Black Phantom Crusades

by Red Animal War

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Still 05:07
we were staring at the stars. and we heard a clap of thunder. then the moon gave way to rain. and it tore apart the sky. so we lay flat on our backs. cuz in the rain no one knows you're crying. on top of a mountain. under the sea. in the austin moonlight. after the summer heat. dance you lonely dancers. won't you dance for me? i swear i will give you everything. that is me. did we try too hard last year? did the money make us monkeys? and with everything you fear. it comes at times when you don't know. you've got all this behind you. a broken hand like a broken wing. does not hold you back but sets you free
breaking it down like a bold lie. bury it down like it's bad wine. a sense of relief oh sweet victory! but there's no escape from biblatic prophecy. this is not the course of old. this is not over. laying it down on luther king street. a sense of despair you may never meet. secrets swept up by the sleigh. burn the wrinkled hand and just watch it fall away. this is not the course of old. this is not. over time we all will justify our hells. to each his own as his own as his own mind builds this cell. at the end of the day he turns out the lights to his office. and turns on the lights to his car. and it says: "you did a wonderful job today." when fat pigs fly you'll be waiting. when fat pigs fly you'll be salivating. this is nuts. this is not the course of old. this is not over
franklin was a construction worker. down on the east side of town. the folks there say he let his loved ones down. but what did they know cuz. the sky was so close. his family so poor. nobody says nothing when a hard-hat hits the ground. except when he's got bills to pay and owes money all over town. so they found the note that read: "so long farewell, cruel world. but folks die everyday." he's giving it up it said. but he's been saving it up for years. the pressure is building. sometimes it's too great. we all know frankie's gotta get away. oh god, please don't tell my son i went this way. she put her heart in a suitcase along with everything else. she moved in with her mother. couldn't stand being by herself. all the while thinking her future looks black. and the past all seems gray
call your cancer. call it well. the truth? my friend we know you're scared. do you pray and beg for time? it's staring you in the face. goodnight. i chose the less than traveled road. the rest of the country must know something. yeah there's nothing quite like the truth. come make us see-ers and believers in you. you're making it hard for everyone-oh (it's the money and the church). you're making it hard for everyone-oh (they're trading old souls in for new ones). you're making it hard for everyone. the fear in your head is true in time. a doctor's note: "this is the end of the line." and there's only two to know. through the fields and through the snow. you're making it hard for everyone-oh (you bet on boxing-he'll bet on jesus). you're making it hard for everyone-oh (so glad to know we'll die for gods we'll never meet). you're making it hard for everyone. i get a little bit of reason. i give a little bit back tonight. and there's something with this season. yeah there's nothing that's right. it makes everything right tonight. calm your conscience. call it well. if you don't you'll burn in hell. at least that's what the righteous say. they'll fight forever to get your soul. jump in these dead leaves and all our fall-inspired songs. for loss of words we'll make music for you to dance along to. you're making it hard for everyone-oh (as you're claiming you're wise to the afterlife). you're making it hard for everyone-oh. you're making it hard for everyone
if there is nothing to fear then fear itself would you yield? they were not supposed to be here. i still love laying in fields and staring up to get real. it makes the world just seem so clear. and all the words that they say, don't let 'em turn you to clay. yeah i know it's not fair. i'm waking up to the sound of new york coming down. i never knew we could be so scared. did the timing seem like lightning? i'm afraid it did. she's got new shoes, he wears an old hat. what's it matter? what's it matter?!? when i get the feelin' back in my hands. i promise i'll build some bridges across this land. when i get the feelin' back in my hands. i'll pick apart these walls. brick by brick, stone and sand. and as night falls we will stand tall. proud but not sure why. this is not a dream. this is not a game. i heard someone say america the beautiful. blame the catholics. blame the christians. blame the muslims. blame the jews. blame your mother. blame your father. but blame never got anyone anywhere
something is on my mind right now. reason being, reason pending. is that our past is now telling me how. how to live my life or deaden my life. my story, your tragedy is handing me very few insights. i lost my train of thought. and that train doesn't seem to stop. so i throw on the brakes (breaks). like your life is at stake, and i realize its not me. and that's been my tragedy. so i'll leave it here today. (so i left it here today). tomorrow has left it here today. right here, right now. and i'm now letting me leave this in my way. you can't negotiate this age old war of deception. so i took the stand and all of it. we've gone our seperate ways. "ours" as in my play. so let this cold play be the way that i have seen. and please come be my guest. and realize it's for the best. realize it's for the rest
Mouse 04:40
and there's just so many things you'd like to do. you'd love to dream. people are so satisfied with hate today. and now you know for sure your heart is on. be frank, be honest. i know how hard you've tried. let's make a pact again tonight. and there's a shift in the economy in argentina. that air i'm told i must breathe. so please bring me down farther south where it's hot. hey longview. i am the mouse. this much is true. take in the poison. each time new. and i had it all to stand ten feet tall. to take in the poison. don't take it back. there was a time in the hall where we all lost our heads. if fear is the only thing that you bring change that to be love instead. i am the mouse. this much is true. i'm taking the poison. a gift from you. and i had it all to stand ten feet tall. to take in the poison. to take it straight down. where you can crown yourself as king. i bide myself time by myself. hit me! and there's a million things things we'd like to do. we'd like to dream. people are so cold to find people are so satisfied with hate
pink and yellow lights. litter up the countryside. it's like fifteen million fireflies. have eaten my eyes. they call it paranoia. but would you agree. the gunpowder scent that salts the air. is a little bit frightening? i can't believe what i'm hearing! can you believe what you're seeing? can you believe you're seeing bombs. dropping from the sky? to fall asleep to their lullablies. these shelters act as coffins here. the metal untact. the metal attack. i can't believe what i'm hearing! do you believe what you're seeing? do you believe you're seeing bombs? are you listening? why aren't you listening? to those that would survive: become a light for those who cannot shine. make more of love and less of lies. if this promise could be made good. we wouldn't have to knock on wood. you've inspired me. i always knew you could
Gattaca 02:59
he read until he knew the planets back and forth. his parents said, "that's not what he was put here for." and he tried to find a way to put perfection aside. but life is always hard when everyone is putting you down. these are days when your baby is born genetically perfect. blonde hair and blue eyes. (the perfect heartbeat). they'll see with nothing less than a perfect 20 / 20. they will be whoever they wanted to be. he swam until he lost direction of the shore. his perfect brother, he had never lost before. and he found the friend. the kind you give your own blood for. and she found the kind of friend. the kind you wait your whole life for. no regrets. he wanted it so bad he could taste it. they never suspected a thing. and that's something that carries a sense of pride and accomplishment. a reason to live
crimson, blue, magenta. fading with desire. otherwise known as madness. (her glass eyes, her glass fist). seize the moment or lose your chance. these windows they shut premature. "where'd you get the jeans?" he asked. "mexico." a mug was raised to a glass
Jambalaya 03:51
dove-like stares. so blank. so long like prayers. that never filled your self-made hole inside our hearts. so don't you talk? no, no. don't you feel? no, no. don't you hurt? no, no. this is not what you believed in. down these stairs we had our fun i swear. we've got more feelings in our lost and lonely hearts. so don't you talk about it? don't you feel some doubt. and don't it hurt? god protect. is this not what you believed in? i was denied tonight. so let's just hold our hands out. everyone is down. so far so in-between. does every girl think the same? hon, take care, i heard the news, i'm scared. they said the sky was bright, brilliant with our cause. but don't you talk to him and don't you feel something and don't you hurt ever? this is not what you believed in. i was denied tonight
with nicotine nails and coke-red eyes. she said. believe you me, i don't want to die. he softly touched her cheek. girl, it's gonna be alright. and they embraced in the lie. it's a quarter to ten, where could she be? we're all biting our lips cuz we're thinking the same damn thing. then she stumbles into the door. there's vomit on her chest and she's spitting blood all over the floor. you think this dance is over? think again. this is war, these are mines and yes, those are your friends. and your cup it runneth over with love to give. so show me heart. so show me soul. just show me anything at all. now imagine a cold, bleak day. all that was red is replaced with rhino gray. so it's dust to dust on a holiday. i guess it takes all kinds. please be strong. carry on. don't be long. and honey come home


