As I Survive The Suicide Bomber

by Slowride

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lust laced with love. dirty my hands with you and your problems. garbage floating through the air. just might be what it seems. yeah. i need more. i've got nothing to offer you. now or ever. what a mess. and i know i'm a dick to you but i'm addicted to you. you should probably kick me out. can't you see we're better off without all of this. rain sets tone. inspiration to write to you in a dark room. volumes of shit i can smear you with. cause you're such a bitch. brown tattered edges of the book that's you. that we've all read. and tossed aside like yesterdays and memories of. you should probably kick me out. can't you see we're better off without all of this. oh yeah. it seems i've forgotten. what it is i want from this shit we've got. and it's killing me. oh yeah. it's killing me slowly. should i slit my wrists or get over it. cause i'm everything without you
underneath blankets. we can do anything. let's disappear. far from our peers. free from judgment and hateful eyes. i've got my rockets. and i've got my jets. disintegrate. and fade away. into a place where nothing exists. i'm growing invisible. we become invincible. fading faster than expected
Montana 03:57
techniques forgot. things fall apart. ignore your problems long enough. just like a match it burns you down. my song's compatible with yours. but still you fight your stupid wars. when you could drop your fists down. just out of reach but still i reach. for it and fail. life is a bitch. so now you know why i'm so bitter. so here i am out in the world. i'm shaded blue with undertones of grey. i'll shake it off. i know i can. montana. i'll take a trip. so far away. you'll never know. won't miss a day. i'm sure my name won't even cross your mind. then we'll pretend to make amends. we'll work it out. we'll remain friends. i'd tell you what. but you won't hear
On Your Own 02:26
on our own
Winter 03:10
winter's coming on. can't you feel it in your bones now. laid to rest. with the very best. i did the best that i could. send me on my way. with disaster on the brain. with blackened lungs. still my song is sung. i did the best that i could. so tie me up. and turn me loose. tell me about abuse. the things i know i learned on my own. i wrote this book for fun. tell me what you think you should. sell me what you think is good. tell me
Computer 02:45
weakness breeds disaster. meekness breathes it all. check yourself at always. and you may never fall. dysfunction by design. there's something wrong with mine. you'll look and never see. the truth that lies inside of me. the lies i simply can't believe. the true love i would never leave for you. do you understand
Money 02:49
you got money. you got friends. but your friends do not deserve you. and your money. hasn't earned you. does any of this concern you. cause you're acting like it do. you got habits. don't we all. but yours suck. don't they all. but your habits. won't desert you. when they're present. they'll observe you. and when they serve you. you become you. and we love you like we do
we can't erase it. so just embrace it. it's sad but it's so true. the simple fact is. our mathematics. never added up. i wish i knew all of the answers. i'd print out a cheat sheet. and publish it. but i don't. so i won't. i'll go on pretending to know it all. mistaken placement. try to replace it. it's slipping through the cracks. i hear you talking. you see me walking out on your heart. i wish i could arrange a recall. on all the faulty parts of my pride. but i can't. so i can just go on avoiding them. so sorry for july
i tell you something. this ain't nothing. all i'm saying. is you're my everything. you're my pumpkin. sugar dumpling. you're a hero. to this jenny jones zero. all i can say is. if it's all the same. i would take your name. instead of you taking mine. and yeah it seems. that i live in dreams. but that is where i spend my time. i have done it all my life
Four Eyes 05:16
weeping willow tired and dying. arms hang heavy wet with rain. it's days like this one. that get me thinking about how good it's never been. and at once everything was clear. what i'm doing here. and everything I am. when i saw you standing. and without speaking. you told me that you'd love me. forever. is this my life in this picture. or is there something i have missed. empty cobwebs in my corners. even spiders can't live like this. and at once. everything was clear. what i'm doing here. and everything that's me. when i saw you standing. and without speaking. you told me that you'd love me forever. with your eyes. in the same instance. insane as it seems. i knew it was good right away. all that it took was a glance. from your eyes
i don't like the way you're acting now. i want to kill you but i don't know how. should i use my words to hurt your pride deep inside. i don't think you're worth my clever mind. and it's hard to say. it's so insane. i want you off my brain. by any means necessary. i don't like the way you speak to me. it comes out ugly and so insincere. so with this i'm telling you goodbye. bye bye. i hope you've had a happy so called life. i don't like the way you're treating me. i want to kill you but do it quietly. so i'll use my acoustic guitar. and go far. how ya like me now that i'm a star
Hidden 04:35


Firing on all cylinders with their hearts on their sleeves, Slowride's brand of hook-laden, melodic rock is head-bobbing, energetic, aggressive and in-your-face. A layering of punk guitars behind catchy melodies and smooth vocals, As I Survive The Suicide Bomber is a smartly served dose of perfectly executed, pop-fueled punk...a truly inspirational, punk masterpiece. True to Slowride's brand of emotional punk, Dan Phillips belts out lyrics for the bruised and battered at heart, and you can't help but sing along. Not since Jawbreaker has any band so successfully combined heartbreaking melody and white noise. Slowride breathes new life into punk rock with an impeccable band member chemistry rarely displayed. Hear it, see it, believe it. Unreleased "Daydreams Of A Future" on Emo Diaries 5. (DER-406)

"Rarely has emotive punk ever sounded so mature and serious without slipping into redundant cliches. Slowride's melodies are the musical equivalent of moonlight shining down on calm waters: beautiful, serene and a vision from which you cannot pull away. As I Survive The Suicide Bomber takes you though the ups and downs of relationships, the frailty of the heart and the pain of failure, yet there is no whining. Rather, the boys opt for a more sardonic approach lyrically, while the music is voluminous and guitar intensive, such as the brilliantly titled I'm Everything Without You. Slowride has energized a genre by doing what all great bands do; generating a high energy level and delivering anthems with passion. A tremendous rock album with emotional lyrics that only enhance the playing. A real find." - Jersey Beat

"Occasionally, my friend is able to convince me that rock music is fading fast. Slowride's debut, As I Survive The Suicide Bomber, is some strong evidence to the contrary. The sound: loud guitars, thumping bass and hyper-spastic drumming. Dan Phillips sings on key but with a simultaneous harshness. His voice harks back to the punk rock of a decade ago, reminiscent of Mike Ness of Social Distortion. The songs are catchy, exploding right from the start with I'm Everything Without You followed by the equally catchy Rockets And Jets. As I Survive The Suicide Bomber is charged with energy and sincerity, and as long as there are bands like Slowride, I'm not giving up on rock." - Mere Exposure

"As I Survive The Suicide Bomber from Slowride is exactly the kind of volume-up, windows-down record you need when school just lets out and the interstate is calling you. I'm Everything Without You rips this tour-de-force open, and within the first fifteen seconds you know exactly what type of music this is. The guitars are so thick and punchy and the tunes are immediately hum-able. This is a record that you put on when you want to sing along at the top of your lungs, and you'll probably know every word after only a few listens. Like a good record should, though, As I Survive the Suicide Bomber mixes things up quite a bit as well. Though everything here is almost immediately catchy, like Jawbreaker the band can make you cry just as well as they can make you sing. Still, dark and crunchy isn't the only trick up the band's sleeve - On Self Improvement: Lesson One they turn up the acoustic guitars, without completely abandoning the electric. No matter what Slowride do they do it well. If your road trip music of choice leans toward Jawbreaker, Face to Face or Dillinger Four, you just found the next record you should be buying. Get this now." - Deep Fry Bonanza


released February 5, 2002


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