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Arson Followed Me Home

by Eleven Minutes Away

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decorum to my crippling agents. prepackaged prayers and arrangements. your parting bids me a sweet sorrow. that perfect timing for tomorrow. i walk a minefield every time. impatience sings a crater mine. to whom it may concern. were sorry for your loss. i would advise you to be patient. portage across my broken landscape. extinguish evil with emotion. prescribed therapeutic potion. accelerometer is broken. so smile and wave on the destruction. your loss
so twist and flail with all your might and fall despite me. i am the only friend you have so don't ignore me. let's say your right. step through the glass. you tried always changing things so now it's worse. somehow you'll redeem yourself and we will move on. how'd we end up here i'll never know. moving too slow. decisions come too fast i can't keep track. you can't take it back. please say you'll try. but know we are the same
construct me to your fate. but i'd agree anyway. guide this spear through my spine. and punch these holes in my heart. those photos i can't bare to see. touch the radio and i'll leave you here. make sure to print your name. just a remembrance to the pain. there's nothing in between. just a silhouette of me. wilted as you say. another memory to keep. all these folded lines i've seen (there's nothing in between). scissors cut from seam to seam (another memory to keep). all these photographs that show (there's nothing in between). tear me from heart to soul. show me the faces to outline. it's hard to see from time to time. find a cure for an old embrace. i turned to leave as you walked away. frowned upon my bloody hands. my regrets will wash away. scattered lines and deadly words. as i fall asleep again. there's nothing in between. just a silhouette of me. wilted as you say. another memory to keep. all these folded lines i've seen. scissors cut from seam to seam (as i poke out your eyes. told you my kind of goodbye). all these photographs that show. tear me from heart to soul (as i poke out your eyes. told you my kind of goodbye). frowned upon my bloody hands. as i walk i poke out your eyes. tear me out. fades away. tear me out. these scissors cut you from me. there's nothing in between (tear me out). just a silhouette of me (tear me out). wilted as you say (fades away). another memory to keep (fades away). can you please call this time. admit we're right and leave behind. suit's and angles coloured wrong. tear this gift down from the wall. of withered faith and rotten smiles. i'll break the glass you start the fire. i'll fall into your hidden blade. a simple way to feel again. there's nothing in between. just a silhouette of me. wilted as you say. another memory to keep
Danger Inc. 03:03
your faults are hard to bare it shows. there's no support for you let go. let us take it for what it's worth. third time's a charm so let's break it. i give my regards to all those who remain. i'll waste our time once again. i know a way that you don't know. all the hard times you thought you knew. superficial knife wounds will not impair you. it's funny how we live to self destruction. let's leave and burn those bridges and children. i can help you through this it's the same way i will go
another one had the time to find these own escape. there is something that restrains my progression so gradually. and never start a sentence with there is because. you don't want to look foolish as many phrases as many ways. what you gunning for. it's another chance to leave. leave self-perfection. i don't want to fail once more. no matter what you think or what you say hey it's a loss. my faith and momentum will strive to go on and on. aren't you going to stop to look
be careful of her lies. they try to flourish when desire and love. as to a slate of red flaking paint. that rises up like fire. a postcard remains. surrounds her blissful mask. are those pillars of stone. remnants of those picturesque romantics she will slay. no comfort in looking back. my final resting place. i fear i have already committed. my strength for a search. through all the wreckage. maybe she had lied to me. because the pieces are all missing. life wrecks go unknown. i know that you had room for two. yet i am shackled to this anchor. this sure is some goodbye. and so she fears no one. too bold to feel sorrow. i am forced to sort my scattered thoughts alone. and left to view the world. through bloodshot eyes. be careful of her lies. they try to flourish when desire and love. as to a slate of red flaking paint. that rises up like fire. a postcard remains. she fears no one
I Am Home 01:46
burn it down. this cursive pattern is a minefield. misguided wreck. dredged from the bottom. and i will be your end. i'm home
open your eyes. you have to see this. i'll take the wheel and we will go. this painful ride. and bare the failure on my own. don't break my fall. i'm disappointing. i'll hide forever. no more gestures. please don't find me. you could grow wings and whisper your goodbye. i'll take the wheel just tell me where to go
change of plans now. this was unexpected. can't look back. ask these questions. secure my failure. you're not alone. this crash landing. is overwhelming. we're going down. i confess to you. too late i know. before we die. i wish you knew. we'll fall into the unknown doom together. and everything will be okay i promise. i'll hold your hand and keep you safe forever. it's so bright i can't look back. it's so bright. i know your scared cause i am too. accept this failure it will bring you down. and please look to me for that faith that's lost. we won't make it this time so don't let go. it's a long way to fall i wish you knew. it's a long way to fall. it's just me. its been so long. and i'll miss you. i can't look back. too late i know. i wish you knew
I Am Tragedy 01:02
an end still looms defiant. and none so cold as silence
Alias: Grace 03:32
it's okay she knows the way to go. and paint the trails retire in the grey. a twisted thorn in her weeping dress i lie. hide these tears before they run. that dreary smile she left behind. i'll fall into her eyes. she said it would rain soon. the moments pass us by. everything i left of you. memories are hard to leave behind. closed your eyes and left me here to die. i loved the way you used to smile. i will not leave you
be still and sleep. so blind yourself from. misguided senses. ironic at best. it's far from over now. what's so important. composing rapture. and mannerisms. oh so charming. was dear to me. has now departed. an empty shell. sit idle and be still. be still. and sleep. sit idle and be still. condemning to enslave. and you'll repeat the past. dismantle all that's new. we've been through the worse but it's still far from over. despite what you think moments pass like decades. in danger i dissolve


