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Are You My Lionkiller?

by Imbroco

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swing set silhouette. stinging my sunburnt backhands. breaking cigarettes. mending fractured seesaw slip-ups. why do we confine our steps to the dotted lines. we show our play. we stole the game. we take baby steps. they come so close together. i step on your toes. c'est la vie said you to me. sing me into your lullaby. and i'll kiss you goodnight. long texas drive can change a mind. i've been thinking. it's a good thing. and i'll kiss you goodbye
you've got fever again. your feet are colder then winter in wisconsin. sweet dreams reluctantly end. my freezing hands burn to be touched again. i'm not desperate or deep. futile wants surfacing. wind up my gears too tight. breaks like clockwork. tree eats kite. this is not an entry for your diary. this is a confession of the ministry. is was suspension of disbelief. delusions of grandeur. visible signs of relief. december as one. alone. fighting off the temperature. winter hollowed out. set free. capsizing rapidly. get your days straight. quit lying to me. i wish i could. but you would never believe. i regret every second spent. decisions make damage permanent. this torch i hold is all that keeps me from burning down
closer. hard to breathe in. the wake up. i woke up to. these tragic events. years spent in the shade. in your shadow. i know i can't be replaced. small times by build giant memory. i haven't gone far from center in so long. i built this place for you to live forever in. millionaires club penny pinched the pick pocket. time spent like we could live through our sons without having one. we could come to dinner. we could feel warm and safe. or we could live in this hotel. so vacant. time takes it's toll. we cant keep it all
truly my father's son. truly faithful to no one. mistakes made effortless. temptation is a force like gravity holding onto me. the rain that falls wont slow me down. held my head so high i may drown. retracing my steps back up speedway. retracing the lines run down your face. forgiveness please. forgive me. i can see from the scars on our shoes we haven't fallen far from our roots. i'd have wings if i was meant to fly. driving and screaming while i cry. it's not good enough. sounds so shallow. repeated and echoed. every repetition losing your attention. i would so quickly now give up what i wouldn't then
every star falls. every plane crashes down. every night we could drive twenty miles out of town. and watch the pinholes as they come down. we'll watch the satellites. we'll chase the fireflies. i want to hold your dishpan hands. i want to give into your crazy demands. placing wagers on the alphabet. a one subject college ruled romance novelette. solid gold from head to toe. we slow danced on the picnic tables. and i'm bound to bring you down. criticism made of anyone else is a truism about myself. i wish i might. i wish i may into aerospace. that tonight i'll see your freckled face. i'm through crying over the milk that has yet to spill. standing still amidst a commotion. while every night i lie awake miss you. lost you. i still need you. so long. farewell. auf wiedersehen. goodnight. and i forget sometimes that all your time can't be mine
close your eyes. go to sleep. my sweet precious boy. don't lose a wink for me. salt water calls. brave men in piles of ruin lie. in his boat. his colors flying. we've fallen down. i have now given in. the turn inside that burns. burns me through


With an impressive line-up that includes Scott McCarver (ex-Mineral), Gabe Wiley (Pop Unknown, ex-Mineral), Matt Breedlove (Pop Unknown) and Rory Phillips (The Impossibles, ex-The Stereo), an element of pure, experience-bred songwriting can be expected from Imbroco. Are You My Lionkiller?'s beautiful instrumentation, immaculate guitar work, meticulous percussion and tender vocals deliver an onslaught of what is truly respectable in the underground. One of three bands to rise from the ashes of Mineral (others include Pop Unknown and The Gloria Record). A must have. (DER-387)

"In that period between the breakup of Mineral and during the early days of Pop Unknown came Imbroco, and Deep Elm has finally pulled their songs together for release. With Scott McCarver and Gabe Wiley from Mineral, it's easy to hear the edgy power of that band on Are You My Lionkiller? But with Wiley and Matt Breedlove also in Pop Unknown, it's also easy to hear the development of that band. Rory Phillips, formerly of The Stereo and currently The Impossibles, has a voice that can go from soft and pretty to emotionally on the verge of screaming in an instant, and although he sounds a bit cleaner and lighter than some emo bands' vocalists, he works perfectly here. So, you probably guessed what Imbroco sounds like: powerful, emotional, guitar-driven post-hardcore rock with beautiful melodic moments and moments of sheer, almost screaming intensity. Imbroco haven't been around for a while, and you're just hearing about it now, but thank Deep Elm for bringing these songs back. Because, if you're like me and you can't ever get enough of Mineral and post-Mineral style emotional rock, you're going to be longing desperately for these songs. Powerful, emotional, and held barely held in check from breaking into chaotic intensity, these songs deserve to be heard. And with beautiful packaging, this disc deserves to be had." - Delusions of Adequacy

"Are You My Lionkiller is a dream almost tailor-made for fans of melodic, dynamic, lush, and rolling pop, with edges crashing on rock and sonic outburst like hysterics filling the spaces between the waves. I think these guys fall a bit closer to the pop-rock catch of Pop Unknown, but the last song heads toward the streaming, dreaming soul of what used to be Mineral with soaring beauty and melodic ache. Both clean and beautiful, creaming and scratched, it fills you, ocean wide." - Big Takeover

"What's that old adage? From a small seed grow tall trees or something? Well, that could easily be applied to Imbroco's songs on Are You My Lionkiller? They usually start off small, quiet, introspective - like Holy Rollers or Elliot even - before they start to grow. They grow beyond all proportion until they have a sound that a juggernaut could pass through, with room to spare. The quality tunesmithery should come as no surprise though, bearing in mind they include two members of Pop Unknown, two members of the brilliant Mineral and the vocalist from The Impossibles. Hearing Imbroco in full flow is really an uplifting awe-inspiring sound and that's not to mention the way they can suddenly call a halt to that and reduce things to a subtle jangling guitar and fragile vocal. Another winner from the continually impressive Deep Elm roster." - Scanner



released August 29, 2000


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