Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings

by Logh

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This album is available for download via Bad Taste Records.

Logh filters the finest elements of indie rock, poetic tone and intelligible songwriting through a Nordic perspective and into a record that pulses, swells and sighs with effortless synergy. Without ever leaving the grips of simple pop, Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings flirts with lo-fi elements - lightly brushed snares, subtle guitar strumming, droning bass lines and wispy, aching vocals - but with more range, expression and genuine feeling than most bands can muster. Music laden with so much texture, atmosphere and emotion is rare. The stark sadness may be ghostly familiar as one of LOGH's greatest strengths is their ability to make their images sing. But as heavy as your heart may grow, the record uplifts you...not through eleven separate songs, but rather one intricate blueprint of earnest emotion. Incredibly well performed and overflowing with desperate beauty. Unreleased song "Guided Tour Of A Dead Man's House" on The Emo Diaries, Chapter Eight. (DER-418)

"Finding an album like Every Time a Bell Rings from Logh is a bittersweet experience for me; I am painfully aware that music this incredible doesn't come along very often. Logh are what Thom Yorke has always wanted to sound like. Across the eleven songs presented here, they weave gorgeous ambient production with modest melodies and tight, nimble musicianship that aches with emotion. Lyrically, Mattias Friberg possesses a fierce poetry. There's little more I can say to do an album like this justice. I'm left so full of emptiness after breathing in Logh that I have to remind myself that I exist. It really is that good." - Ink19

"If bands were economic arguments, Logh would be a vindication of Sweden's gargantuan government. But they're not, so Logh are just a great band. Most of Every Time A Bell Rings seems to emerge from a listless fog, like a punctuating afterthought. Mattias Friberg's vocals sound like human cello chords, at times even evoking a more dry-iced Cobain. Sparse and churchy, songs such as The Passage clinch an arresting, frigidly beautiful mood. This is full scale, frigorific Nordic under-rock." - DIW

"I have never heard of Logh before this review, but after listening to Everytime A Bell Rings, I hope that everyone hears about them. The are reminiscent of bands like Sigur Ros, Mogwai and Kings of Convenience. They are very Nordic in style with their soft, mellow vocals accompanied by long, similarly whimsical and expressive instrumental pieces. Their lyrics are simple, but at the same time deep and reflective. Logh exemplifies the perfect balance between vocal and instrumental parts, proving their intense ability to creatively structure a song. Another aspect of the album that is very worth noting is the distinctness of the songs. Each has its own respective style and adds to the flowing and graceful unfolding of the album. This should be listened to in pieces, but rather as part of one large collaboration of artful and expressive music. If you are a fan of mellow, reflective and emotional bands like Sigur Ros, than you should pick up a copy of Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings." - Centerfuse



released July 23, 2002



all rights reserved


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Track Name: In Cold Blood
we plod our way. through the ashes and the dust. left of our plans. of all things we've shared. today buries tomorrow. but no stone is raised. killed in cold blood. at the onset of night. today buries tomorrow
Track Name: Yellow Lights Mean Slow Down, Not Speed Up
the night is calm so lets go for a ride. it's these simple things that keep us alive. we left the children sleeping for all i know. we let the neons show us the way to go. the night is calm but a cold wind blows. living is dying sometimes i know. there's a bad unkind thing in the air tonight. but we let the neons show us where to hide. alright
Track Name: The Passage
we learn our way from watching the sun. we find our way by watching the sun. can't come with you when you go south. come back 'til spring. i'll have to stay behind this year. i'll try to stick it out this year
Track Name: Note On Bathroom Mirror
fastest guy on the strip. fastest mind on this ship. hey check your mirrors. on a bathroom mirror. she writes her name. and she writes my name. yeah check your. fastest ship in the fleet. with my princess up front seat. hey check your heading. note on bathroom mirror. hey check your mirrors. blankets for cold nights. we will need them. where we're going
Track Name: Music For Flightrecorders
Track Name: Lookalike
they said he'd been in for quite a while. when they found him by the riverside. those bones won't be identified. i saw a man the other night. yeah he looked just like a lookalike. of the man that i had left to die
Track Name: The Bastards Have Landed
headed into their world. headlights off. we're not. despite the sign. welcome at all. don't let them know who we are. don't let them know where we're from. sorry sir. we were just trying to get home. waiter. serve us our drinks then leave us alone. don't let them know what we've got. because they don't know what they want. but right or wrong. it's their call
Track Name: Ghosts
i'm writing reports of the days and the nights. locked up for years in a measure of mind. when with a net of nothing. i was trying to catch the motions of a mind. and the methods of a crime. i never saw the chance. and never what i held in my hands. the lights are all red in this town. where i'm killed by exhausts. and alcohols that dry out my skin. i never had a clue of the role that i played. but that's the condition and the price that we pay
Track Name: Off The Ground
can you hear. hear the bell. the church bell. the church on the hill. the sound is off. it's off the ground. have you seen. seen the men. the dead men. the office men. they are men of the sky. they're off the ground
Track Name: Every Streetlight A Reminder
Track Name: The Hour We Knew Nothing
across town the fires break out all around. far off the sirens bleed for the unsound. waiting for nothing now. but waiting is all that we can do. for now. before we fall