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C / S

by Slowride

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on the dawn of the day. we're riding on. out the back through the glass. it's darkening. up ahead the horizon. waves with heat. will there be danger. striking all of me. or can it be blended with the scene
i need a friend. a world in fashion could not bend. a world where best of friends. couldn't even break a washed up trend. never in a million years could this be wrong. i need a sign from god. louder than what i've heard so far. come down and take me in. show me all the things i can't explain. never met a demon i couldn't tame before. and i'm doing. what i'm doing. and i knew it. when i knew it. and i threw it. away so quick. now i miss it. and i want it back. today i'm coming home. to stay in my happy home. to stay in your loving arms. today i'm coming home
Slowly 02:28
as it goes. i will watch it as it falls. as it falls. it will destruct or evolve. carelessly. i fell into you and me. carefully. i will mend what is to be. where did they go? what did they see? who did they tell? is it coming out slowly? whether they know. or if they don't. what's the use. i'll be pushing up roses
in subsequent and lazy times. a rule was handed down from years before. and lips resound. a vacant sound a breathing. one head with ears has heard. on a timeline of years. we're most certainly out of deals. on our climb out of here. we'll most certainly die of fear. thin nurses came to cure my mind of all things. all three of them came through my own ceiling. i'll make you sure about it. i'll tell white lies about it. i'll make my own disaster plan
someday i'll understand. why it is i am like i am. maybe it'll be through you. until then it'll just do what it do. stop stealing all my clothes. i can't calculate the losses. there's nothing that can slow me down. call it off. lay to waste. your words to live by are clogging up my drain. your words to live by. are drowning in the lake
Rust Killer 04:45
one fine day on a winter november. life came true through a point of view. and death came quick with a killer influence. running through the streets with a clueless tool. mark three birds just to make me feel cozy. everything's fine when the group is flying. high on fire is a healthy companion. fueling my run with a sound so true and warm. i see it coming and i want to look away. but i can't divert my eyes. i hear it calling and it's from beyond the grave. but i'm still alive
taking it down. making the rounds. where it is found. so i can bring it down. on my way down. i'm half on the town. and half on the ground. i fell back underground. bring it back down. i want it around. it doesn't get me down. the way it used to drown. and i can be yours truly. if you want me not to be. when will the daylight recede. cause i'm tired and i want only sleep
Elouisa 02:34
elouisa. tell me what you want and why. in the back room. where you hang me out to die. early morning. tell me something again. all i'm seeing are all the same old things. and its all that it ain't. i'm a slave to anything she says. and its hard turning out. i'm in danger. turning stranger. i've told you things that i wouldn't tell myself. i told you one time. you told me nevermind. of our last exchange. i've only one regret
R.H. 03:55
gonna steal a line. from a girl i know. gonna make it mine. gonna let it go. got infected by may i. and a ripping off scheme. one letter at a time. one brick and mortar dream. stop breathing. i got a lot to lose on a feeling. gotta take it slow. gotta follow a rope. got addicted to jesus. and a theory of no. one ladder to above. three rungs with two at hope. stop breathing. i got a lot to lose on a feeling. one time. one seven. you got to bet on two come eleven. one day. one way. i'll get up on my way under the clouds and rain. you can't stop a bird from leaving. not even on a windy day. i'm on a slope. i keep slipping out from under oath. i'm on a rope. i keep swinging back and forward. im on dope. i keep smoking. fuck me over. i'm out on loan. never to return. stop breathing
For Lola 01:44
Ten Dashes 03:48
where it's from and where it goes nobody's knowing. jesus was an only son and i know this. i was there when you were born and now i'm homeless. having a dream that i can't believe and i mean it. cut throat oath at a moments notice. i'm breathing. restore my sight from a hoodwinked night. now i'm leaving. i wrote this song jealously cause i cant be there. i wrote it all under influence. undersold from the heartbeat
30 East 03:17
i saw you walking by my exit. up on thirty. not the service road. you were beautiful. like a lost model. with short hair and long legs. in short shorts. sneakers. green shirt tight. tall and slim. brown leather bag and skin. you looked hot both ways. what are you doing strolling on the highway. i want to give you a life. but i only see you for a couple seconds. i wonder what your voice is like. and what your eyes look like under those shades. are you in love


If there's a sense that Slowride's third full length C / S was written with the express intent of invoking the deadly approach of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...maybe that's because it was. Even the album's title - which means "con safos," or more simply translated "don't mess with this" - evokes an ominous warning of unquestioned respect. The sound here is undeniably heavy on the low end, tight-as-hell and downright impossible to shake. Slowride grinds out songs with a garage-rock intensity colliding with an anti-punk attitude of whip-smart precision - genuinely refreshing for a band who nevertheless embraces the latter's breakneck riffs and bittersweet melody. C / S' emphasis on precision and density make Slowride's unique dynamic boil with a tension that's almost tangible, and their penchant for the one-two punch - pummeling guitar / bass / drum onslaught followed by Dan Phillips' unforgettable knockout choruses - reverberates long after the last note is played. Produced by Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Jets To Brazil, The Walkmen). (DER-448)

"C / S exhibits Slowride in an entirely different light. There's an X factor that I can't really put my finger on, but in a lot of ways, it reminds me of Jets To Brazil's Four Cornered Night. The mellow vocal melodies aren't unlike that of Blake Schwarzenbach. C / S doesn't hold back its punk roots, but at the overall rock tone gives the band a sound that makes all classifications unjust. Listening to Slowride isn't about figuring out what genre the band falls into. They've created an identity for themselves that doesn't overlap their peers. The guitar tone on this album is absolutely stunning...exactly how guitars were meant to sound. Coupled with a lavish bass tone, you'd have to be deaf not to appreciate the chemistry that's going on here. Not to leave anything out, the drums sound as crisp as you could ever want. I'm really impressed with the overall feel that producer Stuart Sikes was able to pull off. So where does this leave C / S? Somewhere filed under 'albums you should check out.' It's a satisfying listen from a band that leaves little to be desired." - Punk Rocks

"I guess third time really is the charm, as C / S is by far Slowride's best record yet. Building A Building was a great album that flowed from an alt-county sound to straight-up rock numbers; this time around they focus more (much more!) on the rock, but there is still much to Slowride's sound. Hook-laden, riff rockers the likes of stoner rock bands Mammoth Volume or Colour Haze, with heavy flashes of classic alt-rock: Husker Du, Screaming Trees, Dinosaur Jr., as well as current faves like ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead and even Weezer. A total of twelve tracks consistently smacking you with riff after riff. Go ahead guys, I can handle it. Slowride has matured into an amazing rock band." - Feast Of Hate And Fear



released February 7, 2006


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