From the Great White North comes Eleven Minutes Away...and they've come with an emotional investment in songs that, simply put, lays it all on the line. With staccato rhythms, razor sharp guitars, turn-on-a-dime shifts and atmospheric interludes, EMA saves nothing for later on their debut Arson Followed Me Home. Perhaps it is youth's emphatic drive toward creativity that fuels the wealth of ideas and breadth of songwriting among the punk, hardcore and metal membership of Eleven Minutes Away. Or perhaps it¹s pure tenacity. Whatever the case, we're grateful. Songs like P.S. I Hate You bow, but never buckle, under the vigorous assault of chugging guitars. Songs like Atrophy Acetylene and Enjoy The Disaster blur the line with a dynamic, kinetic energy, while Danger Inc. and I Am Tragedy exhibit a melodic catharsis. From one extreme to the next, EMA delivers an unrelenting, frontal assault of heavy rock - instruments shining, crashing and rumbling - without a bump in the road. Expect the unexpected on this debut. (DER-436)

"Eleven Minutes Away waste no time in showing the listener that they are a band in the vein of fellow Canadians Alexisonfire. Fans of Jimmy Eat World would adore the power pop of I'm a Doctor, Not a Doorstop with its tight melody. The highlight has to be the full-out rocker Enjoy The Disaster that is well-executed thanks to guitarists Veska and Chris Reilly. A close second, however is Alias: Grace, which mixes the softer side with the harder, edgier rock portion. The finale Drilling Holes In His Head Is Not The Answer focuses on this component with great results. Arson Followed Me Home is an album with good songs." - All Music

"Hailing from the same Southern Ontario petri dish that spawned post-hardcore heroes Jersey and Grade, Deep Elm signees Eleven Minutes Away aim to follow their homeboys' lead and take suburban bedrooms and skateparks by storm. At times Arson Followed Me Home is tuneful and melodic (like the winsomely Shall I Happily), but for the most part it's loud, raucous no-frills emocore; a densely-packed nailbomb of regret, busted romances and white-hot cathartic release that's mercifully light on the moping and crying." - Chart

"At Eleven Minutes Away's best on tracks like I'm A Doctor, Not A Doorstep and Purpose Is Distraction, the band presents an tendency to be simultaneously great and derivative. Thankfully, Arson Followed Me Home includes more of the former, with the use of interesting percussive elements and, on tracks like the stand-out I Am Tragedy, a genuine ability to play outside of conventional genre lines and experiment with structural and sonic elements. Arson Followed Me Home is given its moments to shine; and when it does, it's pretty damn bright." - Exclaim



released April 26, 2005


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