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A Strange And Beautiful Trip

by Lily And The Pearl

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Pick Me Up 03:31
i need a pick me up. no more flowers please. chocolates and phone calls don't really. work for me. i need a how are you. i need a miss you too. i need a steady friend. to hold my hand. you said we'd still be friends. you said we'd meet again. after that day. that day you went away. you said i'd be there too. i said i'd stay with you. you said you'd never leave. and i believed you. i need a pick me up please. don't leave. i need a pick me up. give me some sugar please. my caffeine diet isn't working anymore. i tried to read your poems. i tried to read you home. i tried to say we're over. but in my head i can't make that lie anymore. you said we'd still be friends. you said we'd meet again. everything went away that day. that day you went away
if i were a sailor then maybe i'd see. that this tiny ships going down. but i'm a fish and that's all i will be. traveling near you round and round. maybe i'll catch a wave. make me believe that i can sail away. i don't need bait hooks or fins. i need willingness, a passion to swim free. if i were a sailor then maybe i'd find. i'd jump ship so i could be free. but i'm under water and i feel sublime. counting these ships above me
War Song 04:10
been watching news, been watching you. been feeling used with all these. frosted up waves, oh blaming these faiths. they got naked cue cards, making you pause. to explain and complain to me. about money and about greed. but here's a news flash you can rehash. i've been trying to see this unity, not anonymity. it's all insane to me aren't you feeling a little consumed, no room to breathe. or room to speak. so i'm sure you see right through this wide-eyed line. but i fear my fear is greater than my strength. so i'll wrap up and unravel my unraveling rambling ways. i always felt you were the one with the white lies keeping me straight. you speak of narrow ways, broadway plays. makes it look pretty, red paint silly, it's makeup. wake up to the natural world. my magazine and mysteries are making my life misery. so take a second for me baby change the cnn to discovery. i'll watch a lion go down, no suits lying around setting. scenery and greenery to make these countries sing to me. is this how it ends. is this how it ends. i'm in a hole in the ground nowhere to be found. the news won't find its way to me. the tanks may lead to history. i'll read in a book to my old friends. i'll read it on a billboard how this all ends. and we'll stand with two fingers high in the sky. you'll fall and leave me wondering why
i gave you my word. you gave me some sort of code. you said you knew this well. i only knew what i had been told. so baby i don't need your good intent. that's all i would need then i would regret. baby i don't care about you giving it all away. because i dare not i dare not i dare not say. because. you're who i'm in love. you're who i'm in love. you're who i'm in love. who i'm in love with. secret keep quiet... shhhh. so we swore with our pinkies. we swore with our only name. i could have read your eyes from here. i could have read your eyes from a mile away. and baby i don't need your company. i feel quite amused with my liberty. why don't you join me in playing coy? i'll be the girl, you be the shy boy
stuck somewhere between your lips and your pocket. i'm carrying baggage that fills my heart. oh give me some room so i can stretch my arms to the sky....to the sky. i promised you this and you promised me that. we were a pair of delusions that no one could meet. oh you twiddled my thumbs with the art of perfection and i cried...oh i cried. and we are swinging so high so that no one can push us. and we're kicking and screaming like mad. oh we're probably flying unable to tell if we've. died or if we're still alive in our sleep. i am waking you're shining oh watching the fall of our. dear mister moonshine slipping behind. an orange horizon that snuck in when we peaked
i left that big place in that city. oh in that city. that city was mine. i left that child in the meadow. in the meadow. that child was mine. don't make me forgive him cause i can't and you can't make me. she said. don't make me forgive her cause i won't and i don't want to. he said. let's make a deal my love. i'll forgive. i gave my witness a handful of gold. let him run with it. let him go. and i told my shelter to fly away. didn't need her to shade my day. i left my heart in that city. in that city. that heart was mine. and i left my soul in that child. in that child. that soul was mine
