me heart. so show me soul. just show me anything at all. now imagine a cold. bleak day. all that was red is replaced with rhino gray. so it's dust to dust on a holiday. i guess it takes all kinds. please be strong. carry on. don't be long. and honey come home
jump. jump in with both feet forward. don't give in to all those voices. they say what doesn't kill you only makes you. you know. stronger. and we're all given something inside us. that drives us. that's with us for the rest of our lives. jump. jump in with both feet forward. don't give in to all those voices that are telling you about past failures. killing you before you've had your chance to live. are you listening? your chance to live is right before you. so put it down on paper. sing it out loud. lock yourself in your room. and come out as beautiful as you are. they're whispering. and you cannot win as long as you're listening
i've heard the sirens sing a dead note song. take a life away. on hunted ground. a new exposure exposed. you're exposed. fold the frame. so you might find. what you've been waiting to see. how long have you been waiting. i won't change for this. waiting for a friend to come around once again. it's not your fault. you can't breathe for this. i've heard this all before. you sing a condescending note. it's colder now than a year ago. i'm severed. does it ever end
a single line erupts from the comfort of the skyline. now only errors can unfold. proceed invisible distance like vertical. one more limit. footsteps cross the line that hands tend to take away. inaudible cars. the buzz of lights seeks underneath my lower lip. my speech is all blur. as long as crescents are able to be in front of me. my fascination is untouched. on road. that is were minds are understood. where the lights can pay tribute to my inner convictions. moves towards different directions reassociate the laughter. hover the amnesia. it turns to love. turns to love. give it a shot. make it dance the traffic away. forwards to advance and i'm stable on my hands sitting down. it's the beauty that the streets corrode
the horses escaped. they jimmied the gate. and left though the stable was warm. any port in a storm. the flames licked the hay into cinders and ashes. the saddles were burnt and deformed. any port in a storm. the sound of burning timber. is the sound of breaking bones. there's blood on the doors of our homes. the shadows of corpses extend into daylight. their skeletons plated with mother of pearl. your life is an instant. the earth lives an hour. the table of elements
the reaching ocean. walked for days. the reaching ocean. you are mine. the falling skyline. is washing away. the empty notion. you are mine. fishing the sky
their skies turn black. their floors fall out. it rains for what seems like forever and ever. and thicker than water even thicker than blood. they press on. when the road has ended at the end of the world. just remember. what doesn't kill you makes you that much stronger. be still my friend in time. you only have to know. things will get better. we're by your side. have faith. remember the good times. don't try so hard to make sense. out of anything at all now. when there's no explanation. when you're feeling somewhat conquered. there is hope
you loved your dolphins til you fell. for standard-bearers' charm. but now it's time to pass. and your old transmitter's crashed. but that's just stupid enslaving thoughts. how to make your story short. to be better off alone. it better not be so. one thousand hatchets in your bags. on asphalt along the line. you mistook your censored hopes. for no-admittance zones. and now your sacrifice is a sham. you did not quite come up to them. now you're better off unknown. it better not be so. but this is where it has to start. in a minefield in a trap. in a sailplane off the ground. with a new transmitter's sound. and while doctors order stress. brainwash mags and tests. you better not say no. it better not be so
and the sound of my old voice. echoes through my brain. couldn't be convinced to calm down. and i have nowhere to go. and no one to talk to. my thoughts become my enemy. it might be years till i drink all my fears. and the way i feel right now. always contemplating. resistance is fading. always on the wrong side. like to run and hide. memories like movies. let me rewind my greatest days. it can't be true. that you've found someone new. and the way i feel right now. lost and lonely all these years. i haven't slept in days. you take all the shame. sorry i'm alive. promise i won't write
i can tell by the sound of your voice. that you probably slept in your clothes again. and haven't left the house all day. you're writing in your diary about how things just never seem to work out. and this time came closer than ever before. to you falling on your sword. but tomorrow is another day. chin up kid. never say die. and don't let them see you cry. slow down. stop your hurrying and sing with me. calm down. stop your worrying and sing with me. and finally it comes to pass. like water in a broken glass. you cut yourself to save the spill. ignore the pain and drink your fill. don't leave tonight without saying goodbye. we'll be home soon. i'll be thinking of you all the time. and if you miss me close your eyes and sing with me. we can be anything we want together. everything we ever wanted for each other. because it's us against the world
by the waters. mourning for the dead. this foreign soil. it takes more men than we could give. the quiet rooms all have been ravaged through. and greedy dogs tear at the roots. so here you are. hiding from abuse. while the world moves on without you. wanting more. the scales betray you. numbered days. forced to choose. cruel fate. you brought me here. an arrow to the heel. what a funny way to disappear. so here you are. hiding from abuse. while the world moves on without you. wanting more. the scales betray you. numbered days. forced to choose
in a way that makes it easier. on second thought that's fine. you're so strong that you don't need me. i'm so tough that i don't mind. if this is how you want to end it. you hold your breath and i'll hold mine. the last one standing is the winner. the first to give up is divine. you left some stuff behind. a book of matches from the place we went that time. a credit card receipt. a crossword puzzle book with every page complete. and then a thought came over me. i had a flash so suddenly. i took a box and labeled it. everything i should forget. and made it fit
in this lifetime. you can mix knives and paper doves. on the roof top if it craves it's hollowed out. i fell down this daylight. blind man's arrow buried in my loves heart. tape was wound. life ties back drop figures and puppets in scissor hands. on the outside all of these words are falling down. porcelain light a moonless night. in closing. always closing. fortunate day. simple to say. in closing. always closing. the curtain is drawn. the lights go on. in closing. always closing
we can't erase it. so just embrace it. it's sad but it's so true. the simple fact is. our mathematics. never added up. i wish i knew all of the answers. i'd print out a cheat sheet. and publish it. but i don't. so i won't. i'll go on pretending to know it all. mistaken placement. try to replace it. it's slipping through the cracks. i hear you talking. you see me walking out on your heart. i wish i could arrange a recall. on all the faulty parts of my pride. but i can't. so i can just go on avoiding them. so sorry for july
Camber - P 02:57
oh my girl. please stay strong. please fight hard for me. right then wrong. begging you please to remember. that the skies can open wide. reveal a truth from which we can't hide. it won't lie to you. lie to you. my sweet girl. please stay sane. please stay brave for me. wax then wane. hang on with me until december. when the skies will open wide. reveal a course to which we'll abide. no goodbye from you. goodbye from you. now our eyes are open wide. to reveal the truth that is you and i. never lie to you. lie to you. my sweet little girl. every time that you cry. strips my soul away. my sweet little girl. every time you don't try. my insides die. and the skies will open wide. reveal a truth from which we can't hide. it won't lie to you. lie to you. now our eyes are open wide. to embrace the truth that is you and i. no goodbye from you. goodbye from you
i strapped my memories to my back i'm leaving. i'm already gone. and i was on a train somewhere wishing sweet stings to you. to make you never forget the poetry in wanting. i want those days to hold you
wake me. before i slip too far. and fall off in to nowhere land. please tell me. if it's possible for me. to feel the way i do right now. it's crucial now. it's happening again. i'm torn by all that's new to me. i'm lonely now. but not alone somehow. she's right here with me. i'm still living in circles. and i'll catch me again. i'll go on living in circles. until i catch me again. here i go again. someday. i'll make it up to you. i can see us flying high. please let me know if it's possible. for you and i to fly
in the rain. i see your makeup. slowly dissolving on your cheek. in a way. you're like a circle. constant and closed off from me. it's time that i wrote this song. it's about you. i surrender to you. in the wake of the conversation. i'm devoted to you. i surrender to you. and i claim this to be the first day. i can wake up without you in my head. so we play songs of disaster. but the tone of the music will change. it's time that i wrote this song. it's about you. i surrender to you. in the wake of conversations. i'm devoted to you. i surrender to you. i lost you. i lost you. i lost you dear


