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by Dead Red Sea

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i've been trapped by my senses. natural kind of fences. that i can't cut through. and time takes away a piece of you. a piece that you thought you knew. it's all in the breeze. now it's floating all around me. invisible thing that i'll never see. but when you think that you got one. it's only just illusion. a trick that was up your sleeve. all that i know. all that i needed was me. all that i know. all that i need is me
Bad Man 02:51
i'm such a bad man. on the road with my bad friends. stop to look at the tragedy. on the road. the road to nowhere. i'm missing all these things. that i left on the side of the road. i didn't lose but misplaced my mind. and i gave a sentimental sacrifice. and all the things that you do. confuse you. you're my charity. i hope you see. and on the drive home. the light put the innocent on your face. and i'm stuck with my bad things. am i going straight to hell. and all the things that you say. get in the way. you're my charity. i hope you see. and all the things that you do. destroy you. you die for the truth that you lose. stop driving me on the road. the road to nowhere
Humanoid 02:12
The Rain 02:28
you're the rain. wash yourself all over me. all through a life. and all through me. time takes trick from history. you're waking up now. but not with me. through the windshield. life moves fast and free. talking with spirits in the trees. all through a life. and all through me. you're head over heels. but not with me. now is the time. where we lose our mind a million ways. lazy days. lazy days. all over me
see how they go in perfect alignment. see how the other side lives above the horizon. i call to say hello. a word that can change your mind beyond despair. and you know it all. it all was a lie. it all was a lie. now that you know. it all was a lie. it all. all was a lie. everyone tries to tell me there's a star for me. i guess that you weren't shining bright enough. and i call to say goodbye. goodbye
standing on the edge. the only way is down. at least right now it can't get much worse. and the doctor says. no reason to harm yourself. and i wish i believed that. and today the car wouldn't start. got a broken heart. i just went to sleep. now i've been committed. and i don't know when i'll get out of here. and the doctor says. just a few more test. and i wish i believed that. sometimes you just want to sleep all day. but someone's on your bed. and it's so. so hard. so. so hard. just to be alive. be alive. be alive. alive one more day
are you making up words. no no no. are you coining a phrase. no no no. i want to add to your afterthought. no no no. the mind is like a disease. oh no no no. i'm bouncing off the walls. i'm making obscene calls. am i making you mad. no no no. please pack your bags. and go go go. i'm bouncing off the walls. i'm making obscene calls. sleep now and think it out. sleep now. no no no. i'm bouncing off the walls. i'm making obscene calls
i've seen the best in you. sometimes. we're not kids anymore. you've seen the worst in me. sometimes. we're not kids anymore. you say you don't want me around. you say you don't need me around. you left me lots of little clues. let me know what you want. lots of little answers. that are written in your book
Birds 02:49
The Red Sea 03:40
the sky is falling. the church is burning. the river stopped running. the ground is opening. the earth has stopped moving. nothing is surviving. we're headed into a new era of humanity. where diamonds turn back to coal. and flesh turns to machine. the land fills will explode. all the garbage will turn into a city. all the corpses rise from their grave. and bleed back into society
am i nowhere. am i nothing. am i nowhere. am i nothing. when i start to sit down. the world starts moving. am i nowhere. am i nothing


A dark and poignant merging of indie rock, hardcore and blues, Dead Red Sea strikes with a hushed aggression. Alienation and intensity mark the candid lyrics of frontman Ryan Shelkett (ex-Cross My Heart) who plays the melancholy everyman on BIRDS - his voice familiar and connecting - uncovering the charred aspects of his naked psyche. Through musical memoirs about insecurity, mistrust and self-loathing, he reveals the person trapped within his scrambled sense of self. The softly treading rhythm section provides the perfect accompaniment for Shelkett's earnest pop poetry. Weaving between sobering states of depression and energizing encounters with clarity, Birds is an exquisitely intimate affair flagged with songs that are soulful, drenched in feeling and charming. Unreleased song "Even If There's A Chance In Hell" on The Emo Diaries, Chapter Six. (DER-391)

"With Birds from Dead Red Sea, moody and caressing waves of lyrical beauty fall over you, inspiring you to sing along before you even know the words. The emotions capture you and steal you away, until you're lost within the music. The sadness, the loss, the angst, are rendered in shades of truth and energy. The songs roll into a dynamic swirl of melodic aggression, with the vocals keeping the music moving forward until, with a soft sigh, you're at the end." - Big Takeover

"Dead Red Sea's unique blend of melodic indie rock and bluesy beats give the songs on Birds a sort of soothing, melancholy mood, while the music itself is something to lie back, tap your heels and snap your fingers to. The effect floors me more each time I hear it. Birds is full of monumental, awe-inspiring songs that demand to be heard - or rather absorbed - time and again with their hook-filled rhythmic guitars and pacifying vocals. Birds is now one of the most cherished records in my entire collection...another gem stamped with a Deep Elm logo. Songs like Obscene Calls and Somewhere In The Universe are likely to remain among my most-played tracks for a long time." - Punk International

"Fans of Cross My Heart rejoice, as their most visible characteristic - the strong, rich, and passionate vocals of Ryan Shelkett - are present in Dead Red Sea on Birds. Shelkett has finally found the creative outlet he's been looking for in this new band. His vocals feel at home as there's a sense of melancholy roots-rock underlying most of the songs. It's in these softer melodies and more deliberate structures that Shelkett's vocals are able to really shine. His strong, emotional voice it fits perfectly, and in these quieter, more despondent songs, he and the rest of the band creates some mellow and emotional indie rock." - Delusions Of Adequacy

"When Cross My Heart decided to call it quits, the kids didn't have to be morose for long; their demise has consequently blessed us with this project, Ryan Shelkett's Dead Red Sea and their debut, Birds. This is Ryan's emo side coming through - spacey arrangements, delicately plucked guitars and whispery vocals are the name of the game, and Dead Red Sea inject more than enough originality to pull it off and keep it interesting. Experimentation with different sonic palettes like the country guitar on It's So Hard To Be Alive or the Agent Orange-esque guitar on the title track make Birds a really fascinating listen. It's impossible to tell what this band is going to do next. I mean, have you ever heard of an emo band being compared to Agent Orange? That in itself should tell you that these guys aren't content to follow the beaten path. As for songwriting, of course this is top notch. Lyrically, Ryan's melancholic obsession on mental illness carries through this record, as Love Is In the Air And Is Floating Away and Nowhere, Nothing give a good impression of the general lyrical tone. Dead Red Sea will have you doing back flips in your bedroom." - Deep Fry Bonanza



released October 9, 2001


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