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Building A Building

by Slowride

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Solitary Man 00:56
only to return from an empty heaven. going where he's been never learn a lesson. in a sense i'm asking the question. is this it for this lonely hand. strung across this land. strung out on the lamb. solitary man. ramble in to town on a stud with no name. welcomed here by none and my feelings the same
spend the night alone inside a sunday suit. kill a living friend over an upscale look. it's hard to give a hand when i've got only two. don't look now or you'll see me under. with a dirty face i try to smile my teeth. it's hard to make it work cause i can barely breathe. i think it's there but know a little less than i think. and you came through with a likely number. we take what we want. it don't matter where it's from. were two of a kind. and i love you in my mind
Panther 1 03:42
i went to the doctor to get my new prescription. all he had to offer were these words on my condition. easy come easy go was his message and the worst one he could send me. all i know is i'm gone and i guess i better keep on pretending. side step my rep is a mutation. undo the regrets of a useless limitation. three birds over head tell me everything is just fine. three threes on the radio clock say i'm on time. i live endlessly it seems and all i want is you. i went to the corner so i could feel my intuition. ignore the warnings so i could feed my new suspicion. and i'm losing steam
Panther 4 01:39
underwater dreaming i can breathe i am alive under the sea. i wonder how real this could be. sailing out to sea until we sink but i won't die not in this dream. unless i fill my lungs with outside. breathe until i capsize. and maybe i just might die in the end. how bout a little action babe. you're never gonna get through to me. because i'm building up a barrier reef. oh you said livin' is easy she said but she's never had a gun to her head. and i'm never gonna put one in her hand. killed by a disease that's in my head i hope i sleep right through my death. cause if i wake i might not make it. my last breath might get taken and i don't want to be there in the end
home. where we don't and we did what we want anyway. suspect all along in the wake of an old lonely soul on the run. someday always someday (saudades) all we are is what we did anyway. mundane on a love day in the hold of a long undisclosed narrow lane. and we don't need care. on a loan i owe. and we don't need kin. i'm alone and i know it's a dumb idea. but it's all we are. were dancin' with cancer. and i don't need an againster just yet. this is doomsday. you gotta believe me. and it's all that we are is a hope that we don't let 'em down. highway apologizin' where you been is just a turn the other way anyday. and i don't need a romancer just yet
well there once was a man who knew himself. at least that's what he thought. and he killed his own sons just to show. how much he really cared. and he took all the things out of his soul. and he showed them all to me. and it wouldn't look like very much. at least that's what we'd think. i don't care. and he slit his own wrists just to see. how much he'd really bleed. as it poured down his arms he raised his head. and the words came beautifully
Panther 2 03:14
you don't know what you're doing. from out of the distance comes another mistake. and if we're lucky it just might take. you've got to get yourself out. i think i'm ready to tell it but i don't know what to tell. and i really wanted to kill it but i don't know how to kill. and all i wanted was nothing there at all. from somewhere something is writing on the wall. out
bored tired wasted. i gotta gotta job. tongue tied wrestless. these ain't coming off. painted a picture said that i wish you were here. you're one in a million but that old feelings still here. young dumb running. with a wide eyed front. can't stop raping. these ain't coming off
Track 13 04:50 video
and the kids are wrong as they sing along to songs. from sea to sea and the words they breathe are nodding off. as i survive the suicide bomber i'll hide my life and sail behind the sun. when the thrill is gone we will move along to another one. and when that one leaves we'll be on our knees and on and on
send me to the cemetery. with a note upon my back. and a picture of my mother wearing black. i'm in a box in a hole in the ground. bring me to my new salvation. lay me down your river bed. words and letters mean a different thing when you're dead. and tonight that's on my head. sit me in the waiting room. so i can be looked in the eye. will there be a place for me there when i die. cause what goes around comes around
i was born from a robbers bag and it was clear my lonesome path. on a string of unrealized dreams but i punch on in spite of everything. you came down with a hollow grace and made it clear what was my place. now i lack the gentle breath i knew and i die here for only you. kiss me the way you used to do but don't watch me fail the things i give to you. broken head with an evil eye and a strand of good that i love to hide. i've been here for a million years and this is how i kill my tears. put it down in the droppers neck and i let you guess which way i went
Just Do It 05:20
i think it's time. i hate all my friends. yes i'm talking about you. i think i should move on. i'm so sorry baby. i didn't mean to ruin your life. i know that i made you a promise. but it won't be the first time. i own a bullet. i know how to use it. i shot it off once before. i think i made a mistake. i wish i could stand up and turn the blood around


On Building A Building, Dallas-based trio Slowride offers catchy, emotionally complex songs without recycling anything from previous efforts. Though unrelenting with tight bass, drums and forceful guitar parts, they incorporate close harmonies and melodies with garage-ish influences...gritty, cutting and honest. It adds up to a record you won't feel guilty singing along with. Slowride begins the attack with the one-two punch of Smoke Cigarettes and the head-bobbing, hand-clapping single Panther 1. But these tenacious riffs and aggressive hooks are tempered with something that fans of their debut wouldn't expect. Last album they may have sang On Our Own, but on this record they have come "into their own." Slowride has entered a new phase...it's raw and sincere and, for the band, more natural. In writing, lyrics and production, Building A Building is the portrait of a mature band, not only maturity through time and age, but also through following their hearts. (DER-414)

"Building A Building is my favorite Deep Elm release since the Low Level Owl albums. Slowride rock out, never copying anyone or borrowing any particular sound, but I do hear flashes of Husker Du, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Samiam and The Pixies. There are a few acoustic tracks that have an alt-country sound that actually adds to the garage rock on the rest of the record. It's almost as if Slowride toss it back and forth. Building A Building closes with nothing short of a Beatles meets Sonic Youth swirling frenzy, which seems appropriate. A definite for old fans, and one that should make a slew of new ones." - Feast Of Hate And Fear

"Slowride has released their sophomore record, Building a Building, and the band has transitioned into a powerful, grinding punk rock outfit, convincingly reestablishing and reinventing their personal sound. The outcome is stunningly successful. Building A Building is full of powerful rock songs that convey a sense of passion and pleasure through a very dirty and gritty sound. Many may compare this to early Foo Fighters, but even Dave Grohl couldn't portray the same affection and conviction that Slowride have on this album. Building A Building stands alone, without any song overpowering another, exemplifying unification and harmony. For Slowride, the sophomore slump was merely a time of fine-tuning. With their polished and extremely powerful approach, Slowride has made a wonderfully enjoyable record." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"I can't get over what a gem Building A Building is. Slowride is rockin' one minute, introspective and sincere the next, honest and true throughout. This is heavy without being heavy handed, with lyrics and melodies from the heart, inventive hooks and tons of killer riffs. The tone of the songs mesh with the lyrical message perfectly, featuring a raw edge that fits the realness of the intensity in the words and the waves of carefully crushed notes. Every track is a treasure. Building A Building is one of my favorite discoveries of the year." - Tangerine



released October 6, 2003


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