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Death & Taxes

by Brandtson

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i told you of a halfway house where we could meet to work things out. i slept there on the floor for weeks. you stayed between your comfortable sheets. i sold you on an idea. we'll speak in code as not to be heard. you looked me in the eyes and said i know the truth but still see the end. i smile down and laugh as you hit the ground. halfway down. you always take the long way down. break it up, you're always on the outs. never finding out
On Three 02:30
jump, jump in with both feet forward, don't give in to all those voices. they say what doesn't kill you only makes you, you know, stronger. and we're all given something inside us, that drives us, that's with us for the rest of our lives. jump, jump in with both feet forward, don't give in to all those voices that are telling you about past failures, killing you before you've had your chance to live. are you listening? your chance to live is right before you. so put it down on paper. sing it out loud. lock yourself in your room, and come out as beautiful as you are. jump, jump in with both feet forward, don't give in to all those voices that are telling you about past failures, killing you before you've had your chance to live, they're whispering, and you cannot win as long as you're listening
Circa 1991 03:06
with her there's no pretending to feel the way i feel. i'd never second guess myself if everything was real. she could keep a secret. she could make the plans. she would miss me when i'm gone. but she would understand. i wonder when i'll meet her. i wonder when i see her will i know. another day without her. another holiday i'll spend alone. if ever i might need to hear her voice a while. i could call from far away. and she would make me smile. are you really out there waiting around for me. i know i'll be here for you. if this is meant to be. one day i know i'll find her. i wonder when she sees me will she know. and on that day i find her. we'll be the two to never let it go
In The Pills 03:00
could you know what i was thinking. so i wouldn't have to speak. did you ever understand me. did you care enough to see. was it when i made you smile. you decided you would leave. you're so turned on by tragedy. i'm broke in two so come love me. i know it now. i've been such a fool. your words are all i had. but even those were meaningless. a shortcut to my head. i wish i could have been the one to break your heart instead. everything you asked me for i gave and then you wanted more. did you know that i existed. or ever even notice me. did you ever take the time to think of what you'd do to me. everything i ever needed was everything you couldn't be
black coffee cup reflection. i've seen this look in my eyes on other peoples faces that i said i never wanted to be like. there's just too much to live for. to sit around this room bored, wanting more, waiting for something to knock on my door. here's to new beginnings. here's to something more. here's to you and your dreams. and everything you've worked so hard for. here's to all the places we've never been before. here's to summer tours and hardwood floors, to you and yours. we wrote this song. it'sย four chords long. we hope you'll sing along
In A Word 04:55
i wonder if it's safe. it's no wonder i'm afraid. and i wonder if you'll stay. i wonder everyday. you're wonderful. you're wonderful. and i'm left here in awe. you're wonderful. you're wonderful. and i'm nothing at all. i wonder if you're real. do you wonder why you're here? there's no other way to feel. you're wonderful to me


Brandtson adds fuel to the fire by delivering Death & Taxes, the crowning achievement in an already impressive repertoire. Death & Taxes rocks hard upon impact, immediately invoking your mental repeat button courtesy of the band's trademark sing-along songwriting craft. Brandtson continues to raise the bar with their signature style, pushing pop influences to the forefront without compromising their tight post-hardcore sound. Whether its the striking vocal harmonies, infectious melodies, rhythmic precision or moments of searing rock that gives this record its edge, you'll agree that Brandtson has truly hit their stride. Expert lyrics explore the inevitabilities of life as well as the personal struggle to deal with its uncertainties. Brandtson never disappoints in the studio or on the stage, and the dynamic production only adds to the power of this short player. These six songs are an impressive reminder that Brandtson remains one of the most memorable and relevant bands in the scene today. (DER-416)

"Edgy emo pop is where Brandtson have found themselves with this Death & Taxes. Catchier than previous offerings, this could earn the Cleveland boys' fanbase a healthy dose of followers. The chunky, energetic notions purveyed in You Do The Science and On Three bind well with the heartfelt crooning of In The Pills. Upbeat and fresh, Ain't No Trip To Cleveland is a generous helping of charming guitar pop and only enforces the reasoning that you can't go wrong with this record." - Rock Sound UK

"Always fresh, inspiring and witty, Brandtson has released yet another crowd-pleaser with Death & Taxes that is sure to be permanently planted in CD players everywhere. Rock and roll and pop sensibilities all wound up and put into a happy, fervent knapsack and then delivered with passion and flare, this album contains some of Brandtson's best work to date. Another masterpiece of catchy, melodic perfection." - Action Attack Helicopter

"Brandtson's latest, Death & Taxes, slides in nicely into the ever progressing line of the band's discography. Jumping forward, this record sees an ever glossier pop-rock sound, and it's entirely unavoidable to one's listening pleasure. The solid, thorough production quality from Ed Rose adds great heft to Brandtson's lush melodies, and the swift backbone to these six tunes allows Death & Taxes to ebb and flow with grace and sincerity. Brandtson continue to stake out their claim on this world and it's a true shame that mainstream attention has eluded them thus far." - Pastepunk

"Death & Taxes from Brandtson contains songs that are some of the finest the band has ever written. Songs like You Do The Science are melodic with a mix between fast packed rhythms and indie rock harmonies. On Three is my favorite; it has rhythms that grow on you like a sickness and I just can't stop listening. The guitars are strong, the harmony is infectious and the melody is something amazing. If you need a dose of clever, passionate post-hardcore, get to know Brandtson." - Truepunk



released April 13, 2003


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