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Bad News From The Bar

by Ride Your Bike

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This is opening night this is the curtain call of life. Etching with melody scenery to the void. I bet we could paint them and I bet we'd take our time. Slobbering sick ideas at them under fake lights. What ever happened to the oak tree and conquered creek. They fade away so just send another one down to me. Stand steady cause there's answers in the harmony. Never found by the weak kneed. At the beach wetting a red stone and painting your face. Then diving in to be rid of this peach color paint. We're all perfect imperfections and we all have our own shoes. So where we step is where we choose
This is something that I really need to say. The search for love my dear, no it won't end in vain. Darling don't you know that time its speed don't change. It will always tick away the same. I want the sky to be my only boundary. There are a lot of people here and most I'd like to meet. Everything I need to know, I will learn slowly. I'll just take my time but I'll always be up on my feet. What we need is far away. Like a summer in Dublin or a walk in the rain. We couldn't walk with such noise if we left town. We'd attract the wolves and they'd. They'll run us down; they'd gut us for sure. Like when the cops read my journal. And asked me a question. What are you some kind of writer. I just smiled and shook my head. I said look my friend its questions like these that stop us dead. And that shinny badge you wear. Yeah the one you keep polished. Well it means nothing
When Day peeks his head from the blanket. And the numbers blur on the clock. He gets up and says, It's Time to shine again. And even when the clouds shroud and thunder. He tries his best to yell back and slap from slumber. They're just numbers. They're just words. Just symbols. And they hurt. They're just sticks and stones. Buried in the Earth. They're just sticks and stones. But they break our bones. You're just sticks and stones. While the oyster takes sand. And makes pearls. It plants a speck of doubt. All I can make is sound. How am I to take a speck of something fake? And spit long sentences out. How am I to feel when they stay in their shell? Until it's time to spit the masterpiece out of their mouths. When night peeks her head from the coffin. And spreads her wings to block the sun. She gets up and says, It's time to fly again. And even when the stars shine bright. She blinds even the keenest eye. They're just sticks and stones. But they broke our bones. It will start like it ended. With a bang
Dug In Deep 03:27
You dug in deep. And I finally mined you clean. It was tough stone. Just a few diamonds and a little gold. The rest was coal. The rest was coal. You held your tongue. The war was won, the damage done. Those who survived. Give them gin and wine soaked lies. Are you near here? Thinking that the coast line is clear. This is how it ends. You were always too stubborn. If we are friends. I want to see you again. We can catch up then. This is how the past sees what you've been. By not letting you forget, forget. This is how the story makes amends. By not letting you forget, forget. I was thinking of sitting up straight for once. I was thinking I'd get things done. I was laughing after you hung up. I'm sorry I don't get angry but I'm spent, love
Faster 03:01
And I lost you at hello. I remember the look that said. this kid's as good as dead. And we left in a hurry. and sped things up. we used your plastic. to divide and take our shot. and things got faster. but I'm still so slow to decide. and this is it. We're gonna be looking for forever. but I know that time is short. its all about the future I'm told. We're gonna be waiting to surrender. Yeah we'll be waving white flags soon. While we promised something different. it's true. So wear on my back. that we'll never be like that. oh no, oh no. I'll swear it for the thousandth time. I'll cross my heart and hope to die. It's new and I'm feeling it for you
This car is hot as hell. I put my hands on the steering wheel. It will make me proud. If I can leave this place without turning around. I turn the radio loud. I hear a dedication from a Lillian to the whole town. It's the ending that I'm scared of now. It's just the toll you take to get out. The sun is setting (rising) can you see it. The memories reel in soft focus. Cause the moment I saw you sashay through the door. I was yours. It's ok to forget me while I'm gone . Listen she said. Our hands fit perfect. Like two halves of our heart. On chains round our arms a present from our moms. So why are you running so fast? The slower you walk the longer it lasts. This car is cold as hell. I put the window down. My eyes wide open now. It will grind me down. I stop to think of what home means now. I never knew how much I needed you until now. Cause now we share pasts with some savages. But we'll croak them quickly we learned from history. Now I glimpse the skyline. And I thought it was a dream of mine. This is a dream man. It's just really happening. Maybe it's the spirit of the snake that's keeping you awake. Or maybe it's the piss inside this cocktail. It explains the same thing
I never had a knack for faith. I tend to believe in nothing. But you seem so happy. Who taught you that? And lets be honest. Just one lesson in your style. Sit down kid this might take awhile. With us you see it evens out. While you dance swing. I dance tap. Hey there, it's about time that we caught up. It looks like; it looks like it's been tough. Would you smile for me just this once? Like you used to when bell sent us off. Baby! You've got to believe. Everything I am is everything I've seen. And I've seen. The inside of a cop car. The beginning of the end. I hope to god that some day. I will forget. Looking down the barrel of a twelve gauge. Good thing he shot and missed. The expense of wasted time is. One I cannot risk
