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Deep Elm: Cover Your Tracks

by Various Artists

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fall down. marigold. fall sounds of rain. why can't i go. those days when spokes wound baseball cards tear hear them roar. and faster still those boards which let fly souls. honeysuckle walk right afternoon time dies. wish for sometime soon. i'll work it out. my way. so many faces. so lost. why can't i go back when this mess was not made. forever turns out just the same as two months. that rages on then after
and to think this could last forever. is just a childhood dream. standing on the corner. someone spoke to me. and i remember all the details. of when we were friends. and the beginning of the end. someone spoke your name. today i'm holding back the tears. standing here on my stairs. today you're the answer. you're the answer. and i wouldn't mind. let me know. just let me know
it's come to this i swear this time my heart won't miss i've clinched these fists for far too long a broken house with gates made from broken promises but nobody's home so here i sit it's the light that wakes me but the time that breaks me down like water drops, why won't this stop dripping on my halo these angel wings of mine they haven't seen the light in weeks let alone fly it's the light that wakes me but the time that breaks me down like water drops, why won't this stop it's got me down and who's gonna save me from falling to the ground you might as well finish me grab with both hands and rip out these wings now watch me fall
would you trade me. for more of yourself. when it's silent. try not to give too much. so you won't grow tired. and i knew you. the good and the bad. the days i recall being wonderful. and i lost you. because i held it back. please tell me that everything will work out fine. pictures taken fast. the proof that i've known you. in albums stuck to bleach. but memories they'll keep. if this is the last dance. then may i have it
it's hard to see the sun sometimes through these eyes. it's hard to see the truth sometimes looking through these eyes. but yet i try. windowsill world of mine. maybe sometime i'll get up and go outside. leap of faith. i could close my eyes and jump. the hope of someday is safer and it doesn't hurt as much. i stand at the edge of the world and i cry. the rain beating down on my face as i try to swallow my fear of failing again. and wait for the clouds to break for the sun. do you remember the time when you said you could see the worry in my eyes. you don't know how hard i've tried to let it go. let it all subside. things seem so different when i look into your eyes. it all seems so simple when i look in from the outside. everything seems fine. you know me better than i know myself. and i trust you more than i trust anyone else. but promises broken are promises made. at least from what i've seen it all fades away
takes me down underneath its weight. it is my master. i will drown underneath its sea it spells disaster. underneath its sea all's lost and found. until it's swallowed whole what's yours no way to ever know how much this can weigh. hollowed-out and broken. feeling i have lost control. and everything is gray. my dark cloud hovers overhead. constant companion. wrapped in dark shroud. lie alone in bed bottomless canyon. lie alone in bed all's lost and found. until it's swallowed whole what's yours no way to ever know how much this can weigh. hollowed-out and broken. feeling i have lost control. i am so tired of this conscious sleep. lethargic, low and uninspired. sinking ever deep. wallow in wet cement. i'm mired. crush me underneath it all. pull me from the weight that squeezes down
i wished that i played guitar. so i could have been a teenage star. recognized on the street. on the cover of teenbeat. i wanna be a rock and roll teen. bubble gum and little jeans. cute band alert in sassy magazine. i'm the new kid on the scene. my hit video is on mtv. if ben lee's the prince i'll be his queen. debby the princess i'll be her queen. fifteen minutes of fame. fifteen years of age. number on hit the charts. right before high school starts. sean cassidy. donny and marie. the partridge family. nkotb. ben lee. brandi. debby. and tiffany. john lee is a rock and roll teen
little boy. always scared. never learned how to make friends. pushed around. laughed upon. you are still stuck in a world that's in the past. and it's gonna last. last until you understand. i won't take this even though i'm sorry too. and i know just how you feel. you're not the only one that's striving for the truth. but this is not the way to be. different ways. still the same. guess we never have much choice. without trust for no one. as if everything is all the same today. like nothing's ever changed. will you ever understand. i would like to know your heart. was it like this from the start. is it ever gonna change. will it always be the same. don't you know just what you do. is there only room for you. won't you come in from the cold. won't you leave your lonely road
the reaching ocean. walked for days. the reaching ocean. you are mine. the falling skyline. is washing away. the empty notion. you are mine. fishing the sky
i can't sleep tonight. eyes wide open. one hundred and six degrees. take me away. speak softly. hide your clock from me. i don't want to get up just yet. cause bedside manner doesn't matter. it doesn't matter anyway. bye bye bye goodnight
words i keep in here. thoughts that make me scared. always seem to show. your eyes let me know you know. it's not you. it's all me. as if me taking all the blame would make you feel much better now. but all lights burn out. what i'd like to say. is that staying friends is okay. but you and me we know. that in one heart love would grow. same time tomorrow. when i wake up. will the violins be playing. when my heart finally opens. will you be there to embrace me. because it's all so crazy now. it's all so fucked up now. i always thought that i. would find what i lack in you
if i really was a man. would you kill me brutally. if i was that little fly. would you toss the jar and let me die. if i was the reason that caused you pain. would you lobotomize my brain. i would not remember how to spell your name. i wouldn't even bother to feel ashamed. and would you change your world if you were dying. would you change your life if you could time that time. would you like me if you were mine. i have this feeling and it's all sublime. well this is something bigger so tell me now. if you want me to change don't tell me how. no one will ever take my place. no one can ever take my place. can no one notice what we've got? no one knows what we've got.
oh deep elm you're my favorite label of all time. every cd you release it truly shines. from appleseed cast to latterman yeah they are all fine. deep elm, you'll always be a friend of mine.


