Angel Youth

by Last Days Of April

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This album is available for download via Bad Taste Records.

A hook is a hook...but with Last Days Of April, it's an epic masterpiece. Inventive arrangements, bittersweet melodies, flawless instrumentation and the masterful production of Fireside's Pelle Gunnerfeldt give Angel Youth its hidden edge. Layers of strings and pianos surround songs examining the tender sting of relationships past. Receiving critical praise within indie rock circles worldwide, this record is nothing short of outstanding. Impossible to listen just once. "Nothing's Found" on Emo Diaries Three. (DER-401)

"Angle Youth has to be one of the greatest albums EVER. Produced by Fireside's Pelle Gunnerfeldt, Last Days Of April play some beautiful, searing college rock that made me feel like I did when I first heard Jimmy Eat World's Clarity. This album can be described as pure perfection and definitely a contender for album of the year. How albums like this manage to pass silently by the mainstream is beyond me. If you don't have this in your collection, it will look bare." - ExstreamRadio

"Angel Youth from Last Days Of April is an emotional meteor shower that flattens me to the ground with every song. Some say the best records are those that effect you so much, it hooks you before you realize what it sounds like. If that's the case, then Angel Youth is one of the most visceral, hit-you-in-the-heart-before-your-brain-reacts records in indie rock. I've stopped trying to pin this down critically; I'm just too shaken up by its pure melancholy to examine it logically. Angel Youth radiates with glimmering guitar licks, pain soaked singing and lyrics that make me miss my girlfriend even more. No one can deliver the kind of passionate personal hell Last Days Of April has created. A marvelous gem." - Lollipop

"On Angel Youth, Last Days Of April avoids the pitfalls of mediocrity through brilliant songwriting, sharp production, and the incorporation of numerous string instruments to give their sound a unique, spiritual quality. It's very rare when an isolated band can break new ground and become leaders in a movement whose major bands are thousands of miles away. This is an album you can listen to over and over again and still hear new instruments and stereo tricks on each listen. Catchy and inventive." - Skratch

"Angel Youth is a record that indie rock lovers will appreciate and make their own, as Last Days Of April plays a very delicate, yet punchy, post rock pop where a subtle musical layer is met with well calibrated vocals. The top notch production can only add to the already captivating personal lyrics and skilled musicianship. Great sounds, mixing keyboards with your indie structure of guitar and bass, overlaid by a singer that knows how to sing. A debut that is astonishing as it is brilliant. Last Days Of April is a name to watch. 10 out of 10!" - Dogprint


released May 8, 2001



all rights reserved


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Track Name: From Here To Anywhere
always yours to throw away. from here to anywhere. will you be there to catch me. the world's so small from up here. there are things you held from me. things confuse and things scare. out the door. for you to see no more. i never thought i could forgive you. i found this place now. this place where i'm fine. for you to see no more. for me to breathe much more than air. a place where i am fine. a place where i don't mind about you
Track Name: Aspirins And Alcohol
what i'd give to. be the one. to have my name linger. on your tongue. warm-hearted you. became so numb. i'm not on your tongue. will aspirins and alcohol. someway decrease the ache. from knowing that you'll do to him. the same you did to me. that's nice. thought they were mutual. those loving words. thought it was more than. just making love
Track Name: The Days I Recall Being Wonderful
would you trade me. for more of yourself. when it's silent. try not to give too much. so you won't grow tired. and i knew you. the good and the bad. the days i recall being wonderful. and i lost you. because i held it back. please tell me that everything will work out fine. pictures taken fast. the proof that i've known you. in albums stuck to bleach. but memories they'll keep. if this is the last dance. then may i have it
Track Name: Will The Violins Be Playing?
words i keep in here. thoughts that make me scared. always seem to show. your eyes let me know you know. it's not you. it's all me. as if me taking all the blame would make you feel much better now. but all lights burn out. what i'd like to say. is that staying friends is okay. but you and me we know. that in one heart love would grow. same time tomorrow. when i wake up. will the violins be playing. when my heart finally opens. will you be there to embrace me. because it's all so crazy now. it's all so fucked up now. i always thought that i. would find what i lack in you
Track Name: Glowing Me Choking You
i thought we'd make it there in time. that from one spark we'd make it burn. my heart is lit the fire glows. glowing me choking you. so quench me and feel free. to breathe in what i breathe out. just don't leave. it's no game if you're not here to play. drop a bomb to see if we're okay. it's always changing. for you to feel alive i have to die. never give up you baby that's no lie. nothing can change this. it's not from hearing nothing's wrong. everything's fine couldn't hurt more. never dreamed to raise my voice. whispering me left you no choice. but to quench me and feel free. to breathe in what i breathe out. i won't scream
Track Name: Make Friends With Time
time. thought i'd make friends with time. that's something that i would't mind. to make friends with time. fear. whoever came too near. whoever made me feel like. i could love my whole life. it's only you. arms. how i hate autumn arms. around my throat until i choke. breathe in and breathe out. night. when i trade day for night. when everything seems alright. i break through thin ice
Track Name: Two Hands And Ten Fingers
it seems like it all comes crashing. i'm sorry so damn sorry. shove me aside so you can take it all. you always took it all. with me aside no need for you to whore. you won't hurt me no more. how can your two hands and ten fingers move nine planets. why do you keep it up when we both know you won't manage. it seems like it all comes crashing down. i'm sorry so damn sorry. we both know this balloon won't take us too far. shove me aside so you can steal it all. you always stole it all. with me aside you'll save yourself from me. and maybe me from you
Track Name: Life Companion Murphy's Law
in here. there's so much more than just air. it's all that we used to light up. give so much love. feed to our dreams. you made me swear i'd stay. so don't walk away. some may say. that distance makes strong hearts break. i want you to know. it's normal to be scared. as frightened as i am. shaking on the floor. thinking of where you are right now. we've got everything here baby. if something's not right. we'll fix it. and if you need more time just go ahead and say it. you know where to find me baby. it's only been one day now. and i 'm already on the phone. i need more time she says. because time makes feelings fade
Track Name: Down The Aisle With You
you. it was always you for me. nothing could change it. me. was there ever me for you. it's always changing. some we're holding up too high. so you're sorry now. so you need me now. as if i ever loved you. as if i would walk down to the altar with you. as if i would care for someone other than you. tears. how they make us stay. til our cheeks dry from comfort. time. and we thought it would heal. as if i could make you want me. some we're holding up too high. so i'm slipping out of your head. while you'll stay put in mine
Track Name: Make Friends With Time