Contents Of Distraction

by Desert City Soundtrack

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unwinding stairs and transparent hands. unforgiving eyes. is a gentle crutch. wedded stare. undying prayer. your innocence is lies. trace the departure. find the failure. rip the suture
bury your hands in mine. little wrists as cold as low tide. veins are thin. divide the ribbons. don't leave me here. i can't see you on another dying bed. i'm your only son. i need you to stay no matter what it takes. stay here long enough. if you need me to take the cancer. and inject it into my veins. cancer. you are my dying father. i miss you more than you'll ever know. i miss you more than i'd ever say. i miss you like my grandfather's death. i never had a chance to say goodbye. rest your talons on a highwire. resting your neck against my wing. my own unwedded self-destruction seems so comforting. mostly at these times. when are you coming home. i've been waiting here for so long. when are you coming home
Sleeperhold 04:35
i've heard the sirens sing a dead note song. take a life away. on hunted ground. a new exposure exposed. you're exposed. fold the frame. so you might find. what you've been waiting to see. how long have you been waiting. i won't change for this. waiting for a friend to come around once again. it's not your fault. you can't breathe for this. i've heard this all before. you sing a condescending note. it's colder now than a year ago. i'm severed. does it ever end
your shivering silhouettes. whispers cold and pale. lying dormant. an ember for me. you seem so composed. we can't forgive ourselves. don't breathe for me. hear the silence. it's not safe here. failed to be stitched together with you. i've murdered hearts
harbor port calls in the rain. adjust the tides. unpredictable. waves and swells cover the deck for you. from the side of the road she calls. you never meant anything. but i'm still in love. it always ends. my veins burn with the sound of traffic. i never thought i'd ever see you again
Foglifter 04:28
if you decide to stay. then i will go. it's not right
Untitled 01:18


Contents Of Distraction works sound and structure into an awe-inspiring, dark collection of post-hardcore brilliance that crashes head-on, explodes upwards and just keeps going and going, twisting and turning, morphing and melting. Half the time blistering and fierce with urgent intensity, the other half restrained and unearthly much like the calm before the storm. Gasping instrumentation including exquisite piano, intricate guitar work and unrelentless rhythm provides a fitting tone on themes of sadness, depression, isolation and heartache. A pandora's box of content, consequence and unprecedented musical theater. The exceptional lyrics hit hard with a yearning voice that gives a stunning side to melancholia and pain. It's all here. From sheer silence to sheer violence...this is Desert City Soundtrack. (DER-425)

"Desert City Soundtrack produces immaculately detailed and exceptionally dark music. Contents Of Distraction both caresses and pummels the listener, hammering you with sheer guitar violence and strained vocals before evaporating gracefully into moments of unsettled tranquility, accented by the moody beauty of Cory Gray's piano. This is a band which has control over a wide range of emotions, rising and falling as desperate lyrics paint uneasy pictures of life's insecurities. Matt Carillo is a vocalist to admire, for he strains his vocals to their breaking point before collecting himself, all the while remaining in command of his words. The most impressive aspect of the band is the sheer girth of their sound, as the members incorporate hardcore with more ethereal components, yet still have the passion to generate the six minute plus songs like Murderhearts, a pristine piano-laced effort that appears harmless until its volcanic climax. Unequivocally, Contents Of Distraction is worth finding." - Jersey Beat

"Imagine if Faith No More or the Afghan Whigs had taken the emo path, and you'll be close to the sonic heart of Desert City Soundtrack. The Portland, OR quartet offers a broad range of musical delights on its seven-track, fleshed out EP, Contents Of Distraction. The most striking element of the DCS sound is the tension built up between the cascading sheets of Matt Carillo's guitars and the emotionally intense counterpoint of Cory Gray's magnificent piano constructions. Gray's multi-instrumental capabilities (all keyboards, vocals and trumpet) and Carillo's careening vocal and guitar gyrations, along with the intuitively gifted rhythm section of bassist Make Casanova and drummer Caitlin Love, gives Desert City Soundtrack a balance and maturity rare in the punk / emo genre, and hints at the potential of a full album's worth of similar material." - Rockpile

"If Coldplay and Sonic Youth produced a love child, Desert City Soundtrack would be it. The Portland-based quartet, which features former members of Edaline, fuses elements of piano-soaked Brit-pop and discordant, angular post-punk with trumpet swells and strained vocals to create songs that teeter precariously between gorgeously melodic and seething explosiveness. It's a dynamic and expressive seven-song disc that captures the attention early on and refuses to let go until it has succeeded in making its point." - Exclaim


released October 29, 2002


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