Falling On Deaf Ears

by This Beautiful Mess

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This album is available for download via Sally Forth Records.

The ambient, astral roar of this album is fueled by the intricately crafted, pleasantly unfamiliar sound of This Beautiful Mess. A rich blend of studio technology and solid pop sensibility, the band makes their debut with an intelligent collection of hard and soft layers, electronic noises and swooning melodies that are stirring, refreshingly unique and strangely beautiful. Call it creative rock for the ages, it's a presentation that relies on two musical approaches which together propel the surreal, cinematic quality Falling On Deaf Ears. Infinitely detailed in its production and dynamically varied with an abundance of textures, this record breathes genuine emotion and intense imagery. The aching voice of lead singer Arjen has an emotional directness that is undeniably sincere. Simply beautiful, breathtaking music. Unreleased song "Racing The Mosaic" on The Emo Diaries, Chapter Seven. (DER-409)

"I am admittedly guilty of applying terms such as 'ethereal' and 'heartfelt' to a variety of bands, possibly to a point where these adjectives lose their true meanings. I apologize for this and would like to say that This Beautiful Mess is deserving of the aforementioned words and are, in fact, the living embodiment there of. Falling On Deaf Ears is atmospheric guitar rock played with classical skill, featuring Arjen Van Wijk's vocals which are both driven and operatic. Each song pops with energy and power, but the swirling vastness will leave you entranced. There is a forceful depth within each effort, as all eleven anthems burst forth, bombarding the listener with a combination of grace and volume that few bands understand. If you are looking for a record that will take you on a journey, this may be it. Effortlessly transitioning from loud to soft to explosive, This Beautiful Mess integrate pop sense with deeply textured sound. Falling On Deaf Ears is a record that is simultaneously gorgeous and volcanic. Get this." - Jersey Beat

"This Beautiful Mess on Falling On Deaf Ears makes music that is exquisite in its rich layers of sound and lyrical abstraction. As the very first tones reached my ears, the only thing I could do was stagger back from the stereo to find myself sitting on the floor, completely enchanted. As I leaned backwards onto the nearest supporting wall, what flew through my head were the very few songs that have stolen my breath the way the first track, Black Is The New Red, was doing. Each song seemed an extension of the one before, which created an entire album that mesmerizes with its continuous haunting beauty. This beauty is only epitomized by the reverberating vocals of Arjen Van Wijk. From the first echoing timbre, through the controlled wavering and the precisely irresolute wails, to the final hollow resonance, they never ceased to send tingles down my spine. Breathtaking and overwhelming, the album exemplifies a romantic jazz quality, with hints of sounds seemingly new wave-influenced. Falling On Deaf Ears is definitely an album to fall in love with." - operationINDIY

"Falling on Deaf Ears from This Beautiful Mess is a thing of classical beauty and originality. This release may have for you the same effect it had for me...on first listen, I was completely floored. The band swirls layers of guitars around atmospheric keyboards and drums, creating a sonic assault of sound that's at one moment driving and intense, the next atmospheric and lovely. Coupled with vocals from Arjen Van Wijk that are intensely moving and lyrics that are emotionally powerful, each song here is quite beautiful. They go from drawn-out, textured swirls of guitar and keys to an all-out assault of emotionally charged intensity. This album is best on the first few listens, when the layers of guitars and keyboards swirling around Van Wijk's gorgeous voice sound their most powerful. Still, repeated listens give insight into the band's impetus for this album - a searching, exploratory spirituality. More emotional than your traditional emo band and more intelligent than your arty acts, This Beautiful Mess have crafted a masterpiece on their debut." - Delusions of Adequacy



released September 25, 2001



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Track Name: Black Is The New Red
here i am but where are you. i'm a jar and i am empty too. i forgot how to pray to you. buried my treasure in the ground. are you near is it far. can i get to where you are. without your strength within me. without your presence under my skin. with nothing at all. i want you inside. so why don't you come and find me. i'll be waiting right here. there's nothing left to say to you. there's nothing left for me to do. than raise my hands in awe to you. it's you i know that gets me through. it's out of my hands again. i fold myself up again
Track Name: Overexposed
i am falling into you. there's no one left to fall into. it's breaking me in two. the old in me is taking over. it's taking me over. all my promises fall to the floor. they leave me exposed. let me explode. right before your eyes i lose my innocence. there inside your arms i find myself again. without pretensions. just imperfections. you are falling into me. i'm half the man i used to be. it's tearing me apart. the old in me is breaking open. it's breaking me open. all my trespasses will come to light. and leave me exposed. leave me alone
Track Name: Cacophonic
i believed in you daddy. but lately it's so hard to keep the faith. i am too rational. to stroll upon the waters. i relied on you. but tonight's rush hour in the sky. i lost your frequency. in a cacophony of prayers. cling to me and i'll cling to you. take me to your greatest height. can you make anything of this. and are you even listening. can you take anymore of this. can i still be forgiven
Track Name: Fly Anna Fly
tonight. i am black and you are white. and your beautiful gown is making me cry. tonight. the stars they shine for us. and for a second i can touch the sky. alright. this is why i've lived my life. and he didn't come back before tonight. sunlight. the day has overcome this time. and it fills our room with colors so bright. fly anna fly. and save my life. don't wipe away. the sand from my eyes. fly anna fly. i feel alive. and it's okay. this sand in my eyes. tonight. it feels like we're the only ones. at the sheer face of love
Track Name: Clean
you went out there on your own. you went out there to carry the weight. and nobody here goes free. you went to wear the crown of thorns. to throw the first stone at yourself. cause nobody here is clean. and you gave yourself away. every finger is pointing at you. everything is accusing you. everybody is needing a scapegoat. so you got out there. you're hit in the face. you're spit in the face. now where is your god. and where is your grace
Track Name: Soundtrack Of My Life
all is full of you. by grand design. and you are beautiful. it's omnipresent. all is full of your almighty glory. and it's revealing. your omnipresence. all is full of you. in grand array. and you are wonderful. it's unfathomable. all is full of all your holy majesty. and everything's revealing. you are the soundtrack of my life. you are the song inside my heart. and you are here
Track Name: Sola Gratia
i am so thirsty. i'd drink all of the sea. i am drying up inside. my life is drained. my well is empty. i need to be filled. let the fountain spring in me eternally. rain. rain down beautiful grace. rain all over my face. rain down beautiful grace. and wash all these stains away. i feel the water. falling over me. a holy shower from heaven shed. i'm soaking wet
Track Name: Kill
if i could get you into a frame. if i could figure you out. how truly would i really be. if my image of you was complete. i've been trying to fill the void. to reach out and touch your face. but i molded you after my taste. and created another cliche. with a human concept of what is fitting. i cannot get you into my frame. now i see but a poor reflection. then i'll see face to face. kill all my idols till thy kingdom come. kill all my idols and come quickly come
Track Name: 21st Advent Hymn
i will sing you a new song into the next century. i will be with you. you will bring me a new day into a glorious age. you will be with me. how long to sing this song anew into your infinity. i will be waiting you will be returning
Track Name: Here I Stand
here i stand. looking out to sea. where a thousand souls have prayed. and a thousand lives were laid on the sand. years have past. since they have died. but the word shall last. and wild goose shall fly. here i stand. looking out to sea. and i say a prayer. that the wild goose will come to me
Track Name: Last Day's Embrace