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Chapter 9: Sad Songs Remind Me

by The Emo Diaries

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who brought down this on me. What I feel seems to follow all along. Or maybe i'm oh so wrong. When I feel that I don't belong. And I see you, I see you smile as I fall. Fix your smile don't look so sad. What is what who is who and why care. Am I really really that bad. When I feel that I don't belong
well i'm swimming in my head again. just can't win. waking up from neverland. sword in hand. reality is weighing down. heavier by the pound. of a clever underwater heart. that's falling apart. long slow run. without a prize. i've raced all my life. standing on the edge of it. in a cool thick sweat. stretched out over them. that learned to swim. treated me like a king. made me everything. but i had to be the one. to come undone. somwehere else. my soul survives. a memory in your life. at least i was part of it. long slow run. without a prize. i've kept score all my life. i need a finish line
poolguards and sharks. little petty cops' alliance. stiff fingers on a forty-five. in the locker. face packs and crash bags. and flies on the wall. sipping highballs. waiting around for woes and thrills. and child-star daughters. saints are coming in flashy cars. and we are given to always keep. the party clean. heat rash and smog. sold out manuals on dying. big gas trucks and a fat cat. adding water. sunny sides and rat traps. debators to fill up the forms. sad orations for your creatures'. rolling heads. and spiteful sinners. for you all. i've got one safe card. to bail you out
break break a leg for me kiddo. You know I'd break one for you. And hold hold your head up high kiddo. One of these days you'll pull throgh. Bigmouth's got your back. There is a queen in the suburbs. Down round the town by the bridge. Who'll rock the world fore you King so. if you doubt then please just know this. Bigmouth 's got your back. And we're dancing and as we're dancing our sorrows pass us by. Yes we're dancing and as we're dancing our sorrows pass us by. This trace is keeping us dancing as the summer pass us by. Awake wake on the right side. and you'll slide by the cracks in your paths. And shake shake that ass for me and know. I feel fine 'cause I know who has got bigmouths back. Friends and enemies. boys who's just like me. It takes a snowflake to crack. but bigmouth's got your backs
a pretty flower is blooming so near. The sky after raining is very pretty. Even if I ran through the grass-covered plain like mad. Nothing is going to begin. The meaning of living. The meaning of singing. I have engraved them in me as much as to be painful. I have torn up and thrown away the letters with no prospect. I made the happening of tears memories. The story which has just begun. I will show it to you. The life which has just begun. I will show it to you. The meaning of living. The meaning of singing. I have engraved them in me as much as to be painful. It has been blooming in me so long. It may die. It has only to bloom again (English translation)
answer this puzzling formula. lives are all woven. bound to the ground. a current runs distant. humming. put your ear to the ground. all around you. it strikes us down. a wave. your hand. a heart. it's irony. thirty-five years fighting fire-fought blazes. he drowned today on a monday. tuesday the weatherman's pleasantly wrong. it's a sign somehow i doubt it. wednesday emma sits. her hands grip the hand of the man. she cries. waiting. too many stories. the formula breaks down in lives. sighs. lay flat on the ground. it strikes again. this time there's a sound. a wailing. a screaming. all-loving. a doubt. walk patiently. the answer will come in time. say anything. i know your faith is tired. hope for the best and hold tight. say anything. i know your faith is tired. seems to me no one's sure. where and when the code will break. i just say question the answers. ask emma
goodbye again. my life has backfired again. i never leave a friend. without letting tears. i am standing at a red light. i am still waiting. with these tall warm buildings. crushing down around me. i saw more of the sky last week. and it changed me. i want. your frosty breath. in your stone cold kitchen. i want to breathe out. evaporate myself i am gone. here you are again. on my floor. a postcard. i know everything. but myself. flash back two weeks ago. the question. that made me cry. i still don't know why. graffiti on closed doors. in front of empty baby strollers. alcoholics wandering
those good intentions will they ever be used. or just hidden to protect id's / ideas. the pure taste on months comes in advance this year. just waiting in time to be swept away. forget long nights where the seasons changed. to let new mornings take control over us. dreams of utopian atmospheres tend to. talk to me in my sleep. they advance. through thoughts they progress and at the end helplessly. takeover direction. when the light becomes green. forget the. and i never undertsood
only existing in memory is a hard way to develop. your last words were stoic disagreement. does the regret make it too hard to reach back? yes. these hidden vices lead to deceit. and those plastic smiles erode. overcompensate to push down babylon. you calmy accepted the distance and made it greater. you stop and you stare and you turn and you go and you don't look back. could it be the pills? could it be the hormones? could it be your body is your cell? the first drip makes you look away. the second one takes your breath out. thie third one stops your heart dead cold. do you exist or have you been put to sleep? your memory is moving pictures that i try not to wear out. these still frames fade away as new faces take their place
When the gas stops burning. 'Cause the pilot's gone. You feel the heat run out and the cold come on. I'm just down the road. From the city of sin. Where you can hear the dead laugh in the wind. I don't see myself in this place again. The downtown noise. The dotted line. The worldly game gets left behind. Big cloud. big sky. When the blind man's bluff. Is a good man's word. The smokescreen is up and the truth is blurred. I should've read the good book. Should have listened and learned. I see a dead end sign. Did I miss my turn? On the floor with lies and a carpet burn
my hand in your hand. beads around your wrist. you wore my jacket. i carried your bag. my name on your diary. your name on my wall. my picture in your locker. your picture in my wallet. and every day's been holiday since you came into my life. and every day's been holiday since you became my sunshine. put on your depeche mode shirt. take my daddy's car. the radio's playing our favourite song . shakedown seventy-nine. now we don't even care about anything at all. it's you and me against the world. it's you and me versus everybody. and we don't even care about anything at all
A soft answer from a wise question. black tongue and ice covered ground. I'm so lonely I'm alone. A blind man on a black horse. unemployed, reality escape. I'm so lonely I'm alone. But I'm strong I'm a winner I'm the one. A good life, a happy smile, an easy walk but a hard way to climb. I won't wear it I'm to shy. And so it ends the final fit. I'm on it now I live for it. I'll take the chance. I put back the pieces my friend. Because I'm strong I'm a winner I'm the one. And I'm grateful for my life yes I'm grateful to you Christ. I'm grateful


