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Chapter 7: Me Against The World

by The Emo Diaries

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you fall on words that clamp your tongue. you said it's gone. but still i peel and peel away. in one last breath you've changed my thoughts. the effects that try and motion away. comply and appear drained. the effects that try and motion away. it's time to be the last time. a conscious concern. a loss of ways. contain false hurt in one last breath. you don't know how much i needed this. you live up to be not known. a conscious concern. a loss of ways
outside i can see your breath. but you're not there. and mine is hardly left. twilight. feels the morning press. every star is seamed with your duress. inside i can hear each step. but they're not yours. a sleepless dream at best. as black skies flow to auburn reds. they wake the night and of me what is left. if i don't want to see you. it's because it hurts too much. all this time spent wondering if i was just a crutch. waiting for the day to kill this night. and carry with it you away forever
you wanna quit this. you feel like you wanna quit this and just move on. you're afraid you just missed the green light. though sometimes slow vengeance is never late. so bury your hands and wait. your moment will come. in due time we'll hit the state line. we're running away tonight. punch out the girl. you want to punch out the girl to set things straight. what a difference bruised eyes can make. punch out the boy. you want to just give the boy advice he'll never take. well this love can't wait another mile. we're risking it all tonight. we're above the law tonight. it might be the first time that i've ever felt alive. we'll go on our borrowed light. complain if it ain't that bright. no one here gets out alive. don't cancel plans for a false alarm. if it makes you feel good it can't do harm. but if you live for now the future is a let down. i've got the right to investigate. a sweet revenge has to fool the taste. we laugh about it now. but can i fit your crown. if not then i'll go make my own. you'll never know where you are. till you admit where you have been. sometimes i just pretend you're dead. until i need you again. you'd like to change your past. i'll bet you almost can. despite the pride. the fear. the selfish decisions. strike a deal. like a match. in your kerosene hands. the addiction is growing strong. and all your thoughts are soaked in venomous memory
i don't want to be part of the human race anymore. sometimes i wish i was never even born. i don't want to belong here any longer. it's a crying shame this world is painted. makes me want to jump off the planet. we are all the same from his point of view. there's no difference between me and you. in this varied universe. where the cultures collide. i wish we all were equal. i wish we all were colorblind
passion has taken control of my heart and soul. destined to make my destination home. i just want you to know what it's like to be in love with you. passion has taken control of my heart and soul. destined to make my destination home. there are many ways to and from point a to b from you and me. i just want you to know what it's like to be in love with you. i just want you to know what it takes to make these dreams come true. so true
with this new space. i can do anything with it. it's my new home. and i'm ready to furnish it. do you feel the way i feel tonight. show me the plans of your architectural attack. you built the walls too tough for a green belt. you lay the foundation too thick for me to break. do you feel the way i feel tonight. mansions built in trust and courage. taught me how to fight with both hands. burn the plans up. burn the whole house. lay down the mats. tie up your belt. put on your gloves. cautiously kick. caulking the cracks. where did we learn to fight like that
goodnight texas. i'm heading back north. let the engines roar. and sing me to sleep. we stayed up all night. and we laughed just like kids. let the clouds be my cradle tonight. half alive. when the first flurry of snow fell on this day. since ninety-five. flying miles high and shut eyed. but swinging from the stars. let's tear down the skyline tonight. my hand on your shoulder. your heart in my hands. roar me a soft lullaby
he gained the world but gave his love away. she would have stayed. she would have stayed for the money. what do you do. what do you say. would you give it all away. i don't think so. you do it for the money. this clever style that seeks to please. would you walk that extra mile. i don't think so. you do it for the money. you do. you say. you can't give that away. and you do. you say. you're alone
if you listen first then you may not reach this end. you may be happy for as long as you pretend. everything that is said is done. forget the fact that for her it's just not as fun. i know it's bad enough i missed. lost in the madness of a kiss. and left to feel the way i do. the cost of loving someone who won't love you. now i'm dying. there's nothing left. i've shown through and can't reset. for that this is what i get. waiting after you. i'm sorry for holding on so long without your help. i tried my best to understand. you wanted this and i confess. i'm so selfish to think i had a right to seek perfection. waiting after you. and you think i gave it all up. i gave it all to be where i am. and i feel this breaking my heart. but i was tired of waiting and listening for the day you would tell me when it's okay. it's ok now. i've grown from this somehow
day i never wished for has come and gone. and how do you expect me to trust you. maybe i got caught up in the moment. i tried so hard to make it real. but blinded by my dissolution i created this confusion. day i never wished for. a look from you could say a million sorries. just go away. you expect me to trust you. what do i look like. guess how it feels to be me. to you. but those lying eyes. a black sunrise. my ears hear what you say. but i just look away. don't want to hear it anymore. don't pick up the phone. i'm not home. i'm leaving my keys on the floor. put the bills in your name. take my name off the door. i want you to feel the way i do. that was the worst day of my life. burnt out broken heart was choking
failure is not an option. options never fail. you'll never get to my position looking backwards. with your tail between your legs. i'll be your son on one condition. i've got to make out my own way. i've got to follow my ambition. moving forward every day. i'm coming home to you. mommy and daddy. i'm a big boy now. i'm coming home on my motorbike
of emptiness that we rot. locust arose from our throats. i feel you bleeding in my dreams. narrow is desire. my arms. withered as womb. the law of life. the law of love. the law in your eyes. the will to power


"Emo Diaries 7: Me Against The World warrants itself to be one of the best comps Deep Elm has put together. Offering up some must-listens, This Beautiful Mess's funky / jazzy bend on emo and standout Drive Til Morning's solo acoustic alt-country trip make this chapter a much more than worthwhile listen. In particular though, One Starving Day's completely amazing, ten minute beautifully destructive dirge might actually be the best here. This is intensity; this is emo; and quite frankly, this is the most devastating thing Deep Elm has put on an Emo Diaries comp yet. The rest of the material presented here is cream of the crop as well. There's not a bad track to be heard, and it's the more diverse take on sounds here that makes Chapter 7 easily one of the best." - Delusions Of Adequacy

"Nestled within The Emo Diaries Chapter 7: Me Against The World are some powerful songs, revealing that Deep Elm is still committed to releasing inspiring material from worldly talent. Tabula Rasa starts off brimming with strife, pitting distorted riffs against brittle vocals with great success. Waterpistol alternates between poised guitar drama and a full frontal assault, pummeling your ears with its angular rock. On the other side of the spectrum, Drive Til Morning hands the helm to acoustic guitar and heart stricken vocals. Deep Elm has carefully selected these bands to push the envelope in new directions. With bitter math rock and folksy songsmiths littering the compilation, this latest installment of the Emo Diaries does exactly what any good compilation should: introduces the listener to a variety of fresh and unheralded talent. Here's to another successful venture exposing bands you'll surely hear more about soon!" - Splendid

"Deep Elm has pulled it off once again with their seventh installment of the Emo Diaries: Me Against The World. I respect the label because they give many small, upcoming bands a chance. They don't just go for big names. I hadn't heard of many of the bands here, but I am very happy that I was introduced to them. One track that immediately stood out was Lowlight by Time Spent Driving. The verse is very mellow and relaxing at first, but then it leads up to the chorus of blasting guitars and vocals. Other standouts include This Beautiful Mess and Tabula Rasa. I completely recommend the Emo Diaries for anyone who wants a mix of great upcoming bands in the independent rock community." - Indie Tabs



released March 5, 2002


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