Can't seem to make sense of things. Now look what you've offered me. It rests firmly in your consequence to you I trust this judgment. Cause you're smart like the fish that stays off the. hook. Beautiful like words in a Thompson book. And your book draws one in once you start you have to finish it. Now I see with clarity. It was always right in front of me. Let's go home where much is known. And endings can come happily. If this is what tomorrow brings we better get moving. If we're to catch the redeye we better hail a taxi. It's times like these to go full throttle. But stop right here please and wait for me. When I come back with the whiskey. I think you'll thank me. Two whiskies please, in plastic cups. Now there's a man I can trust. Where you headed stranger. Right now it's home or bust. Well take these drinks I think you'll need them. The weather's shit and the news's been feeding. Are they coming our way? That's why these whiskies are free. Bad news from the bar. They send trouble from a far . All we can do now. Is board our escape pod tune out. And sip strong drink down. Try not to think about. Soon after we sit down. Sleep will find our eyes and drown the light out
So If We 04:12
I can carry twice the load. So you don't have to carry anything at all. I can hold your hand on the plane. Just to make sure you are safe. When we get there I'll carry you to land. And I'll make you happy just because I can. We make for the parachutes. I've got your back, and you've got mine too. The captain is screaming at the top of his lungs. We're going down; we've been hit from above. The lightning is tearing holes in the sky. If I agree to jump will you be my guide. So you look at your watch. Wishing time would stop. You wish so hard, please, just this once. So if we get to see The morning. I won't ever find it boring. So if we get to drink Wine. I will drink my fill this time. We're all taller with our shoes on. If they fit right. Those heels make you look ten stories high. I want you to know you're beautiful before we die. Wait, hold on. Our stomachs right. We will live to soar the sky. As the crowd stops to cry. I swear something blessed us with harmony this night
Coat Rack 04:20
So if you're looking for a place to call your home. I'll offer you my floor it's not much. But it can be your thrown. And it comes with my heart you should know. By the way I saw that journal reading cop. And I told him you say hello. Is this a place where. You could hang your hat. Don't you see my hat has always. Been hanging on your old coat rack. The one in the corner. That held your father's over coat. And jackets way too small now. Cause everybody grew up. So put your dress on. And you can do my tie. I swore that I'd listen last time that you did this. But here I am with my tie in my hands. Hold it up to your eyes. A sacrifice. I'm yours if you can tie this right. See that brown sweatshirt in the closet. Well, that's mine. Your mom washed it that time you got carsick. And I never got it back
When the clock turns twelve. They say that things change. A new day, a fresh start one more beginning. I can't seem to remember the beginning of anything. If we could begin more. I think things would end differently. Like a snowy cherry blossom tree. Possible but highly unlikely. To see a new point to start at. Something not dreamt yet. When we're in shit up to our knees. They're screaming clean me please. Just look for the chimneystack walking down Third Avenue. He knows his place and he'll ask you. Can you feel it? Have you ever felt free? He knows what that feels like. And he'll teach you for a small fee. And just like that we were clean. And just like we were free. Thinking back it was worth every penny
I thought for a second there you woke up. But I was wrong. Another year like this. I think I'll die alone. But all the girl wants is a song. And all the guy wants to feel like he wrote it for someone. You can rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite. Your diary, but there's no need. They know exactly what they're doing. They anticipate expression. Before they've even told you anything. They've got plans but I say fuck them. Do you know I once loved you? And I still do, but I don't want to. And I have yet to meet somebody genuinely. Unscarred and for that I'm sorry. But I'm not him, I'm the one I know you could fall in love with. If you weren't so scared, so scarred, so numb . I had a dream this one time. You had a camera. and I Wanted to take some pictures. You kept the film all to yourself. I know. But how did that one turn out. Of me kneeling beside that epitaph that read so sad. Beloved Father, Beloved Son. We will always keep your room always the way it was. I will live my life for this disease. I will cure it someday you will see. Song number one or song number ten. This one is hidden for a reason. This Songs for the time we took those chances. This song is for things we did wrong / right. This song's for lovers. The ones that put it on the line. They just didn't see it. Will they ever regret it in time? I guess I'm just not what they needed, as I sing I need it more. Beloved mother, my lovely dove. We will always keep your paintings up on the walls. And I'll live my life for this disease. I'll cure it someday you will see