Rich with innovation, intensity and complex songwriting, Black Phantom Crusades represents a flawless mixture of art and math. Unpredictable and aggressive yet never out of control, Rad Aniamal War pulls, screams and claws at the heart of guitar-driven rock as if they had just one last chance to save it. Multi-layered patchworks of instrumentation, intricate start-stop dynamics and sharply written melodies characterize the somehow seamless flow of each song on this amazing sophomore release. Wrapped with smart lyrics that venture far beyond the domain of broken hearts, lead singer Justin Wilson understands that words can hit as hard as any instrument. The rhythm section is so driving and the guitar play so tricky. Whether the power of Black Phantom Crusades comes from its creativity, its vast depth of dynamics, its technical skill or its incredible performance, Red Animal War comes out on top...swinging, invincible and hard-hitting as ever. This is a tremendous accomplishment, a victory to say the least. It's that good, maybe even better. (DER-419)

"Ever wonder what Jawbox would have sounded like had they lasted to their sixth or seventh album? Red Animal War's 'Black Phantom Crusades' may yield a safe guesstimate to such a query. In all seriousness, Red Animal War aren't that derivative. Even so, I'll be darned if they don't espouse a healthy dollop of that band's challenging instrumental interplay and tightly-would dissonance, and if Justin Wilson isn't a dead ringer for J. Robbins, I don't know who is. Matt Pittman and Wilson's clamorous dueling-guitars almost take a backseat to Brian Pho's incisively clangy bass-lines, to wonderful effect, particularly on Mouse, amid other moments of brilliance, including When Fat Pigs Fly and When I Get The Feeling. Whether Red Animal War realizes it or not, they've filled a gap, while raising the bar in the post-hardcore sweepstakes to boot." - Big Takeover

"Red Animal War continue to defy expectations. With Black Phantom Crusades, their cautious blend of Jawbox-ism, wire-y guitar grinds, jazz-influenced chords and lyrical bitterness has hurled them straight out of any indie rock genre stereotype. How this band mastered a sound so creative, so angular yet warm, and so technical yet reckless in just two records is beyond me. One thing's for sure; Red Animal War have become Deep Elm's premier act. Black Phantom Crusades is not only the label's most unique offering to date, it's a victory in the often-regurgitated indie rock battlefield." - Lollipop

"Black Phantom Crusades from Red Animal War is a massive album that rides on waves of shimmering D.C. - influenced guitar, impassioned vocals and powerful, complex melodies. It's political without being pedantic and aggressive without being pushy. Genre-splicing is hinted at but never fully exposed, like some mutant that resides in the dirty back room. Every song is fully realized and polished without losing its energy or drive, never stumbling over its complex rhythmic structures. Standout tracks like Straight Lines For Construction Workers are tight and catchy, furious in demeanor and calculated in execution. What sets Black Phantom Crusades apart is its clarity, both in its production and palatably self-righteous disposition. Excellent mood-driven post-punk from Red Animal War, this is definitely worth checking out." - Shredding Paper


released September 17, 2002


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