i always thought i was going to run away when this came. i always dreamt of the day when i sank away. it's not how it's gonna end. not how it's gonna end. not how it's gonna end oh no. i always said the woman wrote the best part of me. i always read your words like they were meant for me. so i made my final peace walking from this pretty beast. oh you made this piece of me break. i never asked for you i've only questioned few and you are. making me shake. i drink away all my woman. here i'm left so dry. floating away my soul. here i'm drinking all my woman away. i always prayed somehow i would make it through. i always saw myself alone among these two by two by twos so. i'm gonna make this really fast. going to run in my own mask. make it better make it last one day
Junebug 04:06
junebug followed a river of tears. that led him to me. that led him home. and true love made him bitter. but better she said than before. write me some time. write me some time. the poet said. under his breath. sing me a way. sing me a way. back to you. the singer sang. we're gonna march quiet. we're gonna march quiet. we're gonna march in circles until may. june was the only time when. you could. stolen me from the sun. you love that's what caught my eye. you were shy. and i was the same
didn't it seem like a purple kind of day? on your way out. walking on the street a perfect kind of day. with perfect company. didn't it seem like a perfect kind of day? with that perfect kind of light. walking hand and hand everything was great. oh everything was right. i need you like this leaf falling down. you'll pull through like these leaves on the ground. didn't it seem like a purple kind of day melting snow. at our feet. puddles turn to rain slipping from our heads. down to golden leaves. didn't it seem like a perfect kind of day? red and orange at our feet. a fall that never came melting away. with the sun that used to be
it was a strange and beautiful trip. four thousand miles away from everything that seemed sane and grounded. it was a strange and beautiful trip. four thousand miles away from lives that were planned out for us and we turned crazy. and we were daydreamers by night. and funny siblings that didn't look alike by day. walking to another city with. a singer on my chair. and we were there. and it was strange. and it was beautiful. and now we've changed. we went for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles. it was a strange and beautiful trip. three thousand miles of feet dragging in dust from the barefoot walking around. it was that painting in that hotel room oh a coincidence or were we just supposed to be there. do you remember the man in portland. he said he tried living out the back of his car. he couldn't pay his rent he didn't get very far. do you remember that spot in jackson. sitting outside of that bar. with an idea in our heads. that was where it started. we turned crazy. daydreaming in the night. and we started flying by day. and we were there. and it was strange. it was beautiful. and now we've changed. we were there. and it was strange. it was beautiful. and now we've changed. we went for miles and miles and miles and miles
you told me i don't need you walking by my side. baby i don't think you're gonna have to justify it one bit. i don't want to tell you i love you. but it's not my fault if i really feel it. it's not that you happened so quickly that i couldn't see. but i don't need you imitating me. with your eyes open and you are complacent. not going to pull you down. but that smile could be a little more decent. not that i need you but i'm always on your side. not that i want to but we can never compromise. do you think i'm gonna leave you falling down. with a pair of eyes burning through and through. you've got your eyes wrapped around me like a baby. but i can't fight this kind of fight with you. so call me crazy but i really do admit. you're the only one i've found that really had it. i know i can't be the only kind for you. funny that we end up this way. funny that you turned out to be who i choose. call me something call me what you like behind my back. as i am walking away. i know you handle things a little differently. i know you watch me try to find the right words to say
you are standing right beside me i can't hide. i feel like there's a thousand miles between your kiss and mine. we could feel the same but i can't seem to say. here we are in perfect time in perfectly awkward ways. i am falling. i am falling. i am falling. into you. i can't seem to say the things i feel about your heart. we walk in circles we walk in blind we are far apart
i could make this go away. in a wink. i could make you reappear. and i wish this face could stay. i wish this place could be where we end up. and it's different than i had imagined. that brought me back to you. and i hate that i feel this way. hate that i think of you. hate that it comes to this. oh the time how it flies and i wave goodbye. i cry goodbye. and another one leaves. and i close my eyes. i close my eyes. oh you could never tell me. i could never hear those words from you. and i hate that i wonder. i hate that i don't know. and i picture you laughing. tripping on these smile lines. and someday i'll blink. and you'll be right in front of me


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released January 1, 1950


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