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Dance A While, Upset

by Settlefish

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Breeze 06:00
abandon your safety belt horizon could be possible just to emancipate yourself from the mess we're in i've locked the brakes for good now debate can finally start about decisions edging rough now recreate a universe it's like a second skip of blank it's like a moment of bliss free falling towards active transitions won't escape me i shot the breeze avant garde alignment is a freer form of cloud to reshape and now remould to remould and now reshape into a splash of water bubbles
i sketched dots while viewing a transatlantic leave the ocean i sketched dots and glued pieces together as i imagined them little daily victories that don't need to be told interrupt photos with eyes that drift to sea a camera obscure a decision made home friday sets a previous encounter in the snow i ask questions lines draw figures of paper i believe they are real actions within old telephones coins that drop way too fast blindfold the leaves so they drop on my chest now it's time a million sparks set the timing for flights that departure now
a hundred miles is pretty damn far to readjust thoughts in circled lips harm rain (it's coming down) connect the dots as simple as (impossible) route possible was the road blocked at an end? has it ever been so secluded? as the neon lights committed suicide red cheeks met love supreme i grasped the shallow shades cup typing letters scattered across the floor committing hearts and souls on tape realising rewind is not possible not to mention erasing fire typing letters scattered across the floor committing hearts and souls on tape realising rewind is not possible symmetry criteria landslide pebbles orange star neon lights red can i go symmetry hand on hand off criteria symmetry don't mention it orange star kisswise amplitude in chest feelings are complicated symmetry criteria landslide symmetry pebbles kisswise red can symmetry pebbles
and picture yourself knee deep in yukon's ice storm (gracious) it was a terrible intake of young street parallel driving (so uncurved) maybe a don delillo world is a little too conceptual for us (intake) join the threads as the curved kiss melts hearts (wise) one more unknown theory and we are dust (sun) camouflage iris dance a while upset! aspire in height locate fragment one eyes swept iris camouflage iris dance a while upset! aspire in height dance a while upset! (i can't stand it)
a single line erupts from the comfort of the skyline now only errors can unfold proceed invisible distance like vertical one more limit footsteps cross the line that hands tend to take away inaudible cars the buzz of lights seeks underneath my lower lip my speech is all blur as long as crescents are able to be in front of me my fascination is untouched on road that is were minds are understood where the lights can pay tribute to my inner convictions moves towards different directions reassociate the laughter hover the amnesia it turns to love turns to love give it a shot make it dance the traffic away forwards to advance and i'm stable on my hands sitting down it's the beauty that the streets corrode
appeared drenched to sell me water you must have thought i was desert eyes again purchased in abundance just to be able to collide with you in a scheme of flux of height turn space turn dichotomy measures can divide love is right here and around
Pilot 05:39
it's like a million smiles of concrete another ladybug has come percussion needs another victim rhubarb rhythm rhyme ridiculous october freezes my hands on fire boy rocket testing world just for apprentice ability higher type feed of laughter some of a lot of us got through airwise summer tends to breed lullabies that channel streams of love as ever so signs need paragraphs to feel alive pilots love to leap into the air where balloons gravitate as ever so they realign the tail to perplex back until september comes the jets will stay on grass hot stream the convert flux helium on the sign as long as breathing doesn't won't become my only occupation (that's essential) four miles ahead dynamics could change letterheads (and blocks or bees)
white stars enclosed in glasses like to disappear as carved in the pulse of my artery that won't stop beating in four times i guess that's because reason is clocked in at unbelievable speed mesh liquid forms that connect intact shells mechanoid diversification i'm in the first bin i told you this is the first selection and timeless reclusion in ice triggers (stability) so that abilities are (proven indefinite) i still need electricity to feel eligible in here (i know) need elec(tricity) to feel eligible
radar channel operates terrorwise often signals disturbance theory inside arts caused by a great era depression of mouths and movement all fine all fine repeat is unrestricted come on hand please respond artificial synapse a boy endures the fall radar channel operates terrorwise often signals disturbance theory inside arts all of which could be a motive for cosmic suspension walking through a garden grove mechanically unbalanced as long as thought repeat is unrestricted come on hand please respond artificial synapse a boy endures the fall just let the wires free to come and circulate the air it's a kind kind operation and repeat is unrestricted come on hand please respond so many wires connected with frames work well i guess not
the valley is gone but as it fades it seeks the sun one last long look with resentment river now calm and as the last drunk stands the fish stare at him please open up the fields i'd like to see the core imagine open space collective hysteria for what if not civilised red carpets to distinct cultures turn me on display yourself right at the front please press delete when the water starts to wire to exit commotion underestimates time in these moments reconcile pledges turn many breaths away now freeze up home the lake is still right here up north based on home spun intelligence deliberately destroyed in capsules


Dance A While, Upset undoubtedly appeals to the punk spirit: the energy, the conviction, the fearless anthemic qualities. But it does so with indie rock aesthetics: technical proficiency, experimentation, a unique lyrical approach that creates mountains of mental imagery. The result is an edgy, urgent, epic sound that builds from inside...both dangerous and delicate, intricate and raw. Settlefish knows how to fill a space, whether it's with an eerie silence cut by the faint whisper of the amps, a thumping bass line entwined with dissonant feedback, the squall and settle of drums or an unrelentless barrage from vocalist Jonathan Clancy. Clancy's voice has an earnest roughness that is sweetly despairing yet always riveting, often exploding into a full-on scream fest. Settlefish's music is unconventionally elegant, layered with nuance and unpredictability that develops organically without preconception. But make no mistake, this is a driving, pulse-raising, hard hitting debut that will stun your senses. (DER-423)

"With Settlefish's debut album, Dance A While, Upset, you are immediately struck with the anthematic qualities of the songs this band creates. The opening track Breeze cruises along like its name, building and fading, charging and retreating, using everything from drums, bass, guitar and vocals to a small horn section in an attempt at getting the point across. Then the chaotic aggression of Blindfold The Leaves takes your breath away in a completely different, but equally effective manner. The angular guitars are screaming as the drums beat them without a second thought, then the whole thing erupts into a rhythmically peculiar and overall mind-bending experience. Settlefish has shown a lot of promise here, as Dance A While, Upset oozes with energy and conviction in a way that sounds refreshingly new and exciting." - Alarm

"Italy's Settlefish access the right amount of honesty and poignancy on Dance A While, Upset, and they've managed to at once do something different and do something right. Fueled by battling guitars and dueling scream-singing, the dark, heavy and passionately broken ten-track record achieves a stirring sound of its own. Meandering amongst the desperate and melancholy (On Symmetry Pebbles), the hardcore-inspired and noise-drenched (Blindfold The Leaves) and the forceful and infectious (Artificial Synapse), Dance A While, Upset builds and broods, invites sadness and pleasure and aims to bring its listeners to their knees. Creating honest music that's culled directly from the heart, the quintet's explosive sound could come from none other than their own." - Alternative Press

"Settlefish plays beautiful, energetic and emotionally intense music on On Dance A While, Upset. Settlefish are like a perfect blend of post hardcore, emo and indie rock. By the time you get to the third track, you are completely immersed and absorbed into the world that is Settlefish. I love how the songs are brooding, building up more and more until there's a final explosion of loud guitars and screaming that sends your jaw straight to the floor. I don't really know too much about the post hardcore scene in Italy, but i know that if other bands over there sound anything like Settlefish, then Italy has an awesome music scene. Dance A While, Upset is an excellent record and debut from Settlefish." - Calamity Project



released May 5, 2003


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