"Sad Songs Remind Me" features some of the most beautiful, heartbreaking and essential music released so far this year, and the ninth chapter of the Emo Diaries continues to showcase the best the genre has to offer. The series' greatest achievement has been to give exposure to largely unheard bands. The sparse, desolate beauty of As the Summer Pass Us By from Iamuse is my favorite track; rugged northern climbs, dying autumn days and haunted memories effortlessly evoked by these Swedes. And there must be something in the water in Scandinavia as their fellow countrymen Surrounded do epic sonic damage with High Five Hiero, while So Sad Althea give us searing guitar heartbreak on the opener and The National Anthems make the perfect good night closer. This is a truly international compilation with the emotional charge of The Local Art being tangible even to those who don¹t understand Japanese, while the liltingly brash Ask Emma by The Paper Champions excels. The boy/girl vocals of La Pieta are outstanding, as is Milton Mapes languid Big Cloud Big Sky. Chapter 9 is gentle and downbeat and shot through with a wistful sadness, but what really makes this an essential purchase is the solid gold song writing. This is music of beauty, melody, slow caresses, patience and gravitas. A near-flawless collection." - Manchester Music

"Deep Elm is a name synonymous with quality independent music, the true independent spirit and the best compilation series on the planet. This trinity is again united with the release of the 9th chapter in the immensely popular Emo Diaries series; Sad Songs Remind Me. This time around the collection features twelve diverse acts with one common link; truly passionate and emotional songs. From the haunted whispering on High Five Hiero by Surrounded to the dueling boy/girl vocals of Avec, one thing is clear; each song on this comp has more heart than entire albums of the 'emo' that mainstream radio is currently force-feeding to the impressionable youth. I would be remiss not to mention The Paper Champions' fantastic Ask Emma, the simple yet wonderful track from At The Close Of Every Day and finally, the outstanding When The Light Becomes Green from the best thing to ever come out of Italy, Settlefish. In the end there is no way of getting around the fact that the Emo Diaries series continues to please with splendid collections of timeless songs. Chapter Nine upholds the high standard that the series has come to be known for and serves up a vivid picture of the beauty of music." - Punk Rock Reviews

"Take a look at some of the up and coming bands that have been featured on previous chapters of The Emo Diaries; Jimmy Eat World, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Further Seems Forever and a plethora of other talent. Give Chapter Nine, Sad Songs Remind Me, a year or two, brush it off again, and I bet dollars to donuts that a good portion of the bands showcased on this album will be indie mainstays. Just about every song on this record is fantastic and I hope we get to hear more from all of these guys in the near future." - Last Life Media



released June 23, 2003


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