Every story needs a soundtrack. Just ask Mike Getches of Fort Collins-based Ride Your Bike who penned an imaginative screenplay to serve as the foundation for his addictive brand of indie pop....as well as his band's debut album. The musical companion to a wartime story, Bad News From The Bar is a lush soundscape that finds childhood friends Elliot and Lillian drifting apart due to Elliot's big city dreams. It's only through encounters with drug-addicted neighbors, police interrogators and fiery plane crashes that the pair ultimately discover what's really important. Getches' narrative sensibility and songwriting ability is innovative, unique and simply unforgettable. He boldly rejects pop's routine formula, seizing instead the genre's affinity for melody and injecting it with unpredictability and whimsy. Getches' voice is warm, soaring but tempered with fragility. But unlike so many bands, Ride Your Bike avoids overwrought emotionalism, instead creating indie anthems peppered with unusual instrumentation like horns, strings and gang vocals. The album overflows with catchy hooks and airtight sing-along choruses, proving Getches to be a true pop craftsman with more than a few eye-opening tricks up his sleeve. Produced by Andrew Berlin and Chris Jak (A Wilhelm Scream, Suicide Machines, Lemonheads, Rise Against), engineered by Johnny Schou (Good Riddance, Comeback Kid) and mixed by Jason Livermore (Rise Against, Less Than Jake, The Ataris). (DER-468)

"Ride Your Bike's Bad News From The Bar is more than a collection of idiosyncratic pop songs; it is a soundtrack to a story constructed by frontman Mike Getches. Some of the material here has a cavalcade of indie-pop hooks while So If We reveals a different side of the band as it begins with surprising aggression and nicely offsets some of the more subdued efforts. Getches uses his perfect indie rock voice to inundate the listener with emotion without ever sounding artificial. Instead, Ride Your Bike plays with a purity and focus. There are a lot of kids who are currently swooning over Plain White T's or Cute Is What We Aim For, but they should look into Ride Your Bike." - Jersey Beat

"Bad News From The Bar is one of the first records in months to literally come out of left field and take over my cd changer. Ride Your Bike isn't your typical Deep Elm band; they're part of a new generation. Enjoy the music for what it is: fun indie-pop with erratic lyrics and simple melodies. Check out Ride Your Bike because I have a good feeling that this won't be the last time you hear about them." - Absolutepunk.net

"The Colorado based Ride Your Bike has released an incredibly rich album in Bad News From The Bar. Though the band doesn't re-invent the wheel, it does add some creative decorations to the spokes. Bad News From The Bar is pop-punk reminiscent of Weezer, Dashboard Confessional and Say Anything. And while many bands tread in those tracks, Ride Your Bike has enough character to minimize the sappiness while emphasizing the snappiness. Bad News From The Bar is an introspective examination, disguised as great fun in any form." - Wonkavision



released November 6, 2007


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