New School Deep Elm meets Old School Deep Elm in this unique collection of cover songs. Newer bands on the Deep Elm roster were given total freedom to cover songs from our older bands / alumni...and the results are simply incredible. Get your hands on one of these...this is a Limited Edition of 1,000 CDs. The record also includes a new track from Sounds Like Violence and closes with a fan-submitted track by Nathaniel Sutton about our label and bands. Word. (DER-450)

01. Desert City Soundtrack covers The Appleseed Cast
02. Small Arms Dealer covers Cross My Heart
03. Clair De Lune covers Benton Falls
04. Fightstar covers Last Days Of April
05. Lock And Key covers Brandtson
06. Eleven Minutes Away covers Camber
07. Free Diamonds covers Muckafurgason
08. Surrounded covers Starmarket
09. Dan Phillips of Slowride covers The Appleseed Cast
10. Burns Out Bright covers Pop Unknown
11. Settlefish covers Last Days Of April
12. Sounds Like Violence "Noone Knows What We've Got"
13. Nathaniel Sutton "Deep Elm Is A Friend Of Mine"

"If only all cover versions were this good. The source material is second-to-none and the modern roster really steps up to the plate on Cover Your Tracks. The premise is simple: 11 modern Deep Elm bands cover 11 classic tracks from the vaults. It's a genius idea, and with the likes of Desert City Soundtrack obliterating The Appleseed Cast's 'Marigold And Patchwork' you know you're onto a winner. Better still, Small Arms Dealer put an incendiary device under Cross My Heart's 'Today I Discovered The Word', and Surrounded deliver one of the finest covers you'll ever hear with a striped down take on Starmarket's classic 'Coming From The Cold.' Strictly limited, you'd best get your wallet out." - Big Cheese

"Cover Your Tracks is a very unique comp; New school Deep Elm bands cover a song by an old school Deep Elm band in their own style. There's a lot of variation of genre and style, but one thing remains clear: Deep Elm knows passionate music. Whether it's the lush and dewy-eyed sounds of Surrounded, the Long Island pummeling that is Small Arms Dealer, the frenetic dance-rock of Free Diamonds or the post-hardcore of Fightstar, there's quality in all of these bands. That's incredible. I would recommend this Cover Your Tracks to anyone interested in underground rock right now. Props to Deep Elm, once again." - Independent Clauses

"With Cover Your Tracks, Deep Elm came up with an idea that is as awesome as it is simple: let all of your active bands on the roster pay tribute to some of your label's alumni. They must have been patting each other on the back for days before letting Clair De Lune and Fightstar take on a Benton Falls and Last Days Of April respectively and getting great covers in return. They must have still been congratulating each other by the time Burns Out Bright handed over their punked-up version of This Guy's Ready For Bed. And they must have been roaring with excited laughter when Slowride's Dan Phillips came in with an amazing acoustic rendition of Fishing The Sky. Then they added an unreleased song by Sounds Like Violence before calling it a day with yet another must-have compilation." - Punk Rock Theory



released February 27, 2007


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