Too Young To Die was created by Deep Elm Records and its Artists to provide education, increase recognition and prevent youth suicide. In America, a life is lost to suicide every 18 minutes and another attempt is made every minute. The 19 song Too Young To Die sampler includes a Suicide Prevention Guide (pdf) that could help you save a friend, plus other facts and information about suicide and depression. Each song was hand-picked for lyrics that promote hope, faith, perseverance and survival as well as the understanding that you're not alone in feelings of depression, loneliness and doubt. You get 72 minutes of music that you won't find on any other sampler! Bands include those on the Too Young To Die Tour (Brandtson, Red Animal War, Desert City Soundtrack, Settlefish, David Singer) plus Appleseed Cast, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Benton Falls, Surrounded and many more. (DER-427)

"I'm still waiting for the day when Deep Elm sends me a bad album to review, and after getting the Too Young To Die compilation, I'll continue to wait. Featuring the latest from the likes of Benton Falls, Red Animal War, Brandtson, Settlefish, Desert City Soundtrack and The Appleseed Cast, you get a lot of great music. It's also important to note that a portion of the profits from this album, the attached tour and merchandise go toward youth suicide prevention. The songs are all handpicked from the Deep Elm catalog for the most inspirational lyrics, and the liner notes include information on suicide warning signs, facts, phone numbers for help and a surplus of other useful information and statistics. It is great to see a label actually do something constructive with music instead of merely packaging it for profit." - Last Life Media


released August 11, 2003


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